Fine Tuned to Dispose of Unwanted Members of the Public

This day last week I visited Maghaberry Prison to see an old friend I first met in prison back in 1984. Seamus Kearney was recently sentenced to life imprisonment by a judge of obviously bad character for a Northern conflict killing. A clear throwback to the 1980s war era when judges were prepared to convict on nothing more than the word of a member of the RUC, his reasoning was anything but reasoned, his judgement the main suspect in the case but somehow not on trial.


Evidently, there are many to be found in the judiciary and other sections of the Northern establishment who are intent on dragging society back into the past while pretending that it is really others who are entrenched in a revanchist mindset.

I made the visit in the company of another former republican prisoner who I first met just after the blanket protest had ended. The bonds it seems are indissolvable. Both of us did the blanket but due to being held in separate blocks our paths never crossed during the protest. Alec McCrory later went on to become the best man at my wedding and the godfather of my daughter. Like most friends we have had our bust ups and rows over the years, both in jail and out, but remained the best of mates.

Today a week on, Alex McCrory is back in Maghaberry, only on this occasion on the wrong side of the visiting cubicle. Along with two other former prisoners he was arrested last Sunday in a British police operation which emits the stench of a rancid sewer. According to the Irish News journalist Alison Morris, the finger prints of MI5 are all over the arrests. She claimed the level of MI5 surveillance was unprecedented in scale.  The men, all previously the targets of British harassment and wrongful arrest, have since been charged in relation to physical force republican activity and, even if not convicted, face a lengthy spell under the auspices of what is colloquially known as internment by remand.

The arrests of the three men came shortly after a bomb exploded in downtown Belfast although there has not been the remotest suggestion that they were arrested in connection with it. But the narrative took off like a pen to paper.  Such was the widespread abhorrence at the blast that public concern about the arrests of three men labelled ‘top dissident republicans’ was hardly going to raise its head above the parapet. The attack may well have the fingerprints of MI5 all over it also. Given the spook outfit's malign past, such a course of action simply cannot be ruled out. From a republican perspective it was devoid of any strategic potential but not so for the British security services who stood to gain immensely from the attack. It enabled them to execute a plan that might otherwise have raised vociferous objections from people concerned with the state intrusion on civil liberties.

I am perturbed that Alec McCrory, a frequent contributor to this blog, is in Maghaberry Prison this evening. My political antennae tell me he has been stitched up under a justice system fine tuned to facilitate the ‘disposal of unwanted members of the public.’ On a human level, I was in his home last Saturday before the visit, gave him a batch of books he never got time to read, saw the Christmas preparations, answered endless questions from his five year old daughter and chatted with his wife. I know the gap that will be in that home on Christmas morning.

Come what may, despite whatever political differences I may have with Alec McCrory, I will be there as a friend to him throughout every day of his imprisonment, supporting him as undergoes the undoubted ordeal that awaits him. As he once said to me friendships are too important to be ruined by something as distasteful as politics.Visits to Maghaberry seem set to feature for some time to come.


  1. All together now..Armoured cars and tanks and guns..cromwells men ar here again weres SF reps from these peoples areas speaking out.over to MH

  2. Quisling $inn £einds claim that we are now "an island of equals and we have moved on"is quite clearly blown out of the water,the harassment of republicans continues unabated,the "peace process"was to herald a new beginning and the argument that justice would now be dispensed evenly and fairly is now nothing but more of the same old,we witnessed the media hype a few weeks ago when it was announced that a new form of DNA retrieval was used in the conviction of a Strabane republican charged with the murder of an ruc man twenty years ago,this evidence we were told was taken from a cigarette butt which was held from that incident, yet when it comes to the mass murder of nationalists like the Loughinisland massacre we are told that the getaway car and other evidence has been destroyed,now isnt that a wonder ?the conveyor belt system of locking up republicans has been started up again,aided as before by a corrupt police force controlled by spooks and a judiciary that would fit well into any banana republic ,this disgraceful behaviour played a big part in the alienation of the nationalist community in the last round of the "troubles"
    tweeking around with the system such as buying the support of former republicans now turned quisling and placing castle catholics in positions of power in the DPP like Barrabroy McGrory is a conjob that will fool some of the people for a while,but in the end if justice is not delivered and seen to be in an evenhanded manner then resentment will continue to grow and all the surveillance equipment that may be at hand and the use of touts will not stop the drift back to where we should not want to go,if the two governments were genuinely interested in real peace here they should address the root causes of the conflict,but it seems that suppressing a section of this community is the easier option to them, I think all they are doing is storing up a future nightmare ,

  3. Mackers - did ye ever try and talk a bit of sense into Alec. I mean he must have known that his cards were marked. Its awful to see people having to fester in jail on bullshit charges, but surely this was coming. I mean Alec seems to have a fair amount of wit to know better.

