Hate Filled Display

The following statement was issued by the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) steering committee this morning 10//07/2013.

The decision to halt the Hate filled display of Sectarian Coat Trailing Bigotry up the Crumlin Road on the evening of the 12th July is long overdue. The constant pressure by GARC and the community of Ardoyne has forced the Parades Commission to capitulate from their position of facilitating unwanted outdated provocative acts of sectarian triumphalism.

All futile attempts to inject an irrelevant and unrepresentative micro-group with a discredited agenda around a facilitation process into talks with loyalists will fail as the residents of Ardoyne will only accept one genuine settlement which is that all Loyal Order marches through our area must cease forthwith and our community be allowed to live in peace free from unwanted Sectarian Parades.

The people of Ardoyne have shown by their resilience that they will not be beaten or brutalised into submission as our proud community has shown it can defend itself against any adversity. GARC appreciate their continued support and unflinching determination to stop all unwanted Parades.

The loyal Orders should now consider the alternative route suggested by GARC several years ago through Glenside Park for all future Parades and remove all future contention.

As unwanted morning parades are every bit as insulting and unacceptable to nationalist residents as the evening parades are, so the Orange Orders should consider cancelling their morning parade in the interest of creating a peaceful and harmonious environment on the 12th of July.

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  1. Dodds and Mc Causland and the other arch bigots in the dup will now probably whip up to a frenzy the thugs in the loyalist communities with the help of the highly paid community workers in the uvf/uda,as they did with the "fleg" dispute then when it goes pear shaped as it surely will,they will wash their hands of it ,leaving the kids who listened to them and their cronies with criminal records, the good leaders will then call for more funding for the loyalist areas and more meetings of the protestant forum..same old same old