Is Michael Henry SF Councillor Michael Henry McIvor?

Guest writer Thomas Dixie Elliot taking Sinn Fein Councillor Michael Henry McIvor to task for denying that he is Sinn Fein Councillor Michael Henry McIvor.

The Mid Ulster Mail has contacted Sinn Fein Cookstown Councillor Michael McIvor regarding the derisory comments he made on The Pensive Quill about suicide and earlier online comments about the brutal murder of Paul Quinn using the name Michael Henry. He denied any knowledge of the comments, and said he had not contributed to the blog. He further denied being connected to the name Michael Henry.

That would be like, for example, myself denying any connection to the name Thomas George; my 1st and 2nd Christian names given that the Councillor is listed on the Cookstown District Council website as Michael Henry McIvor.

The Mid Ulster Mail asked him if he would be seeking legal advice over the online allegations linking him to the suicide comments, Mr McIvor said ‘there’s little point, as I don’t know who to go after’.

I don't believe it's so much about not knowing who to go after as I posted the piece on his comments using my own name. I think he knows that he once admitted to me in private messaging that he was Councillor McIvor when I put his comments in an Irish News article to him and pointed out he had made the same comments as Michael Henry. I further wondered how he could spend so much time online while having constituents to look after and he invited me to Cookstown DC to see him in action.

Anyway it's my word against his so that'll take us nowhere. However I do wonder when Michael McIvor says he didn't contribute to the blog did he forget this very recent contribution to The Pensive Quill:

Guest writer Michael Henry McIvor with a review of Argo - MONDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2013

In the comments below McIvor's review we have michaelhenry thanking the other bloggers 'for the kind words' - and continuing to connect himself with the reviewer.

The astonishing thing about all this is that despite the uproar over the comments and McIvor's denials of having made them Michael Henry (michaelhenry) decided to comment on the piece I wrote attacking him, further adding fuel to the fire he had lit...

He said:

I was going to say more on suicide during that other debate but some got a wee bit emotional and I am not that Insensitive so I decided to say no more on the subject in case half of youse topped yourselves

Then after I posted a tweet from Martina Anderson:

MEP-MartinaAnderson ‏@MEPStandingUp4U 8 Jan Met a man today in North Belfast who lost his twin daughters through suicide - heartbreaking yet inspirational how he is helping others #hope

adding, 'it seems that Martina doesn't share Michael McIvor's chilling attitude to suicide...'

He responded:

" yet inspirational how he is helping others "-
I will second that-he never took his own life yet he is still going out of his way to help others who are still alive.

The mind boggles.

Meanwhile word was coming back to me about some comments on a certain Sinn Fein run forum. I knew what to expect anyway having heard about similar remarks which included 'tout' being flung from that quarter at rape and abuse victims because they dared point the accusing finger in the direction of their party.

A forum administrator calling himself 'Chucky' said...

what I'd like to know is who touted to the press in a vain attempt to blacken a persons name that paper sure as hell didn't chance upon it.

Chucky of course ignores the fact that a senior member of his party, Mark McLernon, was recently exposed by the Sunday World for trying to blacken the name of Paul Quinn by using that paper.

To hell with this, I thought, if they wanted to attack me rather than even remain quietly shocked at the vile remarks of their Councillor then I'll prove that the person who made the remarks is in fact that Councillor, Michael McIvor...

Firstly there is an interview Cookstown Councillor Michael McIvor did with the Irish News in 2006 in which he gloats Dissident Republican Groups about not killing members of the Brit forces and refers to them as 'Brit loving'.

Now if we take comments made on the forum Slugger O'Toole by Michaelhenry before that person was banned from that forum we'll find that they not only repeat the Irish News remarks of Councillor McIvor practically phrase for phrase but they are again later repeated in the same manner by a michael-mcivor who undoubtedly was the reincarnation of the aforementioned Michaelhenry.

Finally there are two comments made very recently on both the and Pensive Quill forums concerning the recent Newsletter interviews from six well known Republicans in the widening debate about the futility of armed struggle. Both were strikingly similar and while The Pensive Quill comment was made by michaelhenry the comment on the forum was made by michael-mcivor.... 

Is there someone out there going to extreme lengths to discredit SF Councillor Michael McIvor? If so then his party should be leaving no stone unturned until the culprit is exposed and brought before the courts. We know that this is easily enough done in the hands of experts.

Or is there any need? I'll let you decide...

Dissidents 'not serious' — SF man
(William Scholes, Irish News)

A Sinn Féin councillor has said that dissident republican groups can not be taken seriously because they have "never killed a member of the Brit forces".

Cookstown councillor Michael McIvor said the strength of the Continuity IRA and the Real IRA had been "blown out of proportion" by the media and police.

