A New Day Glimmers in Ireland!

Chris Fogarty with a piece that initially featured in a recent edition of the Irish American News

A NEW DAY glimmers in Ireland! Its people are beginning to demand sovereignty; beginning to pay attention to the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB).  They are beginning to notice their lack of sovereignty under the existing provisional government and Constitution that, by fraud and Black-and-Tan terror, was imposed by King George V in 1922. 

IRELAND is currently being run from Brussels, London, and international predatory finance. They countermand Ireland’s elected representatives. Thus, Ireland’s people have no say regarding important national policy. Without sovereignty the Irish are a defeated people, to be looted and demoted to their earlier, millennium-long era of slavery when Ireland’s vast annual production of agricultural crops was robbed from them on the basis that English landlords “owned” their land. How did the international banksters manage to foist off their imprudent investment losses onto Ireland’s taxpayers? Is there a better definition of slavery than to be legally forced to surrender much of one’s output to powerful predators?

THE SQUEEZE INTENSIFIES on Ireland’s people. More suffer from hunger and lack of fuel, and justice is not available. Ireland’s best are languishing in prison; in Portlaoise and in Maghaberry in Occupied Ireland. Britain inflicts Portlaoise punishments through corrupt “Irish” judges and gardaĆ­.

MI5, BRITAIN’S FBI, has managed to get control of what were Ireland’s main organizations. When FBI Agent Joe Doyle warned us that his colleagues were planning crimes against us to silence our human rights efforts for the Occupied Irish, he detailed the bribes MI5 used to subvert those FBI agents. In recent years MI5’s HQ was moved to Occupied Ireland. MI5 led the group that car-bombed Omagh, murdering twenty-nine, to be blamed, like the Langert murders, on the IRA. It turns out that FBI Agent Buckley was not a “rogue agent.” His crimes, including Omagh, were U.S.-authorized policy. Omagh was U.S. Neo-Con policy to drive home the Good Friday Agreement’s surrender to Britain of the Six-Counties. These relatively minor crimes paved the way for U.S. genocides in Iraq, etc. The State Dept’s “head of the Britain desk” explained why the U.S. was not supporting the IRA. “The IRA don’t have Buccaneer bombers, they don’t have aircraft carriers, and we (the U.S.) need to sew up the British exchequer and free up British troops for use in our upcoming wars against Islam.” Omagh was perpetrated to defeat the IRA. It worked; Omagh and Reid/Adams/McGuinness won the Six Counties for Britain. Having won the war, MI5 have not rested. 

THE G.A.A., Ireland’s most grass-roots organization, has changed. You have read here that its national officers have incorporated it into fewer hands, unauthorizedly replaced its traditional All-Ireland medals by ones without the national symbol and “Eire,” replaced Croke Park’s soil with English soil, accepted a sixty-some million pound British grant to rebuild GAA’s Casement Park in Belfast, and above all, allowed the RUC/PSNI to join as members while those same officers remain unprosecuted for scores of murders and continue to perpetrate crimes against the Occupied Irish. It was the GAA, organized by the IRB in every parish in Ireland that became the IRA that partially freed the nation in 1916. The GAA was obviously a key target for MI5. What Gaelic footballer or hurler would have thought of playing alongside RUC/PSNI torturers of their Six-County brothers? –Alongside the destroyers of the Price sisters? Who would have thought of bringing English soil to Croke Park? Or changing GAA medals? Or accepting British money and its entanglements? Ireland’s athletes had better take back the GAA from MI5 promptly. If not, Ireland is finished as a nation.

MI5’S CONTROL of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann (CCE; Irish traditional music assoc.) is clear. Only the extent of the control in doubt. CCE played a key role for Britain in creating “Derry, 2013 UK City of Culture.” Since then people are promoting a similar “Derry, 2014 Irish City of Culture.” If CCE participate fully in Derry this year they will manage to be 50-50. Fifty percent pro-Britain and fifty percent pro-Ireland. If they do not participate fully they will prove to be one hundred percent pro-Britain, zero for Ireland. To be in such a no-win situation, CCE leadership, like the GAA, must be MI5-subverted. What traditional Irish musician would have arranged such an Anti-Irish deed? –While uncharged imprisonment and torture continue in Maghaberry? Like GAA members, those who play beautiful, traditional Irish music had better take back their organization from MI5. The fate of Ireland is at stake.   

THE NEWS MEDIA, will they promote “Derry, 2014 Irish City of Culture” like they did for Britain last year? 
MARTIN COREY, after four years in Maghaberry Prison without charge or trial, was released on January 14. The European Union forced Britain to release him. Why do Brussels and London control such core Irish issues? 

SOVEREIGNTY is universal; all mankind have it from birth. We lose it only by failing to exercise it for ourselves. On this subject Americans can no longer preach to the Irish. Americans’ sovereignty has been usurped by predatory finance and war profiteers. We have our own national rescue to mount, and must force Congress to cease violating the US Constitution. 

THE IRISH, to recover sovereignty, must restore the Dail and Constitution that they themselves established on January 21, 1919, as mandated by the 1918 landslide election. That, alone, is Ireland’s authentic government, “of, by, and for, the people.” See www.billymcguire.com.


  1. "the Irish,to recover sovereignty, must restore the dail and constitution that they themselves established" While i appreciate his sentiments what does he think people have been trying to do since 1921. its easier said than done. Regarding the state of Irish sovereignty, i don't think that can be resolved until people stop acquiescing with the powers that be and that will take a monumental change in our thinking pattern.
    All around the world people seem to be aware of the divide and conquer tactic yet still fall for it. I was watching 12 years a slave the other night and was thinking how can you live under that oppression for so long without at least trying an uprising but we all live in a repressed state at some level and we seem to be comfortable with the slave mentality ,maybe we need to become more conscious of our potential, less reliant on our repressive masters. i don't know maybe i am just talking shite trying to make sense of this madness, i mean its bonkers, take the bankers, the steal peoples money in a criminal act and how do we respond? prison for the perpetrators? don't be silly we say its all right we'll pay it' don't worry, we'll take a massive step back in our standard of living, we'll place debt on our grand kids, grand kids, we'll even surrender our sovereignty to faceless institutions i mean when you think about it there is got to be something wrong with us.

  2. David,
    The established class has a very powerful grip on all aspects of our lives and continually manipulate our thoughts and views through various conduits such as the media, television and education...the last one being very relevant to N Ireland.
    There is no working class anymore....just a 'benefit' class perceived to be spongers and a non-benefit class that is made to feel aggrieved at having to pay for the benefit spongers.....trying to break that down is an extremely difficult task.
    I thought that the Irish people were going to be a lot more difficult to role over but I was wrong....their spirit is gone but there are a few out there who can see the wood for the trees but they are a very small minority....Cameron and Co along with Kenny and Co have really done a remarkable job and the chances are both will be re-elected....but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel...sometimes it is faint such as now but there will come a time when it glimmers....keep the faith...oh, sorry, wrong turn of phrase again, damn I'm going to have to watch that...keep your chin up.

  3. Chris Fogarty believes that ALL Irish Protestants are British without exception and that, therefore, only Irish Catholics are Irish. I was so flabbergasted by his website which propagates this utterly bizarre view when I came across it a few years ago that I phoned him in America to remonstrate with him. He informed me that he had never met anyone in Ireland who had contradicted him in relation to this "viewpoint". It was at that point that I terminated the phone call.

    The man has no understanding of Irish history or Irish Republicanism.

    I am amazed that he should be given space to air his views.