Opposing Sectarian Parades


  1. I can't understand (not for the want of trying), why all concerned parties can't simply implement the proposal that GARC made a while back and make the Crumlin Road a parade free zone..Once the march reaches the Ballysillan Rd, all they (Loyal Orders) have to do is simply march through Glencairn until it reaches the Woodvale Road and continue as they have always done..

    As the GARC propsoal points out, it diffuses the situtation, the parade can go through an area where it is accepted and the PUL community can sing their 'kick the pope' songs without offending anyone.

    The monies saved from not having to police the area, clean up costs after the riots etc could be put to better use and directed to helping those most in need. People from both side of the oxymorons can use the shops (helps the local economy). Kids wouldn't get involved in riots, lessens the risk of getting seriously injured from petrol bombs, plastic bullets, getting hauled before courts and either getting jailed or fined (or both)......

    The benefits from not having a Loyal Order parade walking down the Crumlin Rd out weigh the reasons for having one..

  2. Seán MacDiarmada Ard Eoin has just reported that:

    GARC member Alan Lundy just took to hospital after him and ex-POW Peter Corbett were assaulted in an unprovoked attack by the RUC/PSNI in Alliance Ave.

  3. Hundreds of G8 police to return to Northern Ireland for Twelfth parades

    PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott has drafted in 630 extra officers to help the PSNI manage this year's 12 July Orange Order parades.

    He said this year represented a "unique 12 July" with about 550 parades, of which 43 were regarded as "sensitive".

    Mr Baggott said only officers who had been trained for the G8 Summit would be used, and they would be sent to police the "less-sensitive" areas.

    Doesn't bode well....All they have to do is make the Crumlin Road a parade free zone, problem solved in
    at least one parade. But thats to easy. Why do they always look for the most difficult solution???

    Maybe they want the overtime to pay for their holidays.

  4. Alan and Peter , with others in Garc are being singled out through intimidation by ruc/psni, they stand there and goad you to lose your temper, same old story, now we are going to see different policing against a peaceful and registered demonstration , they stood aside when all the illegal flag protests were going on, even gave wee willie fraser permision to go three parades, and he had a stun gun, minimum sentence is 5 years for having one ,the difference still shows, come down like a ton of bricks on nationalists, carc are a disgrace, they were well hoodwinked by the LOL , rubbing salt into old wounds it is called.

    GARC has the most sensible solution , as Frankie pointed out, the parades commission should have re-routed it years ago, but the LOL say the have a right to walk any queens highway, she's not our queen.

  5. The plot thickens.....

    Parades Commission bans return parade past Ardoyne on Twelfth

    In what has been described as a "nuclear option" scenario, the commission has ruled the feeder parade cannot march past Ardoyne shops on Friday evening.

  6. It'sjustmackers,

    You know aswell as I do the geography of the area. It's non brainer not accepting the GARC proposal. Everybody wins..and there'll be more money in pot to re-direct to those who need it. Instead they just keep fanning the flames...

    The return leg that has been banned will unfortunately be rail roaded through. And at what cost is anyone's guess

  7. People are moved in north Belfast security alert
    Thirty homes have been evacuated during a security alert in north Belfast.

    Army bomb experts are at the alert in the Alliance Avenue area and there has been a controlled explosion.

    Police say the alert began on Tuesday as part of follow-up enquiries into reports on Monday afternoon of shots being heard in the area.

    A number of holes were discovered in the window of a property in the area and police later found a suspicious object there.

    Alliance Avenue has been closed to traffic between Etna Drive and Berwick Road.

    The Ardoyne Community Centre has been made available to residents who have been moved.

    I wonder who ruc/psni will try and pin this on!

    Army bomb experts are at the alert in the Alliance Avenue area and there has been a controlled explosion.