Demand Better for West Belfast


  1. Ciaran, Dee Fenell, Sammy Cusick & Tommy Doherty and to any other independant who is going to stand up to Sinn Fein...

    More power to your elbows. And I hope you all get elected. it is about time there was fresh blood and new ideas.

    Between us fellas, I think people are sick to the back teeth with the same faces.

    You all might get a bloody nose come election day. But don't let that put you off. If you keep hammering away and exposing SF for what they are, you will get to wwhere you are all going in the long run..

    For what it is worth, even if you don't like the likes of Nolan etc. Everytime you hear Gerry kelly et al. speaking on the radio, phone him up and tell the people how it is. They use mainstream media to get their message out. Why shouldn't you?

  2. It's a common enough name but is he the Socialist Party guy and/or the defunct old Labour Coalition guy of the same name or neither?

  3. Is one to follow? These would be useful on Independents. Many will be seeking a home for their vote even if it's likely to have limited impact. However a broad brush description that covers a range of opinion could result in supporting someone who opposes or opposed the voter's beliefs or come from a sect of socialism they might reject. Anyone but SF shouldn't be enough.

  4. I've been hoping for an independent Socialist Republican to support in my area and also a transfer option to eirigi or a non republican socialist. However I would find it hard to vote for a former Trot that has even criticised the SWP for being too close to republucanism without clarification on their current positions. That's based on assuming that this Ciaran is the former Miltant (and various front groups), CWI and Socialist Party. A poster with the descriptive 'independent socialist republican' is not enough to attract my vote or even an offer of leg work. Though like many of us that came from a provo background before seeing the light I'd be willing to support a former Trot if they are open on where they stand. Of course I'm assuming based on a name, a poster and knowledge of left figures that this Ciaran is the one I'm thinking of. Hence my desire for much more information and clarity. That clarity could gain Ciaran a street walker (purely political) if forthcoming. At present we have a name and a poster - not enough to make a call unless you are happy with anyone but SF then you may as well vote stoop as they've more chance of beating them.

  5. Kev,

    I have asked Gerard Hodgins to provide some detail for you. I don't know the background to it.

  6. Anthony,

    Thanks for that. I could bring myself to vote for a former anti-republican Trot (if that's Ciaran's background) if his politics have shifted to Socialist Republicanism. I won't have that option in my area but would consider stuffing letter boxes for such a person but need clarity on their positions.

    Looking for something to support ahead of elitist and/or militarist leaning groups like RNU or eirigi. Who I'd happily transfer to as least worst republican options given the chance.

    Though in Belfast eirigi seem the most likely to succeed in W Belfast and RNU in North. I think the IRPs an unfortunate vote splitter with good intentions.

    Would much prefer republican left agreeing a sole candidate in each of 3 winnable Belfast wards.

  7. Kev,

    somebody asked a question on Facebook a while back after a piece here on behalf of Ciaran by Dan Kelly and Gerard Hodgins answered that it was a different Ciaran. The problem is I don't remember what the question was so am unable to say if it has any bearing on your observations.

  8. Kev

    The political journey ciaran is on is his own. He has a contact number on the poster and would clear up your concerns in a quick chat. I don’t know if he’s an ex-trot and with respect i don’t care.
    My motivation for supporting him was a result of the brendan lillis campaign. Ciaran and Kevin winters were the only solicitors who contacted me and offered their legal services for any work we needed done.
    Not too many steps up to the mark when it comes to supporting the prisoners. Ciaran gets my vote for that. I will ring him later and ask though and get back to you here kev. up the rebels.

  9. kev
    just spoke with Ciaran on the phone. he is not the Ciaran Mulholland you know, apparently there is a guy with a similar name in them circles.

  10. Gerard,

    that would sum up how I view the matter as well.

    1. Gerard, thanks for taking time to do that. I'll be in touch with him to offer 2 feet on the street.