Long Kesh can be Irish Guantanamo: Terror suspects should be interned

Dr John Coulter calling for internment in a piece that initially featured in the Irish Daily Star on 30 September 2013.

Reopen the old Long Kesh jail as an internment centre for Islamic radical terrorists, such as the so-called White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite, who spent some of her childhood in Banbridge.

And it's time to go back to the old Wild West methods of offering large sums of cash for such radical terrorists under the title of: Wanted – Dead or Alive.

I worked in Banbridge for 11 years in media and journalist training and the people of that Co Down town are among the friendliest and most hospitable in Ireland.

The entire Banbridge district has had its excellent reputation as a model community stained by the actions of this White Widow fundamentalist extremist.

All right-thinking and decent-living human beings would have been shocked at the horrific scenes as the body count topped almost 70 during the Westgate mall massacre in Kenya's capital Nairobi.

As a community, we must rally round and support her wider family circle still living in the picturesque town. We all feel the same devastation which the family is enduring if that was our relative branded the White Widow.

The victims were butchered by her terror group, Al-Shabaab. She is reported to be a leading member of the fanatical scum who slaughtered innocent people over the four-day bloodbath.

I also had the privilege of visiting and working in Nairobi as part of an evangelical Christian outreach project in 2000.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, let alone Africa. I met some of the kindest souls I have encountered in my life in that gorgeous city. The world cannot stand by idly and ignore Al-Shabaab's murderous thugs.

And Ireland cannot simply look the other way and dismiss the mall massacre as an African problem.

Like it or not, Samantha Lewthwaite once lived among us on this island and we have a moral obligation as an Irish community – North or South – to play our part in purging Ireland of its link to Al-Shabaab by defending Banbridge's sterling reputation.

At Stormont, Robbo and Marty have ironically been handed a gift horse which will provide a route out of the Maze Shrine debate and debacle.

The US State Department has already warned that up to six Islamic extremist cells are operating in Ireland, with some linked to dissident republicans.

Long Kesh was once the most secure of Western Europe's maximum security gaols. It should be rebuilt as an internment camp for Islamic radicals until their total innocence can be proven.

Think of the number of jobs which would be created in the North if Long Kesh was reopened as Ireland's version of the famous American Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba.

Western democracies need to act fast to combat the seemingly increasing power of radical Islam, otherwise many nations will be gripped with the equally contagious scourge of Islamophobia.

Moderate muslims must be given whatever political and military assistance is possible to help them regain control of their faith and culture from the unrepresentative nutters like Al-Shabaab.

Very respectable moderates such as Dr Afaf Ali of the Lisburn-based Egyptian Society of Northern Ireland have worked tirelessly to build strong links between the Irish muslim community and the Christian Churches across Ireland.

But this highly commendable bridge-building will be tossed away if Ireland does not play its full role in the war against extremist Islamic terror.

Long Kesh held the secret of the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process; used effectively, it can hold the secret of a global peace, free from the vermin in Al-Shabaab.


  1. John , what planet are you really from , and you call yourself a born again christian?.

    That is the most unrealistic and inhuman thing I have heard to date.

    Naturally No Nationalists would be employed , "SECURITY RISK".

    Do you have any idea as to what would actually happen if your idea took fruit?.

    Those same people whom you want to intern , would end up in Ireland , North and south as Asylum seekers , then they would become suicide bombers , they don't care who is killed or maimed as they are fundamentalists. The christian crusaders were also extreme fundamentalists.

    Guantanamo should be shut down and everyone released , not one charge has been brought to any of those still detained.

    The cia was handing out Billions to people they thought were informers, but those same people were fundamentalists, hope you get my meaning on that one,

    If it came to the crunch that The Kesh was to be re-opened for interning foreign fighters then the best thing to happen to it would be, Blow it to smithereens.

    I will admit that these fundamentalists need to be stopped , but that will be a long time in the future , and , who knows, maybe they will win!.

  2. Dr. Coulter,

    we already have internment for republicans why not intern anyone who does not hold a Christian religious fundamental view and you can highlight the “mental”.

    Why think in such small terms of building a concentration camp in Ireland why not start a new Crusade and you can be the leader and go invade the Muslin world takeover their lands and build internment reeducation camps there.

    You call yourself a Christian then act as a responsible one and call for peace and unity amongst those who believe in one version of god or another.

    Hitler already tried and very near succeeded in his interment/concentration camps.
    It is fundamentalists’ like you that give fodder to the sectarian hatred in our own country spewing your hatred only feeds the beast you so despise.

    How about you get the Brits to open up a concentration camp a few miles from Buckingham palace and keep your Christian/Muslim war away from Ireland.

