Team Ciaran Mulholland Back on the Doorsteps

Ciaran Mulholland's election team will be on their feet again to finish the leaflet drive of the upper part of the Ward on Wednesday 26 February 2014. 

The team will assemble @ 7pm at the Vol. Patsy O'Hara mural at Shaws Rd, Belfast. All Welcome. Beir Bua!



  1. Comrades, I wish you all the best. A finer bunch of Irish rebels I have not seen for some time.

  2. I agree! If people have any sense CiarĂ¡n Mulholland will get elected.

  3. Mackers,
    Off thread I know but sad news for you. Tombstone Tom Hartley steps down from his role of councillor this year.
    Although he will miss the 'cut and thrust of politics' he appreciates it's time to go.
    Never mentioned his thirty five thousand pound handshake and pension. Just, that he will miss representing Clonard, now there's something I never knew but then I only live here.
    I know for a fact if I was to rap 70% of the doors in Clonard they wouldn't have a clue who he was.

  4. Nuala,

    I dare say politics will not miss him.

    Although, I do recall him out in and around Beechmount one night checking gutters and rapping doors. Told me he was doing constitutency work which appeared to be what he was doing.

    And then they set him up to take a hit in a despicable action at the end of 2005. They tried gassing him and smearing him for who knows what reason - I guess to cover up for somebody who they didn't want to take the hit. That is the only thing I can think of.

  5. Mackers,
    I worked with him in the incident centre on the Falls in 75 and always thought him sound but he changed.
    He sat on committees in the Royal and aided ward closures. He departed from everything he claimed to represent and of course they stitched him up but he would have provided the needle and thread.

  6. Nuala,

    unfortunately that sums him up.