The Marked Ones

John Coulter with one of his Irish Daily Star reviews

I hope either Santa or the sales got you new underwear, because you’ll need a change after the latest instalment of the Paranormal Activity (PA) series, The Marked Ones.

The tale is deceptively simple – family and friends have to work hard to save a lad who has been ‘marked out’ by those nasty and sinister paranormal forces and fiends.

And just when you think ‘Okay, I know what’scoming next’, along comes another unexpected jumpy bit which will send your  hearts racing and your pulses pumping.
If the scary scenes were not nerve-tingling enough, the eye candy will send your heart beats into hyper drive.
Leading the drop-dead gorgeous babes in The Marked Ones is the delicious Molly Ephraim, the star of PA2.
The super sexy Katie Featherston, the star of the previous four Paranormal Activity masterpieces, turns in another stunning performance.

But the real vixen is the magnificent Crystal Santos, who stars as a coven witch, but who was totally awesome in the hit American vampire TV series, True Blood.
Only the exceptionally brave should venture into this latest PA challenge!

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