  4. Mackers, are you now officially accusing ONH of being complicit in Alecs arrest?

  5. Emmett-

    I don't know why you think Alec done anything or that he should have the wit to know better-I might not have agreed with him on the Quill but it is his own right to have his own beliefs-


    " To dispose of unwanted members of the public "-

    I must be a wanted member of the public then as I type from the house-the same as yourself and all who type on the Quill-well at least for today anyhow-

  6. Really annoyed that Alec, Collie and Harry are back behind bars Mackers. It's no stretch of the imagination to know that the targeting of Republicans is still a priority for the British and their insidious agencies. Despite what PRO-GFA supporters claim. Regardless of what faces the three lads, there is plenty of Activists outside to work on their behalf! What confuses me however, is your claim that the recent car bomb was done by MI5? Like yourself, I follow the News intently and know that ONH issued a statement claiming responsibility...Given that group's previous history of armed activity. Bombs are their preferred choice....We may disagree on specific politics, even facts etc. Though, would you care to elaborate on your analysis about MI5?

  7. AR,

    as history has shown no group can guarantee against penetration. For long enough PIRA would claim it was killing informers when in fact the Brits were killing people PIRA claimed were informers through infiltration by people like Stakeknife.

    If you read the article it doesn't say MI5 did the bombing no more than it did the Omagh bombing. But as you are aware its influence in the Omagh bombing was evident through penetration. The Real IRA issued a statement claiming the Omagh bombing but that did not preclude some degree of MI5 knowledge or input.

    Given the outcome and the age old question Cui Bono last week's bomb attack certainly suited the interests of the British security establishment in the manner that the article points out.

    At this stage we can hardly put such activity beyond them. Given the technological sophistication that armed republicanism is up against, susceptibility to penetration and influence very much goes with the turf.

    There is a chasm of difference between thinking ONH laid the trap, which I have no reason to suspect, and allowing for the possibility that the British security services were playing a hidden hand as they so often did with the PIRA.

  8. Michael henry - although I advocate justice in the philosophical sense of the term, you know as well as I do that the mass public have as much sympathy for alec harry and colin as the Yankees did for OJ Simpson. Its a dirty war mick son, all sides play dirty. I don't agree with arresting people on trumped up charges by Alec I would presume was well aware this was a possibility. lets go beyond good and evil and seek truths.

  9. The dissident attacks are playing right into the hands of loyalism right now. Pushing them further to the edge when it comes to more young lads joining up and certainly the PUP gaining more support. They are pointing and saying, the threat is there we have a reason to exist and extreme elements will see it as a reason to arm themselves.
    MI5 clearly control the loyalist leadership. Publicly labeled as UDA commanders and never arrested yet Republican are thrown in jail on next to zero evidence.
    Ardoyne protesters sat peacefully and the PSNI beat them off the road whilst having a soft approach to loyalist rioting last year.
    This place has not changed one bit since the GFA. Except SF and the DUP having cushy paying careers.

  10. elections are on the horizon, time to up the fear factor and guarantee a repeat of the last election, and the one before that...
    Cui Bono? the status quo: the salaries, expenses and pensions of the over-glutted Assembly which does fuck all except perpetuate the cycle of sectarian posturing to ensure their salaries and pensions.

  11. MI5 will tell you what you had for breakfast.

    They have a new agenda, and , I'm sure everyone has cottoned onto it.

    Pipe bomb found in back garden , They demand the whole street to be evacuated , Like as if a Pipe bomb is going to blow up a street , That is there chance to plant as many cameras as they like , Fingers are being pointed in all directions, MI5 have the upper hand , We had all this with pira and rira, infiltrated so much british agent informers were topping other agents , and we all know who those agents were , and , are. Don't be falling into that same trap ever again, Its a British ploy and they love it.

    Now it boils down to the say of one MI5 officer to have republicans locked up for as long as the British decide.

    Billy Brooks:

    " weres SF reps from these peoples areas speaking out."

