Tony Catney Addresses 1916 Societies Annual Convention

Tony Catney speaking at the 1916 Societies Annual Convention last weekend in Dublin's Rotunda Hotel. Tony Catney, perhaps better known to hsi friends as TC, is a former political prisoner and a long standing republican activist.


  1. Yes! As you have said Mackers, TC is a truly inspirational man.
    It's great to see him over and over again at these events.
    Long May he run.

  2. for those who can read German Frankie Quinn and Ciaran Mulholland interviewed

  3. I would certainly help as undoubtedly that would have been a very interesting interview from these two men.

    I think a universal language would be more apt though, especially one that is adopted to stem the flow of rubbish before it has a chance to register in a persons' brain.
    Speaking of rubbish , the bold Scappaticci is now set for a compensation payout that could range between 27 thousand and one million?