Glasnevin Cemetery Hunger Strike Commemoration


  1. Good turn out today at this event. And much appreciation to the Sean Heuston 1916 Society for a generous donation to The Pensive Quill.

  2. A dignified commemoration Anthony, really enjoyed your contribution... A lot to take from it. Have to say I was laughing away to myself when you told the story about Mairtin O'Haratac!!!!! Poor old Hurson-boy - you's city slickers just way too cute for us culchies lol! What I will take most from what you said is that line you finished on from the poem recited at Toddler Tolan's funeral oration - "Bide your time... Bide your time." We will bide our time. For a man that has come through the viscous attempts of the machine to isolate and contain I think I can read from your demeanour today that you can see the green shoots of recovery sprouting up 'round us. Mackers as a man who bided his time but stuck to his guns you have been well and truly vindicated, proud to have you as a friend. Brilliant day - brilliant to be in our nations capital among friends and comrades, brilliant to see such a fitting tribute to those heroes we honoured today, brilliant to see the republican flame thriving among our people once more. Well done all concerned

  3. Sean Bres:

    Nice tribute to Anthony on his contribution at Glasnevin commemoration , I would like to applaud him on a great speech, You made me laugh when you said," you's city slickers just way too cute for us culchies", lol, there were none braver than the great fighting country men , were us "City Slickers" were born from.


    I knew everything would be to your benefit. Yourself and Carrie deserve much more , but, as you say, every little helps.
    I would say it was a fantastic turnout , seeing people whi could not recognise you, I love that.

  4. Sean Bres,

    good to chat yesterday. Aye, Martin - he was set up lovely by Joe Clarke from the Murph. When Joe told me the story I fell about laughing. Ned O Haratac! Martin was one generous, thoughtful guy.

    I never doubted that I called things right so many years ago. I stuck to my position because I knew I was right regardless of what the whisper weasels said or did. And it is of psychological solace to know that the analysis has been vindicated.

    What it all means in terms of the future is anybody's guess. Once SF decided to suck the truncheon I sort of pased the baton on to others as the defeat seemed total. I had charted it and didn't think there was a great deal more I had to say about it. Others such as yourself have since been making the serious running in terms of critique and developing alternatives.