Adams & The Seeds of Betrayal

Guest writer Thomas Dixie Elliot with a piece asking questions of the Sinn Fein narrative on the origins of the peace process. 

Adams now claims he was engaged in peace seeking with Fr. Alex Reid in 1976....

'The first seeds of a peace process were sown by myself and Alex Reid as far back as 1976, so I'm long term in my view...' (43:00 mins in)

This week's Sunday Sequence was heavy going, having to listen to a litany of lies, and although the interviewer hit Gerry Adams with some hard questions on the Disappeared he let him completely off the hook in regards to protecting his paedophile brother.

There were a dozen questions which could have been thrown at him, for example .... reporting the family for bad hygiene and nits .... or dedicating his autobiography to someone he knew to be a child rapist...

However if Adams now admits he was involved in seeking peace since 1976 there are serious questions to be asked, in particular, why if he was interested in peace was he saying things like this at that time?

The weakness of the IRA of that period was that instead of pursuing the war to it’s bitter end come what may, they allowed unscrupulous politicians and so called “Peacemakers” to gain the upper hand.

The result was the betrayal of the Fight for Freedom followed by a vicious and brutal Civil War and of course partition. It is to be hoped that the lesson of that period will not be lost on today’s leaders. There is only one time to talk of peace and that is when the war has been won not while it is raging. The time to talk of peace is when the British have left Ireland, otherwise they will find some excuse to remain - Brownie [Gerry Adams] Republican News, May 8, 1976.

According to the recently released Thatcher Foundation Papers, Humphrey Atkins in a communiqué to Thatcher on July 6th 1981, two days before the death of Joe McDonnell, indicated that:

...The Provisionals need to settle the prisons problem on terms they can represent as acceptable to them if they are to go on – as we know some of them wish to do – to consider an end of the current terrorist campaign. A leadership which has ‘lost’ on the prisons is in no position to do this...

Could it be that Atkins and Thatcher were referring to a knowledge they had of the first seeds of a Peace Process which Adams now claims he and Fr Reid had sown in 1976? Or could it be another slip of a tongue which has so often slipped up and Adams actually meant 1986?

Regardless of the year, you can be sure he is trying to put as much distance between himself and the IRA no matter what he says about fully supporting them. He talks about 'going to the IRA' as if he were a trusted outsider when in fact he should have been seen as the opposite .... An insider who should not have been trusted.

In order to try and fool the ... er ... foolish Adams is trying to claim he was working behind the scenes all along for peace and he had to take one thing at a time so as not to cause a split.

It seems that as long as the sheep continue to follow blindly he doesn't really care who sees his actions as a cold blooded betrayal of brave men and women. The only outcry will come from within Republicanism and he can fend this off as the work of those opposed to the peace process, Sinn Fein and so forth.

Without doubt, unscrupulous politicians and so called “Peacemakers” were afoot in 1976, but they hadn't yet taken control of the IRA leadership, nor were they called Betty and Mairead.


  1. Gerry Adams claims of sowing the seeds of peace as far back as 1976 may very well be true.His talk of bringing peace reminds me of Martin Gartland who tried to portray his role as an informer for the security forces as some kind of super hero who risked his life to save others in an unselfish act of humanatarian concern for others? no word of the monies he was paid nor of the actions he committed and was never charged with?
    Myopic rose tinted glasses where people refuse to accept acknowledge or take personal responsibility for their actions at that time but prefer to portray themselves as peace makers and altruistic modern day ghandis?

  2. I recall reading archive material some years ago where Republicans were seeking peace talks in 1974 --channels had opened up but --the Ulster Workers Strike was over and the UDA, bouyed with their success, did not want peace and so the talks floundered -to say Adams was not looking peace is not accurate --but then one could not say that Adams was doing all that he could for peace talks

  3. Dixie a cara you overlook that those were very creative years for the young "brownie" he was developing an armed long war while getting rid of the guns strategy,the acquisition of total control of the republican movement ie PSf and the army was no mean ambition,it is well seen now that fair wind and good fortune went with him, some cynical fucker may suggest external influences had a very big part to play, it certainly fits into the Kitson scenario, but hey would Alec Reid be part of such underhand activities,nah priests are men of honor,(joke) and all the while Gerry itwasnt me was writing that hit tune "Give a Little Whistle" the man who would sell his da as a paedo perv must well and truly be prepared to betray anything and anyone who gets in his way up the social ladder,he is more than a cute hoor he is a fucking dangerous sociopath.

  4. Dixie

    Thanks for your post. It got me thinking, or at least reflecting. It got me into action of sorts; spent a hour or more on-line chasing other useful perspectives among which I accessed several extracts from Ed Moloney's 'Secret History of The IRA'. This man Adams has had a plan for the Provisional Movement all right! Had it from early on too.
    A reviewer of the book (S H of The IRA) sums it all up,

    "Gerry Adams simultaneously a brave and very scary man. Moloney shows that Adams' had the vision and political nous to take they IRA where it didn't want to go, and did not realise it was going, but his cynicism is at times breathtaking."

    The train has left the station Dixie. It trundles on. Adams is, and has been for a very long time, up in the signal box, setting the points, controlling the journey, though not the destination. Not much point in whinge-ing on ad infinitum about it. Sure it's not going where the schedule said it was destined for but most of us on here (with the exception of MH) have got off at whichever station we figured out that it was gone astray. We were duped. If we are still angry we could easily justify it as righteous anger.
    On the other hand we could review the history purposefully and see what we can usefully learn from it. What did the movemnet do well? What could we rightfully judge as 'successes'?
    Where did we collectively go wrong? What were the 'failures' in policy, strategy and action? And most importantly what can we glean that's useful from such debrief and review?

