No Facilities For Ardoyne!

A Piece from the Seán MacDiarmada Republican Society that initially featured in the Society's paper Proclamation.

 Seán MacDiarmada Ard Eoin's photo.


  1. The RNU are finished before they started-
    They are just wann a bees who support a armed group ONH who have killed no brits or cops-and their judge son leader is proud of them for doing nothing-I hope they stand in elections next year to halve the eirigi vote which was nothing anyway-look forward to walking over them and they can do nothing about it-breaking news-the 32csm and the irps are going to stand in next years elections also-how many dissos do those idiots think are out there-

  2. David Frost became stiff on Queen
    Elizabeth this morning-the first man to do so in years-

  3. Michael, you seem disappointed that they haven't killed 'no brits or cops'

    Care to elaborate on this?

  4. This 'they haven't killed no brits or cops' obsession of Michaelhenry aka - Michael McIvor, Cookstown SF councillor - first came to my attention back in 2006 in an interview he did with....The Irish News!

    Then he was giving out about the 'Dastardly Dissidents' not having killed no Brits or cops. Of course he was comparing them to the IRA of the past with the same childish logic as 'My Da's bigger than your Da and would beat him a fight'.

    But of course Michael seems not to know, being as anything he knows he was told to know, that many of those IRA volunteers who killed Brits or cops died or were captured while Gerry and Marty were talking to the - you guessed it - Brits about peace...

    Even as far back as the 1981 Hunger Strikes when the Brits already knew the Adamsites were seeking to bring an end to the campaign.

    Michaelhenrys meanderings are like a crossword puzzle where 1 down just doesn't fit in with 6 across and you go on to the next clue to discover that the fecking grids don't match up with the bloody clues.

  5. MH:

    "and their judge son leader is proud of them for doing nothing"

    could you elaborate on this Please.


    They were speaking to MI5 in 1974.!

    I would be curious to know who got the building contracts for all those Loyalists amenities, You can rest assured no Nationalists got any contracts nor got any work.
    yet , SF are happy to oblige with these amenities. So who gets the back handers £$$£.