The Gagging Law

Came across this a while back. Worth watching if you get a few minutes. The freedom to express opinions is under sustained assault. Rip the gags off and say what you have to. The freedom to write and to speak is vital. This type of measure is an erosion of the democracy the British government is demanding people respect. If the government does not respect democracy why would it expect anybody else to? It was forced to pull back a bit but not anywhere near as much as it should.


  1. Big Brother Says , "Do as we say , not as we do" , or, should I say, This is NWO. Democracy has well gone out the window, whats the use of voting , corruption is rife , always has been and always will be, yet like sheep we go out and still put the "X" on the ballot paper.

  2. How fortunate for Cameron and his cronies to have such a law,its seems that any group of citizens with concerns with a range of issues from environment to these brutal austerity cuts will be banned from canvassing on the issues that one would expect to be aired at election times, surely its a small step from banning any and all opposition and declaring a one party state ruled by the few for the few,how scary is that?