Oh Beautiful Shannon

Guest writer Maitiu Connel with a poem about the Shannon

Summer nights in the town of Shannon

Bodhran beating with sync to Irish dancing feet

Don't dare tell them back in Norn Iron, for the hatred god damn it

The hatred of Ireland is known to all, even the dogs in the street

 Mother holding me closer as we embrace our identity in peace

Once we go back to Norn Iron – all that will cease

UDA gunmen roaming the streets – looking for a Catholic to slay

Going to bed at night – I often heard my Mother pray

Please God please, spare any more innocent lives

Turning on the radio as the sun does rise

Her rays radiating over Belfast as the voice states of kids and wives

who now mourn the loss of a loved one – murdered in the darkness of night


I dream of peace – when will it arrive?

That Bodhran's soothing rhythm

I lay on the verge of dreams and wish I could dance in peace - with them

That soothing rhythm that echoed across every smiling face

In the town of Shannon

Away from the violence in my sleep – I run to that place

Beautiful Shannon you gave me memories

I will always embrace


  1. Branching out now Maitiu!

    Keep them coming.

  2. Its a brave person that sends in a
    poem to be seen on the Quill or anywhere else-especially when that person is on here regular-bit early
    to say if you are Wilfred Owen or Siegfried Sassoon Maitiu but keep her lit-

  3. @ MichaelHenry

    Very interesting that you use the names of two British Army soldiers whom both suffered from shell shock. Not to sure how to interpret that.
    Though I will keep er lit.

  4. Nothing meant by it Maitiu-

    was just thinking of war poets when I was reading yours and those
    two just sprang to my mind-

  5. Maitiu, I hope you realise you have embarrassed lots of Irish people with your posts and more power to your elbow.

    I grew up believing people on the other side of the oxymoron's are more British than Finchley. I'm glad you are dispelling the myth.