    They don't speak out for them , because they are anti GFA

  12. Mackers
    Last month in East Belfast they found a hand gun and evacuated the entire street.
    Good point about MI5 and elections coming. That spotlight program where they exposed the UVF was laughable. Dogs in the street could expose more than that show. Though it is clear that MI5 do not want the PUP being part of their plans. Votes will yet again be SF and DUP getting elected and the same old vicious circle will repeat over and over. As said, ruling by fooling.

  13. Appreciate the response Mackers. There is little doubt that infiltration by Imperialists of the Provies chara. Particularly after Stakeknife & Dennis were exposed as paid Informers. Not forgetting the direction of the entire Provisional Movement to accept whatever the British offered them. Regards the Omagh disaster, it is clear the Crown Forces needed such a massive bomb to go wrong, especially in a Nationalist town. However, eluding to ONH Operations aiding MI5 etc only causes confusion. Those involved in armed actions already risk life & liberty and as Republicans we should not sew more confusion within the extended family. I'd imagine that the new IRA and ONH have learned the lessons of past failures at least they should. Whilst I don't advocate armed resistance, I wouldn't be a hypocrite by condemning them. As those involved in that activity have the moral rights to oppose Imperialism in our Country. Of course all Revolutionary Groups are susticiple to infiltration. I agree that all Republicans need to regularly question their tactics they should not be confused by observers of into wrongly believing that the British are still directing each organisation. Linking that analysis to the incarceration of Alec and the other two lads gives our enemies the excuse needed to justify attacks on Dissenting Republicans.

  14. Ardoyne republican - tell me one attack recently that has gone as planned? young men and women are being lifted all over the place, prisons are filling up homes broken etc etc. Although you may not advocate armed actions, nor condemn them, you may want to, within your own community space, advise youth to contemplate the prospects of success for armed action against the weight of British rebuttal. Armed republicanism, as far as I observe it, has gone backwards - Since Mickey mckevit was jailed it seems these groups have no longer the capacity to target London nor make bombs capable of working as is expected. They have gone from rocket launched morters at London Mi5 headquarters to killing low level drug dealers the odd cop and a prison officer. (not to mention the odd feud along the way). It's time they either faced the realisation that they have not the means to bring youth along a road that can challenge colonial rule in Ireland. the next chapter points towards they way of the IPLO who became a joke. That's the way its looking to me.

  15. Understand your points Emmet and to a certain extent you are right. But you must also realise that armed resistance, physical force or whatever people wish to term it, has been with us for a very long time. Insofar as the occupation continues, so will armed actions! Rather than pointing out the failures of the past as you have done. I prefer to actively pursue a political alternative and to help chart the way ahead for everyone in our Nation. There is little point in criticising Republicans because we are all a very defensive bunch! Hopefully, all those who desire a restoration of the Republic can assist one another in creating the right path.

  16. Free tom Williams, you state - "There is little point in criticising Republicans because we are all a very defensive bunch!"

    Did you criticise the IPLO at the time? I'm sure you did. Your narrative focuses on the rights of Irish people to resist, which is true,(one must be open about prospects of success) yet the historical paradigm those actions fit is also one that the IPLO could comfortably fit into if one chooses to gift them such credence and script romantic notions. Slavery has been used the world over since antiquity. This does not mean that slavery is right or worthy of continuation - even though, unlike the vast majority of recent armed republican actions, slavery largely worked. adhering to your historical conception of republicanism we are heading towards nihilism, and there any 'ism' can be justified.

  17. What I cannot seem to understand is the outrage being shown by some people when fellow republicans are critical.

    When did those who engage in armed resistemce become immune from criticism?
    Republicans may well be a defensive bunch and I completely understand the complexities as to why this is - analysis and criticism are essential to any learning and progress, without them we do not adapt appropriately.

    I fail to see the logic in being idealogically lead to continue the same pattern.
    .......meanwhile our people continue to be incarcerated and indefinitely held. Creating more difficulty in the cohesion of any opposition to the Stormont ing puppets and their British manipulators.

  18. AR,

    However, eluding to ONH Operations aiding MI5 etc only causes confusion.

    To the contrary, I think it adds clarity.

    Also it is worthwhile remembering that every intellectual journey of exploration begins with confusion. I am confused therefore I think might be a way of putting it.

    I'd imagine that the new IRA and ONH have learned the lessons of past failures at least they should.

    It seems not. What you might overlook is that there need not be one single member of ONH working for MI5 but the latter might through surveillance know what is about to happen and then allow it to proceed because it suits them.