Despite being responsible for a litany of killings and attacks, including the 1998 Real IRA bombing of Omagh which killed 29 people, Mr McIvor said the dissidents had been unsuccessful because they had "never caused British army deaths".

"Those were civilian targets. I don't think the Continuity have killed anyone in 20 years," he said.
The Provisional IRA, on the other hand, had killed many members of the British security forces, Mr McIvor said.

"The IRA did, naturally enough. That's just stating fact. There's no point telling lies about it."

Describing the Continuity IRA and Real IRA as "Brit loving", Mr McIvor said there was "no comparison" between them and the Provisional IRA.

"They have no support on the ground. If they are so strong, how come there is no dead enemies?" he said.

"Commentators love to come on the news and run down Sinn Féin and the movement.

"The IRA always wanted peace. That's why I supported the movement."

Mr McIvor said the dissident republican groups were not "hardline".

"The PSNI and those sections of the media who call the dissidents hardline refuse to tell the Irish people why the Continuity or Real have never killed a member of the Brit forces," he said.

"It is far more important to get some angle against Sinn Féin than to let the truth be known."

June 29, 2006

Michaelhenry (profile)
do you know history, the dissidents have never killed an armed brtitish soldier in there 24 years, SINN FEIN went to the prison to check if these people actually exist, well the bought media call them hardline for some reason.
Michaelhenry (profile)
i did not read yet your excuse why the so called hardline real have killed no cops in there 12 year history, ramble the truth, the real are cop lovers.

Michaelhenry (profile)
i have stated that i have nothing against GERRY McGEOUGHs army past, but im against his anti SINN FEIN present, some do not like to seperate the two, but when those opposed start praising R.S.F it is very hard for us republicans to support the brit lovers in the continunity, who in there 24 years have never killed a british soldier, see the truth then see our future.

Michaelhenry (profile)
but they had plenty of drugs to there name, thats why the real do not kill cops, so the dissident journalists call them hardline, the people know the truth.

michael-mcivor (profileblack spot
My point Alan is a certain number of reporters try and use the dissidents to kick Sinn Fein- ie – they sold out- those hardliners will fight on etc- yet the dissidents are never asked about their so called war record- is it you scatch my back- ill scratch yours- and we will both have a dig at the shinners- its been going on for years-
michael-mcivor (profileblack spot
As anyone seen any story that Suzanne wrote for the sunday world or any of her late papers that told us that the reals in derry city killed no brit army or police in their 13 years of being active- i must of missed that breaking news-
michael-mcivor (profileblack spot
Who would take the word of a continuity person without asking it why they have killed no british soldiers-
outside of the Guardian and pete that is-
michael-mcivor (profileblack spot
Yes- a lot of people want to fight now that the armed brit army is of our streets- 25 years of the continuity and reporters are still to yellow to ask them why they have never killed any british soldiers- like what is the reporters problem- they don’t need to hack into any phones for this story-

Posted 09 January 2014 - 06:41 PM
You could be right but one thing that I have noticed about the six who have already given their arguments to the newsletter and there-fore a wider field is that the six so far are from the six counties-where is the 32 county arguments-have they got no one from the 26 who would support these views in a public newspaper-

michaelhenry says: 11:41 AM, January 10, 2014 Reply


Six Republicans from the six have now been interview by the newsletter and the message has got out -but I think that some Republican from the 26 should also back up the other six in another interview so it's a 32 county message going out-
Just my opinion by the way-

Postscript added at 20.56 on 14 January 2014

What sort of sick mind can joke about the horrific death of a stowaway?


  1. I believe you have made a pretty convincing case Dixie.

  2. agree with rory. mclernon is more in need of being called out though, what is wrong with these people. they are the dregs for still blackening paul quinns name all these years later. do they not get grief from other members of that party (surely there is decent people in sf despite their abandonment of republicanism) or is there total fear in that crowd now of speaking out against the money making oil baron racketeers. i think that party is just one never ending lying denying lying denying doublespeaking media spinning outfit now. they are a cross between SDLP and mafia, (no offence to either)

  3. With reference to the above article and a previous PQ article entitled "SF councillor refers to Victims of Suicide as Death Wanters" and postings made in respect of the item by AM, Robert, Carrie, Fionnula and Dixie to name but a few

    With thoughts ONLY of the grieving relatives in mind, I have long wondered (and even asked on the PQ) as to why MH was allowed to continue for so long to make such outrageous and vile remarks on the PQ site without seemingly being seriously challenged never mind exposed.

    That said, I have never ask for censorship of MH. But AM and Carrie in replies to my posts keep repeating and with emphasis on the 'No censorship here' theme. Carrie also intimated that people should be intelligent enough to be able to take MH's vile remarks. Maybe, maybe not, depending on the person and their experiences. But what about the relatives?Should they have been exposed wily nily to MH's regular vile comments and for such a prolonged time without him being properly scrutinised? At no time as far as I have read has AM or Carrie mentioned how the Quinn, O Connor relatives or the relatives of those who took their own lives might feel about MH's vile postings on the PQ.

