Hierarchy of our Fallen?


  1. Is this a magazine that we can buy or is it only online?

  2. Brilliant piece again from the good people of Ardoyne, other areas should follow suit.

  3. Honestly cairde do we really want members of a British aligned party, which has a cult-like obsession with it's leading member, at any commemoration for our Fallen Dead?

    If others decide to hide in case they are seen attending by the Adamsites then let then cower behind the curtains. We don't need cowards commemorating brave men and women...

  4. Dixie,

    what comes like a kick in the goolies is the way this piece contrasted matters. These people are trying to forget the republican dead while remembering the British dead. When we were on that wing in the blanket had anybody on the wing suggested it they would have been suspected immediately of being a tout. I don't mind people remembering British dead if that is how they feel. And we were unpardonably wrong to slaughter them at Enniskillen while they were doing just that. But how these people, our one time comrades, are honouring the people they killed and dishonouring those they had kill them, is a real WTF moment. There is no shame, nothing but a bottomless pit of moral nihilism.

  5. Here is a short interview Martin og gave a few week's ago. Broadcast live on Radio Free Eireann on the 16th Nov.

    Just go to the first 'feed', press 'play' FF (if you want) until 20min 27 sec's (put your pointer just after the '5'). It is worth a listen.

  6. Now the dissos honoured a
    Sinn Fein Councillor who supported policing like Martin Meehan just as an excuse to attack
    Sinn Fein-where else would you get it-

    The Proclamation leaflet tries to tout that the Friends[ from his band and others ] of Vol Óglach Thomas Begley did not organise the last Commemorative event for Thomas just to again attack Sinn Fein for some strange reason-that lie will not go down well-

  7. Michaelhenry,

    so it is only SF lies that go down well?

    I can imagine you lot all standing chanting

    Their lies bad
    Our lies good

    Outside of Animal Farm and SF where would you get it?

  8. Michaelhenry,

    Martin Meehan had the right to support what ever he wish and he expressed that right as many expressed their right to oppose it.

    Sinn Féin also had the right to pursue electoralism at all and any cost and when Martin was not deemed able enough he was demoted / removed / sacked and replaced with Mitchell McLoughlin a sales man from Derry but that is neither here nor there.

    To claim his family have no right to commemorate him because of what his own family may support is an absolute psychotic controlling nonsense that never got of the ground and crashed and burned when Marty Millar a Landlord from Andytown paid homage to the MRF at a City Centre cenotaph.

    The Proclamation, an Ardoyne based publication delivered to every home in the district (over 2000) has no need to "lie" what it failed to mention was that chair of proceedings at Bootsy's commemorative event was also pall bearer for a drug baron some weeks before, his political association means nadda in the shadow of that outrage.

  9. Antaine-

    That's your opinion but God forbid
    that Gerry Adams or Martin McGuinness were to go to heaven tomorrow the dissos would have big paintings of them wearing their black berry's and calling on Sinn Fein to come to their Commemorative event like what they done for Martin Meehan-

  10. Michaelhenry,

    Heaven must have dropped its standards from I last looked at a catechism.

    I can understand why Sinn Féin didn't attend, in life they dropped him like a hot potato for a Derry salesman, because no matter what his legend Sinn Féin care only for votes. That is the nature of the world they occupy.

    I can also understand their absence as having abused and slandered the mans children for years with lies and innuendo, following the exposures of their leadership as complicit in sex crime, it would have been awkward to attend,

    I can also understand as they probably knew in a few days they would be at the UVF /FRU parade in the town with the Loyalist DUP and it would have been a conflict of interests.

  11. @Micheal Henry, who are you or Provisional S/F to claim that my Clann had no right to commemorate our father?

    All those within the Provisional Movement who snubbed my Dad need to hang their heads in shame because if there was one thing about Vol. Martin Meehan. Regardless of political beliefs, my Dad never turned his back on a friend or comrade! Unlike his former collegues...

    As for the Sean MacDiarmada Society to properly articulate the feelings of Ardoyne Republicans concerning recent Independent Commemorations in the district. One can only salute them. Because it proves just how far the Provisionals have travelled in the last few years!

  12. Martin Meehan was the back bone of the IRA in much of Belfast. Even I know that. SF is nothing short of fascism.

  13. McDickhead (McIvor)
    "Now the dissos honoured a
    Sinn Fein Councillor who supported policing like Martin Meehan just as an excuse to attack
    Sinn Fein-where else would you get it-"
    And you have a SF "lord" mayor who honoured the dead scum that murdered people here in Ireland and condemned what he (and you) call "dissidents"! Where else would you get that! McDickhead, I have asked you this before, and I'm asking you again, are you for real? If you are, then SF must be really scraping the barrel to have you on a blog like this. You have no concept of diction, you can't spell and you can't construct a sentence about anything. Did you look up to O'Millionaire as he stood stern faced at the city hall with that stupid "Movember" "bum fluff" he had under his nose? By the way, did you know that his brother "Geroid" quickly changed his name to Gerry Millar when he became the "northern ireland" editor of the Daily Mirror?

    I can't stop laughing at the description of Mitchell McLoughlin as a salesman! What an apt title for a SFer! I recall a guy telling me a right few years back, that the reason McLoughlin shaved his moustache off was because he was the double of Boycie out of "Only Fools And Horses"!