    Nor would you be a hypocrite by speaking out against armed actions. You would merely be using your own experience to alert people of the futility, and preventing death and jail. Are former religious believers hypocrites for speaking out against religious belief? Why should former religious belief prohibit them form expressing their new perspective?

    If tomorrow you see somebody doing a rain dance to change the weather you would be justified in saying 'hold on a minute. I can't see this working.' It would not matter how many rain dances you might have done in the past. You would only be a hypocrite if you opposed a rain dance but at the same time doing one yourself.

    Nobody likes to be confronted with these matters but they have to be grappled with. There is no point in following the Provos and screaming at everybody that disagrees with the armed actions.

    For all the talk about the moral right to challenge imperialism who has the greatest moral right - those who exposed a civilian population to danger by trying to bomb the Cathedral quarter or the civilian population in asserting its right not to be exposed to risk?

    To me it will always be the latter.

  19. I thought it was a telling article and it didn't come across at all that Anthony was casting aspersions, it seemed to me he was merely highlighting the environment British Intelligence is exploiting in this instance. A lot of people on Facebook have been claiming a British hand in much of the recent activity so it's no stretch to suggest they might be capable of manipulating the activities of ONH or any other armed group to meet their own ends. The treatment of Alec here is a total disgrace and I feel awful for the man and his family. They have my support

  20. From Mick Browne

    Question we must be asking and forcing on to the agenda RIGHT NOW is if they are affording this focus on the trio and others, why was that wee girl not saved from being shot in East Belfast by Dirty Macker?

    Sorry, after this last year is he not on the fucking radar? Flegs, shootings, intimidation and beatings, injured cops in the hundreds, cops like rats leaving the sinking U123 and no loyalist yet lifted on such material, yet they are interning Catholics on the softly, softly, catch-ee mon-kee?

    Where was this technology in relation to Bunter? Or Jackie? Or the Mexican? Or the Borelands? Eh?

    But they can deploy it against Earl Haigs 'to bate the band', so to speak? Given what they're spending on domestic terrorism against Islamism even less reason for the logic of why those behind the even more devastating attacks on police are not subject to the same policing tactics.

    unless, of course.....

  21. Mackers you have hit the nail on the head with this reference;

    Nobody likes to be confronted with these matters but they have to be grappled with. There is no point in following the Provos and screaming at everybody that disagrees with the armed actions.

    'For all the talk about the moral right to challenge imperialism who has the greatest moral right - those who exposed a civilian population to danger by trying to bomb the Cathedral quarter or the civilian population in asserting its right not to be exposed to risk?'

    "The most important thing at the moment is truth. The next most important thing is that people should be allowed free speech. The third objective is to force republicanism to broaden the base of debate."
    - Brendan Hughes

    Furthermore, it was quite noticeable certain sections of 'dissident republicans' who were quick to put the blame elsewhere on them 'brits' instead of taking responsibility and trying rationalise the indefensible. I understand ONH claimed responsibility but did they release a statement arguing why?

    I think that bomb left outside the restaurant has obviously done enormous damage to republicanism outside of Sinn Fein(who it suits) which has grown in recent years and only feeds fear and further state repression. I would love to understand the strategic motivations behind those who give the orders.

    Its also clear some shades of republicanism have always shared the same logic as the greatest practionerers of state terror do in terms of if just being 'collateral damage' merely viewing civilians as cannon fodder.

    Although this is a completely different era and conflict it is worth pointing out that anarchists in the early 20th century were the bogeyman in terms of 'terror' and were involved in indiscrimating bombings including inventing the car bomb until realising that the way to defeat the ruling class was by building as mass movement and popular power in workplaces and communities.

    'You can't blow up a social relationship - the anarchist case against terrorism.'

  22. AM, Cardinal Daly had his moral interpretations of events too!

  23. I agree with a A M in the sense that the brits intelligence have knowledge of operations before they happen and allow them to proceed if it suits their agenda. We know the mindset of who we face they do not care about their civilians and would sacrifice them by the barrow load to enhance their propaganda stance. Amongst anti gfa republicans there has to be a unified front and maybe we need to focus on what we do agree on instead of the opposite, engage in civil disobedience, non compliance, agitation tactics cause as it stands just now all anti gfa republicans are being dismissed as lunatics. Without a unified front we will not get our message heard outside our own forums.

  24. My dear friend Daniel Mabsout from Beirut in the Lebanon shared this sentiment with me earlier when told about the scandalous internment of our mutual friend and comrade Alec McCrory -

    "To Alec;

    The British authorities are intent on eradicating any movement of liberation in Ireland and trying to kill any hope for the rebirth of the struggle in the direction of liberation and emancipation. It is the identity of the Irish people that they are after and that they want to eradicate. 