  3. Seen Gerry Kelly on the UTV late news about his new book-' The Escape '-he spoke well and it was clear to see how proud Gerry was when talking about the escape from
    the blocks-the dumb witted prison officer they put on to counter Gerry Kelly could only splutter that it was the IRA that run their wings when he was asked how did they escape-[ it was not my fault gov ]-the prison officer then admitted that it was the IRA
    who picked which prison officers
    could be on duty at the at the time of the escape-that admission will not go down well-Long Kesh was broken by the IRA-

  4. John,

    I have asked before to square a circle

    Don't do a MichaelHenry and evade the Q.

  5. Coulter, the so-called "White Widow" you refer to is not being sought in connection with that attack in Kenya. As I said on here before, why don't you fuck off, and crawl under the stone in the primordial swamp that you came from.

  6. Frankie,

    John does not respond or defend his articles.

  7. Mike Nessbit might have come up with a good suggestion. A trauma centre would work but only if people like Dr John Hackenabush and Mike were some of it first patients. What a couple of wallys.

  8. I laugh at idiots like the white widow who says her children will revenge her and their father with suicide bombs-big talk from someone who is to yellow to do it her-self-must be the loyalist in her-


    Ask a simple Question and you will get a simple answer-

  9. MH

    There will always be room for you in any new trauma centre, ya moon howler.

  10. "Frankie-

    Ask a simple Question and you will get a simple answer-"

    Fair enough Michael,

    Why do you defend Gerry Adams when you know (even if you wont admit it in public) that he protected his paedophile brother?

    It has been proven by this site and Richard O'Rawes books (admittedly I'm only half way through Afterlives and I have,'t read Blanketmen yet (glanced at a few pages))..

    The PRM leadership lied to the hunger strikers and to the 'foot soliders' of the provisionals. Why defend a proven liar.

    He (Gerry Adams) has been at best very economical with the truth from day 1..

    Why do you defend Gerry, Michael?

    If it is because you don't want to called an outcast etc..Don't fret, there are a lot of good men on the 'darkside'..Don't be afraid to dissent Michael. As Am said to Fionnula the other day, sometimes it's liberating to let go of the safety rail and cross the line until you are at least 50 + 1% away from your safety net..babies do the same thing day in day out when learning to walk..

    @ Tain Bo,

    I know John doesn't reply. But I reckon he reads the TPQ comments while having a coffee break.

  11. Frankie,

    I don't want to sound pedantic, but I advise 50-1 steps. The 50 + 1 puts you on the wrong side of the principle line. But, yes we have to test and explore and certainly put ourselves in the shoes of those who are on the other side of the line.

    Being so short on answers, it is the best I can recommend.

  12. A guy called Andrew Gallagher tweeted that this is the most bizarre post he has ever seen on TPQ. That is quite a call given the stuff we have carried! I couldn't even begin to sort through the bizarre that appears here.

  13. Thanks for the correction Anthony.

    (There you go Noel..I just posted a piece about me getting things wrong, and I admit at times I read things wrong)..

    What I find funny (if thats the right word) is christains trying to tell me on one hand God is all about love, forgiveness etc while preaching hate, bloodshed.......

    I have the same problem on the blog/site 'Longkeshinsideout'...A poster (a god fearing christain type who was a UVF member) keeps calling me a 'republican atheist'.. Athesist fair enough, but I'm not a republican..I'm reading and learning what 'republicanism is about' (Michael that doesn't mean 'provisionalism')..

    John, I'd be more intrested in reading what it's like to live with an autism. I've a friend in Waterford who has a son who is autistic and she dispels myths about austism. I have no doubt in my mind that you sons 'illness' takes up more of your time & brain space than the local Taliban or big house unionism.

  14. That is quite a call given the stuff we have carried! I couldn't even begin to sort through the bizarre that appears here.

    Anthony I don't mean (or want this to sound like an insult<--it isn't in my head)..

    Open up a file/dossier or other called (for example) 'marty's plum poteen' and anything that appears bizarre file it under 'marty's plum poteen' and the next time he vists and leaves a quart or three..revist them..

    Hope that makes sense..It deffo does in my head.

  15. Frankie,

    you could be right. Though it would be some good arguments if he did.

  16. It would be insane to use the Maze prison site as a prison for Muslim extremist suspects. I certainly do not want it in our country.
    It is about time our military and America withdrew from the middle east.
    These prisoner centers and wars just keep the Muslim fire burning. Thousands upon thousands dead and all for what? Money, power and control over natural resources??

  17. @ Frankie.

    Afterlives and Blanketmen are great reads and a huge eye opener.