He was Actually the First Communist

John Coulter with a piece on his Christian perspective that initially featured in the Tribune on 24 December 2013

I have been a Christian socialist politically since I became a “born again” Christian in January 1972.

While the Bible has been a core text in my life, it is the inspiration of the New Testament’s Jesus Christ who is my greatest hero.

Unfortunately, over the centuries, especially in Ireland, mention Christianity and politics in the same breath and the stereotype image of the street corner hell-fire preacher, bellowing out extreme Protestant fundamentalism springs to mind.

The Crusades of the Middle Ages do nothing to advance the Christian socialist cause, and the weird ideological concoction of Identity Christianity spewed out by the Ku Klux Klan in America does equal damage to the notion of Christian Socialism.

The biblical Jesus Christ is the central pillar of a new ideology which I have spent the past year working on, and herein lies my hero of Jesus and the relationship to Christian socialism. Jesus Christ has inspired me to compose the ideology of National Republicanism.

A recent opinion poll in Ireland by Millward Brown clearly showed that almost half of Irish voters would like to see a new political party being formed.

Now is the chance for Christian socialism under the banner of my National Republicanism to strike. National Republicanism is seeking a return of biblical Christianity as a central core of republican thinking by getting republicans to focus on the New Testament account of the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus Christ, as told in St Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter Five.

It has been this Sermon by Jesus which has been the foundation stone of my political thinking since 12, and why Christ is my hero.

In this aspect, Christ outlines a series of attributes, commonly known as The Beatitudes. There is a school of ideological thinking – to which I personally belong – which maintains that Marx based Das Capital on The Beatitudes, and his overt criticism of religion was merely a ploy to disguise the fact that he had pinched his ideas from the Bible, and the words of Jesus.

In reality, Jesus Christ was the first real communist – not Karl Marx. National Republicanism’s Christ and state ideology is, therefore, based on St Matthew’s Gospel Chapter Five, verses one to 12. Many of the Beatitudes begin (using the Authorised King James translation): “Blessed are …”

However, when the words of Jesus are taken in a modern context, they make the basis for a realistic political agenda for National Republicanism.

Here are the key points which the Beatitudes highlight. The poor in spirit (verse three) – the need to restore national pride in society; those who mourn (verse four) – the need to remember and help the victims of the conflict in Ireland; the meek (verse five) – the need to help the working class, and for the rich to invest their wealth in helping those less well off in society; they which do hunger (verse six) – the need to combat growing poverty in society, and also provide a sound educational and health system for all; the merciful (verse seven) – the need for a fair and accountable justice system; the pure in heart (verse eight) – the need to restore the moral fabric of society, to encourage family values and implement the concept of society’s conscience; peacemakers (verse nine) – the need for compromise and respect of people’s views based on the concept of accommodation, not capitulation; the persecuted (verse 10) – the need for National Republicans to have the courage to stand up for their beliefs; when men shall revile you (verse 11) – the need for a free press with responsible regulation.

National Republicanism is about the creation of the concept of

Christian citizenship. Under this concept, compulsory voting – as exists in Australia – would be introduced to Ireland.

Tragically, Christian socialism has become bogged down in recent years over theological debates about women clerics, translations of the Bible, abortion, gay marriage, relations with Islam, and even petty issues such as should women wear hats to church, and how “loud’ in colour should men’s ties be before they can enter a church building.

Christians have even “gone to theological war” with each other over the type of worship coming from the pews, with traditionalists favouring the old fashioned hymns and psalms from the 19th century, with modernisers (especially the Pentecostalist factions) opting for the 21st century lively tunes, often referred to as Hill Songs.

Ironically, extreme Christian fundamentalists – particularly from the militant pro-life lobby – have coined the perfect rallying call which can see a rebirth of Christian Socialism.

It is based on the abbreviation WWJD? –What Would Jesus Do? Where Marxism can be accused of trying to remove religion from politics, Christian socialism seeks to put the teachings of Jesus back into political thinking.

The big problem that I have long faced as a Christian socialist, trying to implement the teachings of Jesus Christ, is to find a political vehicle to expound those views.

Being a Christian Socialist in Ireland is a tough challenge, given that the island of Ireland has been at war with itself for the past eight centuries, as two of the largest Christian denominations, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, battle for supremacy


  1. John,
    I think everyone would like to see Christians be a bit more Socialist as they tend to be anything but.

    To paraphrase! Ironically extreme Christian fundamentalists such as Pro life provide the rally call for a rebirth.

    Sounds more like the same old regurgitated dogma.

    I think you have a point re-Jesus and communism but had he lived today I doubt he was touch Christianity with a barge pole.

  2. There is no utopian Republic JC, National, Christian or otherwise.

    How about you just turn the other cheek?