    Many Irish activists have been arrested lately with no reason but because the British are afraid that they carry the torch that is liable to awaken the demand and the struggle for freedom and unity. The Irish cause is - of course - still alive because heroes like Bobby Sands and his friends have offered their precious lives for it, their death is a song that is still heard and that can still be heard by all. A cause is never dead for which such sacrifices have been offered and in the minds and hearts of people who have witnessed all this the cause is still alive.

    These people therefore are to be chased and tracked and imprisoned, they are the little child whom the emperor wanted to kill because he knew that with them the memory is still alive and a new life was going to dawn. The emperor killed all the children but could not get the child who constituted the hope.

    Ireland shall be free because Bobby Sands and his friends wished it such. There is no fear as long as there are such heroes, because such heroes have defeated the inimical circumstance itself and have risen above it and achieved victory once and for all. God bless the heroes and the others who have carried the flame.

    We ask for the immediate release of all activists who have unjustly been incarcerated for the crime of catching and carrying the fire of true freedom. This is a credit to all those who have been arrested and an acknowledgement that they are on the right path - Daniel Mabsout"

    It's refreshing and comforting to know that the anti-imperialist movement around the world is aware of the treatment being meted out to political activists like Alec, who dare to challenge the status quo and indeed the failure of that status quo to achieve anything resembling the lofty principles of freedom justice and peace. At this festive time of year my thoughts are with Alec and his family and I all those currently removed from their families at this time because of the political situation that still unfortunately exists here. Peace be with them all

  25. Ciaran Cunninham,

    I take it that is your own officially obtuse inane and utterly ludicrous sentence or like your mate Martin did you both mistake the quill for Facebook and are updating your ever so important social status.
    Who pulled that rabbit out of your arse?

    Is it reading or understanding that presents a problem for you? Slightly more creative in inventing that which is not there but definitely not as amusing as the ramblings of Fido?

    Where exactly in your very astute deconstructionist mind did you come to that inquisitive conclusion?
    Nowhere! As you are not asking a question but trying to sound clever with an inadequate oxymoronic accusation.
    I will get a bit creative and provide excuse and suggest that the Really No Use pulled an all-nighter brainstorming over the article and through mental exhaustion decided to launch another attack on Anthony.

    Officially accusing would infer he has already unofficially accused perhaps before you react you should try thinking.

    The feeling of Déjà vu springs to mind bring forth the evidence to substantiate your porous accusation.
    A blind man could see right through what the last charade with Fido was all about this being no different.

    To paraphrase the other ding a ling would you enlighten us as to how you ascertain something from nothing?

  26. Ardoyne Republican (and I address you lightly under that moniker)

    your first comment reads like you are updating your Facebook status.

    It is not a surprise that the security forces are targeting republicans more so militant republicans, why? It is their job to hunt down and weaken the already weak republican armed offensive. After all they are the enemy of independent and militant republicans “no surprise or shock” on anyone they choose to scoop or get out of the way.
    Is the plenty of “activists” you speak of the same activists that showed up in droves to protest Marian Price’s interment?(sarcasm)
    I notice a severe shortage of solid republican support for the POWS in general so why the need to boast where are these activists as Martin Corey rots?

    3 lads How condescending these are 3 men experienced intelligent and well aware they were possible targets for British judicial abuse, and without doubt under different circumstances would be targets for Brit death squads.

    But that is not the reason you and pip squeak showed up is it? Speaking of showing up you have a brass neck after you last smear campaign of smearing Anthony via Fido the man you defended by not defending and excuse his ignorance on republican knowledge meaning his attack was not only approved by you but you feed the dog the info to bark out.

    Which brings us to the real reason for your appearance oddly enough but not out of the question it would be once again on the fair maiden Allison “Trojan Horse” Morris who seemed to have broke more than poor Fido’s heart and certainly seemed to be close enough to company that she alleged feared death threats from.
    You address Anthony in friendly terms but had no problem backstabbing and smearing him along with your cronies.

