Remembering Rocky Burns


  1. A piece I found about the IRA between 1939-44. It says this about 'Rocky Burns'. There is also an old wanted poster from 1943 offering 3,000 pound for the arrest etc of Hugh McAteer, James Steel, Edward Maguire and Patrick Donnelly.

  2. Frankie,
    This is very interesting. I'm sure his family will appreciate reading it.

  3. Fionnuala, I find reading about previous campaigns interesting. I had never heard of Rocky Burns until the other day. I heard about Tom Williams.

    I found this article about his sister Madge McConville....

    Madge’s daughter Mary tells one of many stories about when Madge arrived in Armagh Prison and a screw asked her if she was Madge Burns. When she replied she was, the screw told her that because her brother Rocky had escaped form Derry Gaol there was a fear that he would try to break Madge out and so the prison had been put on full alert. The story goes that a group of them were sitting round a fire when soot fell down the chimney and they all jumped up shouting ‘Rocky’s coming down the chimney’....

  4. Frankie,
    Yes I have heard that story!
    A character by all accounts in fact they both were.
    I heard amazing stories about him all my life and I just hope he is remembered in an respectful, independent manner.

  5. Mackers,
    Apologies if I have already sent this a lovely and emotive tribute to this man today.
    A great turn out and Clonard Commemoration Committee are grateful to you for highlighting this event for them.
    Go raibh Maith agat.

  6. I first heard about Rocky some 25 years ago , being a Burns myself ive often wondered if he was a distant relative , escaped from The curragh prison camp by all accounts and came back to Belfast to engage the enemy ,not many men could walk in his shoes today, dileas go-heag.

  7. was Rocky interned on the Al Rawdah?