A Lovely Shade of Khaki.

A poem from the loyalist writer Beano Niblock, written in 2012. TPQ recently featured a review of a poetry collection from Beano Niblock.


Vibrant hues—views from two sides—once a million miles apart
Tones garish in their stance—reluctant to depart
Attitudes entrenched—centuries in the making and staining
Those disciples –with discolouration of the heart.

A new alliance—an association with an underlying pact
Defraud the five eighths and withhold from them the facts
Painting pretty portraits with their broad and ample brush
And glossing over a canvas to conceal their filthy tracks.

The Orange---men and women immersed in a self made mix
Of distrust and hatred and disdain for those of a different shade
And Green—equally as disparaging—who treat tradition with contempt,
And feign an interest in anything that is opposition made.

The blend--a tertiary concoction—an unpalatable tone
A dull and tedious tinge manufactured for themselves alone
Dirty brown in colour--mucky in texture—unpleasant to the touch
Repellent to the thinking man who won’t be thrown a bone.



  1. What a true and down to earth Poem.

    On both sides of the divide , we have been well hoodwinked.

    This caught my eye ;

    "Defraud the five eighths and withhold from them the facts"

    That's what I call a true statement.

    A lot of filthy tracks have been concealed , on both sides.

    I remember Beano's last Poem on the TPQ, I was taken aback by that Poem as well. How else are we going to get to the TRUE truth, even if its through poetry , Fears can be overcome on Both sides, through proper and genuine dialogue.

  2. Itsjustmacker,

    it was a review of his poetry we carried here and we quoted from a few of them. He has a talent for this. There must be an untapped vein of ability within loyalism for this sort of thing. The late Billy Mitchell along with Davy Adams could consistently churn out good stuff. I worked on The Other View Magazine with Billy for years.