    Are you sincerely that unaware of the role played by MI5 and the free reign the SAS have to roam and gather information practically unhindered.
    Are you really that much of an idiot to think that the British arsenal doesn’t have the latest high tech surveillance equipment that is constantly being improved and is very sophisticated, the tools at their disposal have been conducting digital warfare with an invisible army?
    Not to mention the surveillance techniques are so sophisticated they love when republicans use any electronic device as all devices come with a unique identification, home computer a favourite as they are easy to hack into and copy a hard drive. Blogs like this come under scrutiny, social media sites another favourite as it lulls people into a false sense of privacy.

    Well gone are the days when the Brits used a handheld cumbersome directional listen device. For the best part information comes to them freely even that which is encrypted.
    The amount of information the NSA collected on American citizens is staggering the Brits done the same thing,
    Do ypu really believe the British would rely solely on the cops to contain republicans, no, they do the homework and the cops knock on the doors.

    Your second comment sounds childlike as you lack the stones to insert the appropriate descriptive language. “The Omagh Disaster” A horrific atrocity whether agents of influence played a role in it or not the media and the public opinion lays the blame at those who attacked the town.

    It is the job of MI5 to cause confusion and present misinformation its called propaganda either factual or manufactured.

    Did those republicans risk life and limb when they hijacked threatened and forced an innocent civilian to do their dirty work?
    Obviously by emulating the old they have not learned from past failures.

    That oxymoronic cop out is tiresome by not advocating armed struggle yet excuse it as being hypocritical to condemn it makes for the confusion you say you don’t wish to further sew. As you directly defend it as a moral justification.

    You are a so called activist/community leader my question to the people of Ardoyne is why? Indeed why should they heed a word from RNU.

  27. ...

    I find your comments barely comprehensible and am highly suspicious of perhaps the coincidence that you and pip show up slobbering on yet another scoop by the hack journalist. I wonder who hands her these gems on a silver platter it wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure that out.

    The last time you set Fido on the attack (that was definitely sowing the seeds of distrust) under the auspice of he was defending his broken heart.
    But, he wasn’t politically astute so he is forgiven for being your stooge.

    There is nothing in the article that suggests what you and your sidekick suggest so is your purpose to deflect away from the issue at hand and confusing the readers with your less than tangible inferences. Sounds familiar misinformation?

    As you claim to be a community activist I suggest you spend less time posing on face book with your new wee Mandela photo and get back to grassroots activism at the street level.
    That is not to say the computer does not have a role to play but it only works when the subject matter is displayed coherently and honestly.

  28. @ Tain Bo, after reading your lenghy comments I'm a bit dismayed. Are you in opposition to my views, those of Pip, Fido, ONH or RNU? As what is clear from your rant is that you perceived I dislike Mackers and have 'used' Fido and/or Alison to attack him? In response to these specific allegations, I not only like Mackerel but respect his past and ongoing contribution to Republicanism. I've no reason to feel otherwise and have or do NOT 'backstab' him! I have regularly commented on the Quill, long before Mackers & Fido had issues with another. I even sought and taken advice from Anthony about my own Blog. Regards my 'defence' of Fido...I pointed out his good points, which everyone including yourself has.

  29. As for my position on armed actions or any other issue. I'm well aware many if not most would disagree with me...However, as a keen history buff - I strongly believe that those involved in armed activity are part of the legacy following those who used the same tactics before them to fight the occupation in the way they see fit! As such, I will not condemn them privately or publicly because they have the moral rights to engage in such activity. I don't wanna see anyone going to an early grave or gaol for these actions but know that the Volunteers responsible know full well the consequences and are politically mature enough to cope with those!

  30. AR,

    I have never stated either in public or private that you were behind the smearing. Others have taken a different stance.

  31. As for my profile, status etc..I have always been very vocal in terms of community & political situations. Particularly, when it involves Ardoyne, North Belfast and Irish Republicanism. You may not agree with my views and that is your right! However, my years of activism in those fields gives me the right to express those views. Whether or not I'm correct or not, history will decide. But one thing for sure is that I don't just sit behind a computer screen posting irrational comments...What you need to ask Tain Bo, do you? At least, RNU has put our analysis forward and we'll be standing a number of Candidates up for the forthcoming elections in May, will you stand? Regards, Alec, Collie and Harry. I have known the three men a long time and I can confidently state that all three know they have my full support as do all Irish Political Prisoners! Have a good Christmas fellow Quill contributed and I guess we'll cross debating swords in 2014.

  32. Mackers, I know that you haven't chara. Sadly to see there are some who believe otherwise? If I have a personal issue with someone, I would address them myself and not 'use' a surrogate to act on my behalf. Enjoy the festivities Anthony and best wishes to you, Carrie and the family for 2014.