    Some people were in possession of the information that would have enabled them to easily and properly exposed MH as SF councillor Michael McIvor a whole lot earlier.

    Given that the PQ has exposed SF (and SF personnel past and present) for flaws, I wonder why an opportunity to at least
    embarrass SF was missed for so long.

    It has been suggested to me that there was a grand plan to give MH enough rope to hang himself. Feck he was given the longest rope in the world. I would still hope there is some truth in that. If that is the case it should be safe enough to say so now. As it is it appears, if Dixie had not pushed it, it would not have been pushed at all.

    People in postings seemed to have the attitude 'MH is a wile man but he is good crack', and others such as AM described him as a decent sort. The whole MH thing seemed to be a bit of crack for some. And maybe therein lays the key - maybe MH ran for so long because he generated interest and visits to The Pensive Quill.

  4. Dixie-

    The best of it is-is that I don't care if you are the king of Mars or the Queen of Sheba-you write on forums like the Quill the same as me and I will still read and write the odd comment-you are making no difference to my life and never will-what I write are my own thoughts and have nothing to do with any-one else or any political party-

  5. I think you made the right call Dixie in challenging Mickey I believe political figures should be held to a higher standard after all it is the tax payers penny that pays for public servants.
    I was flicking through my own notes that I keep from my comments here and over the years Mickey has been consistent on insulting many things.

    I even came across a comment I made to him regarding his mocking of an article relating to cancer in 2010 he also was mocking suicide on the same article.

    I don’t think anyone has ever figured out his the “provos killed more brits” lark or even come close to what he means by it as it only makes sense to him.

    His latest insult being to the people of Ardoyne where if they followed SF the sectarian bigots of the OO would magically leave them in peace confusing to say the least as he shows support for the OO and insult the Irish people.

    Quick with insults and even quicker to disappear yet slow on answers or even offering a defense probably as there is none.

  6. Eddie,
    Why are you trying to focus the attenrion of this and other discussions away from Cllr Michael Henry McIvor and onto TPQ?

    Your agenda is one of insinuation, inuendo and even personal abuse directed at AM.

    And yet, even after making disgraceful personal attacks against the blog owner you are uncensored and allowed to contine to post here.

    Did you think about how AM or his family would feel about your " outrageous and vile remarks"?

    Wind your neck in FFS.

  7. Thanks Gabby, though I dont understand your annoyance and concern for the wellbeing of AM, and his family as you put it because of a few posts from me. Posts I might add, that even in terms of being abusive, were chickenshit compared to the abuse that MH was posting regularly; and which were published by TPQ seemingly without any scrutiny or sensitivity to either the Quinn or O Connor families wellbeing and feelings. Remind me again, when and where did you expressed any annoyance or concern for the wellbeing or feelings of the Quinn or the O Connor family's?

    If you so thought, you should have taken your own advice and not taken any focus away from the article by responding to me!

  8. eddie - paul quinn and joe o connors families have to face these people every day of their lives, - are they concerned about what goes on in blogs which is really only every now and again? they must get offended by the likes of mh comments but surely they get some comfort from the many people who challenge and expose them. i honestly think they are more hurt by what they have to face and listen to every day than what goes on here on TPQ.

  9. Eddie have you any idea of the way you are comimg across on this blog. The thrust of much of what you are saying is attacking Mackers, whats that all about?. Would you prefer that we live in a world were everything that you are exposed to is first censored, for your own good of course.

    I prefer to know whats going on around me and I dont need anybody deciding for me what is best.

    There is a lot of stuff on the web about Gerry Kelly and Judith Gillespie. Do you reckon the people of north belfast should not know who they are voting for?.

    As Gabhain says you need to step back and take a look at what you are saying. it just does not make sense.

  10. We had banned him off then decided to let him back on hoping to 'give him enough rope' as they say.
    Seems TPQ have got him first fair play.
    It is Karmic that he is now on the pages of Newspapers given his parties habitual practice of selling names of other Republicans to the Sunday World.

  11. Eddie,

    I would doubt you have much concern for the feelings of the Quinn and O Connor families.

    You have all the mannerisms of a troll intent on diversion and misdirection either to deflect attention away from Cllr McIvor or to disrupt the blog and attack its author.

    Your postings scream 'agenda' in bright pink letters. Your ridiculous statement that AM "had no balls on the blanket" is an insult to your own intelligence when the very act of being on the blanket required depths of courage and resolve not found in the average person.

    There might be a wee diversion of the debate while your peroxide trolling is exposed but I'd imagine it'll be brief.

    In anticipation of any future troliing banalities from you on this thread I'll give you my response in advance.....whatever.