  3. "Being a Christian Socialist in Ireland is a tough challenge," i know your pain john, im an anti-communist anti-socialist Marxist republican. did u know marx was in the top 2% of the population in terms of personal wealth when he died, that he used to gamble on the stock exchange, that he wrote satanic poetry when at college, that he was a snob who wouldnt touch the proletariet with a barge pole, that he never did a days work in his life, some worker of the world alright. heres my advice, take a leaf out of my idol Marx's book - 'never join an organisation that would have you as a member' - Groucho Marx. Stay on ur own and stay true to yourself john, political organisations are mostly crap. i love Jesus more than groucho at the end of the day, but Gods gift of letting me paddle my own canoe in this sea of troubles with a good ol laugh every now and again helps ease the pain and will get me to the other side someday hopefully. hope to meet you there bro. up the republic.down with marxism, unless its groucho marxism.

  4. Henry Joy,
    It might be better if they turned a corner, instead of peddling outdated rhetoric.
    At least Jesus and Marx brought an ideology of change even if both were hijacked and in the case of the former manipulated and rebranded.

    Would spending your life writing about change not qualify as work? Not being argumentative just asking?
    I thought your response very funny and very pertinent.

  5. no, the only change he was interested in was the change in his pocket. I believe he was a false prophet Fionnuala. And another thing - he never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever cracked a joke. Ever. Is there one joke in the manifesto? Did you ever meet a marxist who made you laugh? Were any of those marxist dictators funny? When the true marxism i and other groucho marxists like me espouse takes over the world, unfunny karl marxists will be put up against a wall and forced to laugh.

  6. Grouch,

    if you have not read Francis Wheen's boography on Marx you could do worse than give it a try. It is very entertaining and paints a picture of a very human Marx.

  7. will do anthony, but because im a groucho marxist im going to get my people to look into the background of this wheen guy. then ill read it(if its not too long & hopefully theres a few jokes in it) then i'll send u up a copy of Karl Marx - prophet true or false by Deirdre Manifold. but its the manifesto that scares me, not deirdre manifold or any other writers opinion of him, the manifesto on its own is a nightmare to me.

  8. Grouch,
    Intellects tend to keep their sense of humour under wraps!
    There is no doubt the Groucho Marxs people have the edge in the laughter stakes, however, I think Marxs was the real deal.

    I also think he would re-think his entire philosophy if he thought that anything he proposed would be married into Christianity, the opium of the people and all that.

  9. marxism is the opium of intellectual bourgeois armchair generals. he wouldnt want his philosophy married into Christianity because he was batting for the other side and they are more or less opposites anyway and cant be merged. he was the father (one of them anyway) of doublespeak. i actually loathe him but use groucho to stop me going mad.

  10. Grouch,
    I tend to view atheism as the other side of Christianity or any religion.
    I thought, what drove Marxs and Engels and all those other anti- capitalist theorists was oppossed to was the sheer greed and ruthlessness that was intrinsic to capitalism.

    I doubt Marx had anytime for organised religion as it tended to justify poverty and injustice.
    Yet I know people who are religious believers and Marxist in outlook and don't see the contradiction.

    John on the other hand is promoting a Christian socialism using the Bible the very text that people such as Marx believe was used to keep people oppressed.

  11. Apologies I meant to say those anti capitalist theorists were in opposition !!

    John said Marx stole from Jesus. Maybe it was Jesus who thought religion was the opium of the people. It might go someway to providing an explanation as to why they crucified him?

  12. God loves atheists, satanists im not so sure about. i dont think marx was anti capitalist and i dont think he was pro communist. i would love to live in a capitalist society. i live in a society/world governed by financial elites who pull the strings of supposed capitalism and supposed communism. wall street financed the bolsheviks as well as hitler (bush's grandad prescott bush). the offshore banking cartels took over america in 1913 (federal reserve act). republicans in america are getting wide to this now and have one hell of a fight on their hands. heres a quote from abraham lincoln ""The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. They denounce as public enemies all who question their methods or throw light upon their crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe. [As a most undesirable consequence of the war...] Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed." —Abraham Lincoln. a lot of food for thought in that. Fionnuala us grouchists will have our day.

  13. Grouch,

    you will find a very different Marx from the one the party faithful have long presented.

  14. anthony, my people have told me to be wary of Franco Wheen - he supported the second iraq war, i will go to library and check it out though, fionnuala, if the marxists of the groucho marx international dont have our day then the lennonists of our sister group the john lennon international will. either way marxist-lennonists are an unstoppable farce...i mean force.