  33. AR,

    you stress the moral right of republicans to launch armed attacks. You might yet consider dealing with the question I raised with you. It deals with the issue of what rights society has against republicans or are rights a one way street - ours alone? Given the RNU attempt to put out a document explaining its position (one of the most read TPQ pieces) it seems that its ability to engage is limited if it has nothing or little to say about the rights of others.

    My own view surveying our armed campaign is that it simply caused us to violate too many rights to allow us to justify the campaign in terms of redressing rights abuses.

    We can always find an excuse for political violence. But it seems an excuse rather than a reason. I fail to see how the abolutism of the gun can reconcile itself with the rule of the people, ie republicanism if explained simplistically in the most terse of terms.

  34. Ardoyne Republican,

    When making the intangible tangible it requires creativity inventiveness and most importantly denial.
    Your personal relationship with Anthony is none of my business and I am glad Anthony clarified his position.

    This however is a public forum and at times I rant on issues holding no preference in my like or dislike of you as it is not personal as in my own little world you are not a major factor but someone I find particularly misleading.

    Although you come across as strong it reads the opposite you appear agitated by my rant and your comments are tones of desperation seeking validation.
    I find you more amusing than intellectually informative and challenging.

    How self-serving letting history decide your importance. Why wait for the history books to decide?
    I already made my case with you and your connection with Fido a smear campaign that you seemingly approved otherwise you would have informed your politically uninformed friend to halt his hate speech.
    You excused him by your odd defending by not defending approach and again excuse by pointing out his good qualities.

    I have a few decent qualities and many not so agreeable qualities but that hardly amounts to your weak defense of your friend.

    You being a community “leader” then direct by example not excuse.

    I am not denying you your right to say what you think or believe what you want.
    I have stated many times before my opinions represent my perspective and nothing else.

    I would engage anyone that I felt was attacking or deliberately smearing any fellow republican so don’t feel special that I challenged you which by the way was at your request as you personally addressed me and then buggered off leaving your friend to continue.
    You have the right to believe this round of unwinnable armed (at intermittent times) struggle is justified by history.
    Then by the same logic of history justifying a thing that entitles the British to rule via their historical conquest or the loyalist to maintain a superior belief given their history a foolish defense will only ensure a foolish offense.

    I don’t spend much time on the computer not much time watching the box it only aggravates my already poor vision.
    In fact my comment posting is almost strictly limited to the quill.

    The trick is not to take political talk personal but you seem easy to agitate providing me with some very personal unnecessary comments.

    ca -Sun Tzu, the Art of War

    “He who wishes to fight must first count the cost. When you engage in actual fighting, if victory is long in coming, then men’s weapons will grow dull and their ardor will be dampened. If you lay siege to a town, you will exhaust your strength. Again, if the campaign is protracted, the resources of the State will not be equal to the strain. Now, when your weapons are dulled, your ardor dampened, your strength exhausted and your treasure spent, other chieftains will spring up to take advantage of your extremity. Then no man, however wise, will be able to avert the consequences that must ensue… In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.”

  35. Nollaig Shona Duit do Tain Bo, hopefully you'll get some festive spirit this year as you've a little to much anger...

  36. Tain Bo,
    I too would like to wish you and everyone who writes on TPQ a very happy Christmas.

  37. Ardoyne Republican,

    another moronic sentence as the former contradicts the latter.
    I sincerely doubt you are wishing me a happy Christmas your poor psychoanalytical diagnosis is amusing.
    It speaks volumes for a weak mind delivering a contradictive message and highlights the inadequacy of you ability to debate with clarity and articulation.

    I don’t mind you beating a hasty retreat under the guise of seasonal festivity.
    If you held any of the qualities of a leader you would not have only met me at every turn of the road you would have soundly defeated any meager argument I placed in your view.

    That is not anger that is reason in the spirit of the season (which holds no interest for me) I bid your family a merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year.
    I would be a liar and hypocrite to wish you the same as your beliefs are misleading self-serving and bound to bring misery.

    I will remain happy in my heathen ways and celebrate a Celtic winter solstice.

  38. Nuala,

    my warmest regards and sincere best wishes to you and your family may your Christmas be a happy one and may the New Year be healthy and happy.

    Merry Christmas to all on the quill to those that post and to those that read best wishes for the New Year and may well we find ourselves here the same time next year.

  39. Solidarity greeting to all the POWs and their families we overlook the forgotten and regardless of their beliefs or the reasons that brought them to jail I remain sympathetic to their plight.

