Cast Your Vote in Favour of RNU

A call from Republican Network for Unity activist Martin Óg Meehan urging support for RNU candidate Sammy Cusick in the local government elections in May

A Chara,

Belfast City Council elections will take place on May 22, 2014, the first chance in over five years for the electorate to have their say on important issues which affect them and their families. Since the early Eighties, Ardoyne, most of the Bone and Ligoniel has been represented by Provisional S/F and the SDLP. Over the past three decades, the two Parties have promised voters much and delivered little in the way of radical change in a city dogged by discrimination and sectarianism.

As a voter and Socialist-Republican, I am actutely aware of the needs of families in Nationalist North Belfast. That include more, decent social housing, affordable rates and better health and leisure facilities. For over a generation, successive Councillors have ignored and misrepresented people in Ardoyne, Ligoniel. New Lodge, Newington, Ligoniel, the Oldpark and Cliftonville areas. To such an extent that our people endure a severe lack of social/public housing, health/leisure facilities, extortionist rents charged by greedy landlords, unwelcome sectarian marches, political policing and sectarian head-counts.  It matters not how many excuses are used by the current crop of Nationalist Councillors about why these crucial issues have yet to be addressed. The reality is that these Councillors pretend to care about our communities while Nationalists across North Belfast continue to suffer.

The only way to end generations of discrimination and inequality in our areas is for the electorate to seriously consider the future of their communities. Do they want to cast their votes in favour of Political Parties who have proved beyond reasonable doubt their mistreatment of places like Ardoyne? Do they wish to be represented by Politicians who have neglected our community? Who only speak to voters whenever an election comes around?

Would voters not prefer to directly challenge the establishment Parties on the Chamber floor? The Parties who implement cuts to housing, benefits, pensions etc? Would they like to radically change Belfast City Council into a people/community led Chamber? Instead of being profit-driven, focused on Party-Political agendas?

If your answer to the above questions are YES, please ensure you are registered to vote as soon as is possible. The Republican Network For Unity (RNU) is fielding local Socialist-Republican, Sammy Cusick in the Oldpark Ward to better represent the people of the Constiuency. RNU has a radical socialist Manifesto that can benefit all families. Therefore, I would urge you to cast your vote in favour of RNU, come May. 
Is Mise Le Meas,

Martin Óg Meehan 
Bhéal FeirsteThuaidh/North Belfast
Phoblachtáigh do Aontiú /Republican Network For Unity 


  1. wish sammy well The thing rnu have going for them is there is no ambiguity with there stance on republican issues were eirigi seem to sit on the fence not really known witch direction they want to go.Its rnu for me this time

  2. Well that's all us told off-If the RNU seen any problems with Sinn Fein they would run against them in the 32 counties- but they are not-they are a jumped up group of independents who threw two people into the election mix -
    They are just worried about bits of Belfast -not it all and they don't give two hoots about the rest of Ireland-

  3. Michael,

    They are just worried about bits of Belfast

    Including the protestant bits...

    What I know about three members of SF is simply this..

    1.. Gerry Adams is a proven liar.

    2.. The DFM is a proven liar.

    3.. You are a proven liar .

    The RNU canidates may end up with a bloody nose in up coming elections. Then again they may not. They are all prepared to stand over their comments and views.

    Shinners (like yourself) basically try to run roughshod (and lie)...Today people are too clued up to buy into SF's line anymore and everyday there are more and more dissenting voices speaking out.

  4. Predictably, MichaelHenry or is it McIvor attacks RNU claiming we only care about Belfast and not the rest of Ireland.

    Here are a few facts about RNU comrades. We were formed in 2007, still pretty young in respect of other Political Parties. Despite that, we are growing politically and of course geographically. With branches in Dublin, Dundalk, Wexford and Cork. Where we work actively on behalf of the communities there providing a viable alternative to careerist parties who are only concerned about making profits for themselves.

    Many like Michaelhenry have wrongly predicted RNU's demise before, only to witness egg on their faces. When the time is right, our Network will engage in Council Elections across the Country.

  5. Ardoyne Republican-

    " attacks RNU claiming we only care about Belfast "

    I said yous only care about bits of Belfast and the RNU is opposed to representing the Belfast people-youse won't even give the population of Belfast the opportunity not to vote for the RNU-

    Born in 2007 after the Brit army was removed from patrolling our streets the RNUs 7 year itch is over and it looks like these elections with their two partitionist candidates will scratch them out-

  6. @Michaelhenry, Why not make up your mind about whether you want RNU to stand for elections across Ireland or just in Belfast?

    Methinks you're a little confused which isn't surprising given that you're part of a political cult, led by professional liars cloaked in the Unionist Veto denying the Irish people our right to National Sovereignty.

    At least RNU can correctly state when we were born, unlike your section of S/F who still claim they were formed in 1905. When they were created in 1970! Then again, your Leader was never in the Provisional IRA either. #confuseddotcom

  7. Mickey,

    you shouldn’t worry about a bit of competition it is about time that others rather than SF are running offering the people a choice.
    SF has had the monopoly surely your protests are undemocratic.
    All I can say is fair play and I hope the underdogs win.

  8. Tain Bo-

    " You should't worry about a bit of competition "

    I am not worried-the more the merrier-but the RNU don't even qualify as a bit of competition-

    "It's about time others rather than Sinn Fein are running "

    The others are dragging themselves along never mind up to running speed-in the very few areas where they want to show their heads in public the Societies-RNU-Eirigi are all going after the same anti agreement vote- they can't even agree amongst themselves never mind about all this facilitators at dissident meetings we hear tell off-there advice must have been to gut each other-because that's all that they are doing-each going against the other whilst Sinn Fein cleans up again-

  9. Mickey,

    you have to take into account we Dissenters are still licking are wounds though I do get your point yet still even SF had to kick off out of position.
    The road to agreement is wrought with disagreement though it’s a healthy sign and should be welcomed rather than mocked.

    I enjoy your optimism and even if SF does clean up you have to give credit to those who try after all there is unity in disunity when there is a common objective.
    As a betting man I never rule out the underdog there is always the possibility of an upset.

  10. I'm wondering is the Adamsite Michael Henry McIvor standing again in Cookstown or will it be a case of standing in the queue in Cookstown Asda for his daily bottle of whiskey wondering where it all went wrong?

    Well MH McIvor are you standing or not?

  11. Dixie-

    It is always a pleasure-I was sorry that no one turned up to hear you speak at Dublin at the weekend-must hurt coming after Ross eastenders kept you out of his show and left your interview on the cutting room floor with the rest of the rubbish-

    But to answer your Question not everyone has to stand this year to remain a councillor-but that's politics-

  12. What the fuck are you ranting about McIvor? I wasn't in Dublin on Saturday and how would you know how many turned up?

    And how can you remain a councillor if you don't stand you drunken eejit?

    Maybe you can up there in cloud-cuckoo-land after a few too many?

  13. Oh and Ross Kemp left my interview on the cutting room floor because the Brits didn't want me publicising the fact that McGuinness was a protected species during the war and that your party is led by someone who protects paedophiles.

    That Derry and West Belfast have the highest rates of unemployment and child poverty across the whole UK.

    And SF has lost support among Republicans and have to disguise half-wits like yourself as former prisoners and ex-combatants...

  14. dixie, thats an awful insult to half-wits up and down the country.