  12. eddie I can't recall you getting so het up about MH being allowed on the Pensive Quill before he was exposed for what he is.

    Now that he is, you seem determined to detract attention away from MH and onto Mackers. And judging by the first 11 posts here you have succeeded in doing so.

    Good man.

    MH needs only buy a bottle of whiskey in his local Asda, sit back and enjoy others doing what he can't do himself...

  13. michaelhenry McIvor what type of Republican carries a British passport because in your words; "medical care in Australia is free with a brit passport but not with Irish one-"

    And there was you saying SF would never take an oath to the British Crown while it's OK for you to carry a passport with the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom on the cover...

  14. The Facebook and Twitter are his or else half of his friends on there I know are lairs and I believe them.

    Just come clean on the name, I post anything I ever have had to say controversial or not under my own name can you not do the same Michael.

    Maybe we can rendezvous in the future there are a few issues coming up the council will have to work on this time instead of buying a report for Westlands Nursing Home.

    I couldn't care less if your punished for what you said in your own party or not but at least have the courage to have a open debate sometime in the future, I for one will not be mincing my words if what your party agreed to in secret happens in Mid Ulster hospital.

  15. @MichaelHenry If these opinions are your own and you state that you are not going to change them . . . the question must be asked : Why did you deny it ? stand over them and stop being a coward.

    If Dixie is having no impact on you - why are you deleting links to the piece he wrote from your facebook profile? Your behavior is as always extremely questionable.

  16. Anthony,

    Can you confirm that 'Eddie' is not a sockpuppet?

  17. Robert,

    I have no reason to believe that.

  18. Anthony,

    Thanks for your response - puppet or muppet it's not always clear! Cheers

  19. James Connolly Society says:

    2:55 PM, April 20, 2011

    Michael Henry Mc, I'm surprised you have the time to be on here blethering. Cookstown's a big place, have you no canvassing to be at?


    michaelhenry says:

    10:19 PM, April 20, 2011

    James Connolly society-

    Cookstown is a big place ?
    so is most of the towns in Ireland

    Canvassing is going well- i miss the dissidents- they are not standing in our patch this election

    Sinn Fein is a 32 county organization-
    what is the society's climb to fame
    they are only half a county thing-

  20. Eddie,

    Having hot footed it, or more precisely, 'squeaky booted' it over here no doubt buoyed by the reasoning that you may have run off but others are balless for not having chased you!

    I think the tide has remained out for long enough now to determine who was swimming naked on many of the issues. It was ever in any doubt but I never expected that the bravado and vulgarity hid sphericals of nano proportions. I am somewhat disappointed that the 'I AM LEGEND' emblazoned underpants that you were flashing at me previously concealed the real legend......I AM EUNACH.

  21. The Tragedy of Michael Henry McIvor, Act I, Scene 4, Lines 226-230:

    Michael Henry:

    "Doth any here know me? This is not Sinn Féin Councillor Michael McIvor:
    Doth Councillor McIvor walk thus? Speak thus? Where are his eyes?
    Either his notion weakens, his discernings arre lethargied.
    Ha! waking? 'tis not so.
    Who is it that can tell me who I am?"

  22. From Dixie

    McIvor can hardly deny the Paul Quinn comment now.... now

  23. And-are you going to do something about it-

    hopefully the people who voted for him will next time at the polls, what a gimp

  24. From Michaelhenry

    AM-I just landed in Australia yesterday and could not get the lap-top to work on the planes or airports-just in case you are thinking that i am avoiding the Quill-i can read the Quill but cant write on it-[ Blogger is not working for some reason ]-Dixie was asking about the brit passport and i would like to say that i stand by my comment that a person had a brit passport and got injured at work in Australia then the medical bills would be paid for them-unlike Dixie i would try and give as much information to young people going to work far from home-i travelled on a Irish passport but i am only on a visit for a few weeks-by the way-i am heading to the Wolfe tones in a few hours time for their last gig down under-

  25. Wrong again Michael Henry McIvor.

    An Irish passport also covers you....

    Health care for visitors to Australia

    The Australian Government has signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) with the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Malta and Italy. These agreements entitle you to some subsidised health services for essential medical treatment while visiting Australia.

  26. From Michaelhenry

    Dixie is still going on about visitors to Australia despite me saying that i was on about the young Irish who travel down under to work for a year or more-it will mor than likly take another few years for Dixie to grasp reality-but we have patience-

  27. Aha talking about grasping reality I think MH's reality is drunk and he needs to take another trip to Asda...

    Anyway hows Bondi Beach MH did you manage to Google Earth that far up the coast yet?

  28. "Free The Prisoners of Cell Block H" said Cookstown councillor Michael Henry McIvor in a strongly worded statement smelling heavily of drink.

  29. Why is is not commenting on here himself?

    Time to step of of the woodwork Michael, come April you wont have a choice