  15. Grouch,

    don't let that put you off although I don't know if it is accurate. I never bothered to check. A lot of the liberal-left did. Hitchens too but he was a great writer. It is funny, irreverant and probably more accurate than what we are used to. Try it out and if you don't fancy it'll cost you nothing as it is a library one!!

  16. "Not since Jesus Christ has an obscure pauper inspired such global devotion-or been so calamitously misinterpreted. It is time to strip away the mythology and try to rediscover Karl Marx the man." - i came across this in a book review of wheens book saying its the opening. already off to a bad start. Marx was not a pauper, his father was a lawyer attached to the Trier court. Hardly the son of a carpenter in occupied palestine. and i dont like the head on wheen either, eminently smackable, but i will defo get book. there are 431 pages apparently, i will read no more than 70 from different parts and write a sixth book review. Anthony, Fionnuala, i will not rest until karl marx is dead.

  17. Grouch,
    Why are the sister group not called after a woman or would that over complicate the farce, apologies force.

  18. Grouch,

    it's nice to have a laugh and you explain your view so wittily. The reason I think you will enjoy the book is because of the drinking and cavorting, the arrogance and pettiness, the endless rowing and backstabbing. It is a living Marx not the dry one we are so used to. And he always had boils on his bum!

  19. Mackers,
    As book reviews go. I think you have really sold this.

  20. fionnuala, they are called a sister group because for some reason the girls are attracted to lennon and us lads to groucho, i cant explain it, but thats the way us marxist-lennonists roll. but i will make an exception for u fionnuala and the girls i know in the lennonist mob like anto so he can go with them. we are more sexual than sexist at the end of the day. now the doors are on channel 141 and im going to hava bop in the sittin room so good night and God bless. up jim and the boys. and say a prayer john coulter if ur readin my nonsense, that i get a job and dont be bloggin the whole dole long day.

  21. and anthony, from what u said at 10.54, i cant believe he wasnt irish!

  22. one more thing anto, morrison is singin the unknown soldier right now. the war is over.

  23. AM

    Francis Wheen's boography on Marx

    Available to buy online used for less than a fiver including carriage.

    If only I had a fiver :)

  24. Michael,
    I'm sure some of the socialist on the Quill could bunch together and lend you a fiver.

    You have brought such good humour to this.
    I would be happy to join the Lennon camp or any camp at the minute.

  25. Very kind Fionnuala, One of my young comrades has more books than the Central Library, I'll see if he has it :)

    Wonder what you call an addiction to print and books.

  26. sound fionnuala, there is a snag though, as i said earlier , never join an organisation that would have you as a member. we have non-members as opposed to members. non-membership fee is 500 euro to be paid directly to me. welcome aboard.

  27. Grouch,
    I'll pay it gladly. I think it the non membership is indefinite or is it yearly?

    I don't what you call that addiction but I have it also.

  28. non-membership is for life. non-membership is our way of avoiding a split. you can bring as many non members on board yourself, 500 a pop (unemployed, and students pay an extra 200), you can clean up fionnuala and be a revolutionary at the same time. its a win win situation. our intelligence wing has passed me on your vital stastistics and i will be posting your uniform soon.

  29. Grouch,
    I'm on a diet so don't post it yet!!
    'Clean up and be a revolutionary at the same time'
    Sounds very Sinn Fein.

  30. its a one size fits all, there is a grouchist sleeper cell in that party, they've been there since the 60s, and are just waiting for the right time to take them down, we then take over, bring back abstensionism, take all the money they have and give it to the poor, and i'm in charge of that bit and u guys just hav to trust me

  31. Grouch,
    One size fits all is by far the best policy you don't want non members squabbling over material.

    Don't think John would go along with giving all the money to the poor.
    It's not in the bible. Infact the bible states the poor are the lucky ones their reward is in the next life.
    Marx must have missed that bit when he was stealing.

  32. how much was in that northern bank job just out of curiosity

  33. Grouch
    6.2 million or there aboute.

  34. i'll take the .2 so, sound

  35. Dr. Coulter,

    I think John the Baptist in all his colourfulness and strangeness might have been a wee bit ahead of Jesus his cousin or so they say on the socialist opinion.
    I could be wrong but I think below was attributed to John the Baptist.
    I know with all the differing sects of Christianity some would disagree.

    "He who has two coats, let him share with him who has none; and he who has food, let him do likewise" Luke 3:11

  36. Tain Bo,

    but what about St Bangers the Baptist? 'He who has two coats let him turn them.'

  37. Anthony,

    That one ripped my guts apart laughing and learned a valuable lesson don’t drink and read comments at the same time as my tea involuntarily became part of the computer screen.

    Actually had forgotten about Mr. Bangers but the name fits St. Bangers of PIRA sounds about right for his religion.

    That’s what I get for trying to be a smart arse speaking blasphemy .