Facts Speak for Themselves

An unpublished letter to the Tyrone Courier by Helen McClafferty written on 6 March 2014. 

Dear Editor:

In reply to Brush Denies Claims He Knew About Republican Amnesties.

I believe it is fair to say that it is Mr. Brush who is on “cloud cuckoo land" with regard to denying that DUP members knew nothing about amnesty letters for On the Runs during Mr. McGeough’s on again off again four year trial.

Mr. Brush, who was at attendance with other DUP people at the trial of Mr. McGeough, must have been mentally disconnected from the proceedings as well as the other DUP people struggling to stay awake, as these facts were introduced at the trial by Mr. McGeough’s attorney and written into the court transcripts along with vast media coverage on the issue dating back to March 7, 2010. It is also important to mention that a witness at the trail of McGeough, a loyalist and member of the Progressive Unionist Party, William Plum Smith, gave testimony on behalf of Mr. McGeough underscoring these facts.

Mr. Brush, a former member of the UDR, needs to get his facts straight. Brush and the DUP leadership need to get out of its time warp, get into real time, and start doing grown up politics with the rest of the political parties in NI.

Helen McClafferty

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