  40. Tain Bo.

    To many have forgotten those who are still incarcerated , Season greetings to them all.

    Seasons greetings to Anthony , Carey and daughter , and , all TPQ bloggers.
    I'm a bit under the weather at the moment with prostrate problems and two shadows on my lungs.

    I will keep fighting on.

  41. Itsjustmackers,

    I am sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I and a friend were wondering why you were not posting as much your condition health wise would answer that query.
    I will keep you in my thoughts my friend and hope for your speedy recovery.

    My sincerest greetings to you and your family and in hope may the new year find you in a healthier condition.

    Keep up the good fight and again my best regards.

  42. Itsjustmacker,

    I am so sorry to learn of this and I hope you get over every single issue facing you. We will all be rooting for you.

  43. itsjustmacker

    Best Wishes- look after yourself, as others have said am rooting for you

  44. Itsjustmackers a cara that prostrate prob is more than likely Gerry Itwasntme searching out where you get you info from and the shadows are probably truth and justice which like yourself we all seek, good luck a cara I think your a tough auld nut and will come through this stronger than ever,remember a cara its not the size of the dog in the fight,its the fight in the dog..nollaig shona duit.

  45. Itsjustmacker ,
    So sorry you have gotten that news!
    Hopefully things will turn round for you I have friend with the same diagnosis and it's a bumpy road. Please God you come out the other side. A happy Christmas and hopefully a brighter New Year.

  46. Real sorry to hear of your.suffering itsjustmacker. I hope you get the inner strength to overcome.

  47. @Tain Bo, Sadly, you seem to think that I consider.myself a.'Leader'? I am merely one of too many ex-pows' who opened my eyes to the betrayal of core the Provisionals. Unlike you, everyone on the Net knows who I am as I don't. Hide behind a false name. However, if you wish to reveal your true identity...I'd be happy to engage with you further. Until then, have a good one...

  48. AR,

    it seems Ardoyne ones don't call a truce for Christmas Day. 40 years ago today if I am not mistaken Celine and a comrade were caught on active service. Best to you and yours.

  49. Ardoyne Republican,

    I don’t consider it heartbreaking in fact I am very emotionally detached in the one sided debate.

    “If you held any of the qualities of a leader you would not have only met me at every turn of the road you would have soundly defeated any meager argument I placed in your view.”

    The above would be dismissive of you in a leadership role!

    “You being a community “leader” then direct by example not excuse.”

    As a community activist by default of such activity you assume a role of leadership that does not mean or imply you are a leader.

    The problem with presupposition is just that you are entitled to debate, challenge, or even suggest my moods but you are not entitled to think for me.

    Honestly, I don’t think much of you outside of the quill you may as well be in Andromeda which under the right conditions can be viewed with the naked eye.
    To clarify Andromeda being a galaxy and not the wife of Perseus in Greek mythology that should be an indicator of the distance of your relevance to me.

    It is a little comical Ardoyne Republican is not a name you hide behind?
    I see pride is not a problem for you as “everyone” on the net knows you.

    Lets reduce that in self-importance and correct it with those that know you and those that are aware of you does not add up to “everyone.”

    It is not the moniker that is important in fact I have to update it to Tain Bo Gobshite of the year 2013.
    It is the message I don’t believe I am hiding behind anything MI5 and those whose duty it is to identify people know who I am and know I am very vocal on TPQ an outspoken critic of British rule.
    The British intelligence that monitors this site has all my information it is difficult to hide from them especially when I post.
    Your feeble attempt at insulting my intelligence amuses me in a tedious way.
    I have the upmost respect for POWs and ex POWs and an advocate for their rights.

    Not only do I agitate you I now apparently make you paranoid. I don’t mind or care which name people post under if Jimmy Ribshite has something to add to any debate I will read it at face value without any conspiratorial undertones in mind.

    Again, you display contradictive sediment as you ask me questions and then route yourself from the field as the invisible Tain Bo is either a too worthy of an opponent or a coward that hides behind a mythological reference.

    Definitely not the actions of a confident person and nothing I have said here I would say the same face to face.

    I will benevolently level the playing field and simplify things I have deliberately left my net wide open, in fact I left the pitch and still all you have managed to do is score an own goal(s)

    Remember it was at your invitation as you directly addressed me in what you casually describe as a dispute between Fido and Anthony.

    I made my case against you and I stand by it I believe it was a case of your presumption that I would back off instead of challenging you.