John Coulter with a TV review that initially featured in the Irish Daily Star.
The hit US TV thriller series Homeland is on the way to losing its place as the top terror programme to
Channel Four’s outstanding Saturday night masterpiece, Hostages.

It’s the gripping tale of an ordinary Yank family who get caught up in a deadly plot by rogue FBI agents to murder the President.

With Homeland’s hunk Damian Lewis executed in the last series, Hostages is beginning to steam ahead with its own Hollywood heart throb Dylan McDermott.
Dishy Dylan plays the leader of the FBI ‘baddies’, but was magnificent in the blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen, and the popular TV series, American Horror Story.
And Hostages even unveiled some delicious eye candy to more than rival Homeland’s sexy blonde Claire Danes.
Hostages boasts super babes Toni Collette, star of chiller, The Sixth Sense, and the drop dead gorgeous Sandrine Holt, who was mouth-watering in the zombie slasher Resident Evil Apocalypse, and the vampire classic, Underworld Awakening.

For those who enjoy some Saturday night shocks, 9 pm will never be the same!

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  1. AM, I am going to be honest, i don't understand why you keep posting these reviews, not that am telling you what to post! I don't see the purpose, if it's to show John Coulter talks shite and is a joke as a journalist, well, thats self evident