Radio Free Eireann On Brian Cavlan

Radio Free Eireann broadcasts live from Rocky Sullivan's every Saturday afternoon 

Today, Saturday December 28 from 1-2 pm New York time Radio Free Eireann will tell the story of Brian Cavlan whose Christmas parole from Maghaberry Prison was revoked because he was picked up by Brian Shivers who was acquitted of killing British soldiers.

We will speak with his mother, independent Republican councillor Anita Cavlan.

We will also interview Larry Kirwan whose play about Stephen Foster "Hard Times" will reopen at The Cell on January 9th and Mick O'Brien of "The Druids."

Radio Free Eireann broadcasts live from Rocky Sullivan's of Red Hook, 34 Van Dyke Street in Brooklyn and is heard on WBAI 99.5FM or


  1. Do those radio waves reach Kentucky. If yours truly weren't such a technological eejit, they just might, but well, it's a non-starter. Hope the show went well, almost over now. This willing slave of a Latina loves the name The Diasporados: oje, que bueno, hasta la victoria siempre contra injusticia muchachos y muchachas! Larry Kirwan used to come our way and always put on a great show with Black 47. Here's hoping he's upgraded from the clapped-out Morris Minor and still has a bed to kip in somewhere beyond gentrified Gotham. "The Big Fella," a lot of Irish history stuffed into that song. Not a turkey, thankfully. Biaina nua shona a caraige. Happy New Year to all you good people from Casa Venceremos in Prospect, Kentucky!

  2. You can access Radio Free Eireann online at Click on archive and scroll down to Saturday 12/28 1pm

    Sandy Boyer

  3. Michael

    You can hear Radio Free Eireann at Click on Archive and scroll down to Saturday 12/28 1 pm.

    Send me your email at and I will send you an email,in advance on who will be on the show. I also send occasional pieces on political prisoners and other issues that may interest our listeners.

    Sandy Boyer