GARC condemns violent unprovoked attack on members by PSNI

  • A statement from GARC issued on the 9th of July 2013 criticises a violent PSNI assault on one of its members.

The Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective condemns in the strongest terms the vicious and violent unprovoked attack on two of our members by the PSNI.

The two men were walking down Alliance Ave in the Greater Ardoyne area at 5:20pm when without warning a PSNI Armoured Jeep stopped and a number of TSG PSNI members jumped out stopping both men.

A PSNI constable assaulted the first man while another constable began insulting a GAA top worn by the second man (Alan Lundy).

The same TSG member assaulted Alan with his Rifle before punching and beating him. The incident was witnessed by a large number of passers-by some of whom photographed the incident. There were also a number of other security Forces present.

This type of behaviour by Security Forces is totally unacceptable in normal society, but alas is far too common in ours. Earlier Mr Lundy had attended a peaceful picket against unwanted Sectarian Parades at which a statement was read out highlighting the brutality that is imposed upon our community, and this incident only proves this as fact once more.

This is just the latest incident in a long campaign of harassment directed at Mr Lundy which has seen him becoming a victim of false imprisonment, home raids, assaults and general persecution.


  1. Another fine example of quisling $inn £einds new beginning and manners on the police, we must be the envy of the downtrodden the world over,the old saying you reap what you sow could come back to haunt those who turn a blind eye to this type of thuggery,

  2. Marty,

    there is an irony in it all. The PSNI are born again RUC, the republicans are born again Provos, and the Provos are born again Sticks. The Life of Brian would have nothing to compare with it.

    Of course you might come back and slag off your favourite mucker and call it The Life of Brain!!

  3. At that point Gerry Itwasntme would give a little whistle and wish to fuck we would all disappear

  4. the old bigots are finding it difficult to control the primordial urges ... Catholics,ug, bash them.

  5. And as you say Anthony quisling $inn £einds shout yes yes ruc!

  6. The brethren have kicked of on the Woodvale and Newtownards rd,two cops injured,looks like Pete the punt and Doddsie boy have let the community workers of the leash again ..

  7. That was to be expected marty...

    I watching news taps pop up on News now

    Seems to be kicking of everywhere.

  8. Nolan on 5 live is talking about it. Could be interesting to hear opinions mainland

  9. Just stated over on fb that Martybroy Mc Guinness has said that "the responsibility for violence rests with order" I say to him Bullshit the responsibility for the violence lies with those who facilitate those outdated bigoted cunts.