47 Ronin

John Coulter with a festive film review which  initially featured in the Irish Daily Star on 23 December 2013.

Need a bit of action to keep the festive week celebrations on a high? Then Hollywood heart throb Keanu Reeves’ latest blockbuster is the perfect solution.

With the fantasy thriller 47 Ronin, it’s a case of move over Tom Cruise and Billy Connolly in The Last Samurai, and bring in King Keanu for some sword waving slasher revenge.

Reeves is riveting as he leads a band of samurai hell-bent on some payback after their hero is killed.
Keanu’s performance is so stunning, it’s better than his previous masterpieces – The Devil’s Advocate, Constantine and The Day The Earth Stood Still – all rolled into one!

But in spite of all the hunks on display, the real people who steal the show are screen babes Ko Shibasaki from the horror chiller One Missed Call, and Rinko Kikuchi from the sci-fi mash movie, Pacific Rim.
Reeves’ 47 Ronin is 100 per cent kick ass entertainment.

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