    Don't get me wrong comrades, I'm not beyond a whinge myself about how things have ended up where they are and I even can rage about Adams too on occasions but my sense for myself today is that this is barren and futile, even useless behaviour on my behalf.

  5. There was always somebody sowing seed of peace.Like whoever thought calling a ceasefire when the shankill butchers were at their work was a good idea.There were people threatened for talking about [returning the serve]The irps had just burst onto the scene then and werent listening to gerry.Fook he didnt like

  6. Without doubt, unscrupulous politicians and so called “Peacemakers” were afoot in 1976, but they hadn't yet taken control of the IRA leadership,"

    They were told to get as high up the ladder as possible and and get as many folowers as possible onto the army council, that was there aim, and they achieved that goal and they didn't care who they hurt along the way.

    All to appease the British.
    The sad facts are, there are those withing SF who know this to be the truth, Yet they will not open there mouth, Please come onto the TPQ and voice your opinion, speak your mind and be honest, that's all that is required , "Honesty"

  7. There was a backstabbing match over on Dominic Adams' facebook page last night. The Dark was of course being called a tout.

    I put the point to them, along with the quote, that Adams said he was seeking peace with Fr Reid since 1976 and asked was this not the ultimate betrayal of IRA volunteers?

    Was the fact that Haughey, Hume and the Brits plus a Catholic priest knew what direction the IRA leadership intended going while the IRA knew nothing not an act worse than informing?

    I asked Dominic, Pat McLarnon and the other high-fivers why did Gerry Adams chase the coffin of a man he considered a tout down the Falls Road? Why did other shinners do likewise?

    Of course not one could answer...A lot of wind and heavy breathing but none could answer.

    Finally today the shutters were pulled up. (Mentally I saw a 'Sold out' sign)

    That to me says a lot...They are quite content to try and defend the indefensible.

    In fact their only comeback was 'that SF are working for a United Ireland what is your strategy?'

    My reply was deleted along with everything else before it got out.

    I said that this so called strategy of SF's was torn to shreds by a light-weight Unionist politician called Mike Nesbitt when he cut through their Chairperson, Declan Kearney's rhetoric to ask him to convince him of the merits of an United Ireland. Kearney kept returning to the script but Nesbitt kept pushing...

    Here was a chance for one of their leadership to put across this so called strategy and he couldn't. He hadn't that script to hand because there is none.

    In fact SF's so called strategy has turned the old adage about the Normans becoming more Irish than the Irish themselves on it's head.

    Their support for the UK City of Culture has turned a city once known world-wide as Free Derry into Derry~Londonderry, the UK's 1st City of Culture.

    Shaking hands with the Queen and standing to attention as the British glorified their wars has further encouraged many Nationalists that it's now acceptable to become more British than the British themselves.

  8. I would say when the first shots were fired somebody was thinking about peace instead of a peace process but we are where we are now-

    Larry only landed in the Philippines a few days ago and its wrecked-its been on the news daily for a week now-I hope Larry gives us good warning when he comes home because I will be clearing out on that black day for Ireland-he is a Jonah-Lol-

  9. Tiarna,

    Dave O'Conaill was central to those moves. Brian Keenan was involved in the talks. Morrison later said O'Conaill et al were guilty of a sop to unionism. Morrison I think met John McKeague about 77.

  10. Adams memory is a bit dodgy these days so you can forgive him this one!

  11. The trouble with lies is that you have to continually remember what lie you told about what, where to whom whereas the truth is just the truth and does not require pretzel like statements to obscure the past.

    Again I cannot imagine how deep this betrayal must run for those of you who sacrificed so much - small consolation but I do believe the walls are closing in on GA - maybe MH should start figuring out where the exits are...

  12. Michael McDickhead
    The only Jonah I can see is your Dear Leader, no matter where he (or members of his family) have went, they have brought bad luck. Just look at the poor bastards of west Belfast, still top/bottom (whichever way you want to look at it) of the unemployment/deprived/poverty league, and his successor hasn't done much better. To make fun of a tragedy like what has happened in the Philippines is just typical of you, your comments, like you, are beneath contempt.

  13. Dixie,

    There was a backstabbing match over on Dominic Adams' facebook page last night. The Dark was of course being called a tout.

    The problem for them is that they are hoist on their own petard. They are unable to deny that the leadership has called on them to inform and that makes them look foolish when they try to label Brendan a tout. They never know how to deal with the issue of touting. They need to reflect on the issue of whether touting is ever right. If they think it is, they need to say so and let the wider parties to the discussion consider the merits of the case that is made.

    On difficulty is that the Provisional leadership left bodies on the street for the very thing it is instructing people to do now. The Stick virus, once embedded in the republican body, can produce some very strange effects. The Sticks were hounded and pilloried, in some cases killed, merely for doing what the Provos are doing today.

    All of this leads them to avoid answering you directly. It is why the party always resorted to censorship rather than allowing views to be aired. Self referential discussion and mutual reinforcement in the face of all external evidence leads only to a cult mentality.

    Who these days buys into the notion that a united Ireland is on the agenda or that SF is working towards it? A group easily led is a group easily deceived.

  14. Who in their right mind would ever want to be in a united Ireland if any of those people ever had their hand anywhere near the tiller of power? Section 31 wouldn't get a look in if SF ever had the chance to "rule" over us! The merest hint of any questioning of these poachers turned gamekeepers would result in journalists being lashed into gaol and if anyone questioned that they would be lashed in behind them. As far as touting goes, that's beyond parody now, when it comes to SF.