Tackle Loan Shark Culture


  1. Nobody under forty years old will know where the Busy Bee is!!

  2. Ciaran,
    People really do need to wake up to these issues.
    Loan sharks are parasites who prey on the most vulnerable of people.

  3. simple ive got a right few quid of these idiots,and ime on the bru now so they can have 50p a week .fook em i think its your duty to be in dept what ar you to do go without.LOL

  4. Billy,
    People should not be doing without of course not. I think what Ciaran is talking about is the extent to which loan sharks and payday loan companies exploit vulnerable people.
    A friend told me recently,that they borrowed a few hundred and because the could not meet the weekly payments they eventually paid in excess of £1000.

    If you got one over on these parasites good for you but that is rarely the case.

  5. Nuala,

    these legal loan sharks are by design a rip off with ridiculous interest rates they make it sound like they are bailing you out of a tough spot with the offer of a quick loan that in reality is forcing the poor and working class into even more debt.
    Obviously they are taking advantage of people in dire straits with a quick loan knowing that people are spending money they don’t have and end up in worse debt and bigger problems that arise of these unscrupulous bastards.

    These kind of capers keep the poverty cycle spinning.

  6. Tain Bo
    We live in a society which is driven by greed and consumerism.

    Thatchers trickle down theory never worked, if anything the law of gravity is turned on its head as money appears to trickle from the bottom up.

    It's horrendous to think in a first world society apparently so evolved, that people still have to choose between heat and eat.

    Loan sharks and payday loan companies are like a cancer, only instead of trying to stop it those in the higher echelons are aiding its spread.

  7. Nuala,

    I couldn’t agree more greed and consumerism are a lethal combination.
    From credit card companies pushing 0% introductory offers people get blindsided by this and don’t notice that 0% has plenty of pitfalls along with late fees the APR rates can legally jump to 30%.
    Loan sharks shops operate on the same premise of legal extortion rates of interest.
    They are in the business of making money and they know even those with very little will walk in the door and get ripped off.

    For most things I try and make sure I save up a few quid before buying the other option is do without but when it comes to starving or getting a rip off loan what choice do people have.

    These places need to be regulated where the interest rates they can charge should be capped but if that happened these places would disappear as their profit would be taken away.

    The fine print in the trickle down policy was it will trickle down sometime in the next 500 years.
    More rubbish they could give a toss if the poor get poorer.

  8. These scum are similar to dealers who sell to addicts to make money on their addiction.
    The Sharks loan money to vulnerable needy for similar reasons and create another type of hell.
    These legalized ones can do little if you let them know about their regulated capabilities.
    If they come collecting money ask them for another loan to pay what you owe and