A leaflet from the Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign

Bring Michael Campbell Home

A leaflet from the Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign


  1. If this guy is to be got out of that place more effort is required and a wider support constituency pulled into the campaign.

    All ideas welcome.

  2. Indeed,

    the PSG in Cork do a good job

  3. I think how the Irish government deals with incarceration of Michael Campbell will set a precedent for the future as regards potential conflict between;

    The Rights of an Irish citizen -Vs- EU Citizenship.

    In Dec. 2011 the EU gave the green light for the EU prisoner transfer scheme. Under this scheme:

    The EU aims to facilitate the social rehabilitation of convicted persons by ensuring that they serve their sentence in their home country. To this end, a system was established for transferring convicted prisoners back to their EU country of nationality, habitual residence or another EU country with which they have close ties.

    However, because of an appeal against Michael Campbell's 12 year sentence by the Lithuanian prosecutor (on the grounds that the sentence was too lenient, they are calling for a minimum 16 year sentence!) he can not apply for repatriation.

    Having been initially arrested in 2008, his defense team during his trial in 2009 his lawyer, Inga Botyriene, argued that he had been provoked into buying the weapons and explosives by British intelligence intelligence service.

    During the trial Botyriene claimed; “He was never involved in arms deals and would never go to Lithuania for such an affair if he had not been provoked by secret agents. The entire affair was created and orchestrated by Britain’s MI5, which worked together with Lithuania’s intelligence service,”

    As part of the Lithuanian Prosecutor's appeal the served extradition warrants for two men, his brother Liam and Brendan McGuigan. Both extradition warrants were denied which were denied in January with Justice Burgess refusing to order Liam Campbell’s extradition to Lithuania on the grounds that he was likely to be held in inhuman and degrading conditions.

    Consequently, in May of this year during Michael Campbell's appeal the Lithuanian judge slammed the British & Irish governments for their lack of co-operation with Judge Viktoras Kazys telling the court that after a year-long correspondence with British?Irish officials “had not been fruitful”, adding “We can’t force English and Irish institutions to act.”

    The judge later went on to describe that Ireland had sent a 'strange' message over it willingness to get involved in future legal proceedings.

    An extremely STRANGE set of circumstances Michael Campbell finds himself in and until he is officially sentenced he is in legal limbo!!

  4. Fenian:

    Some very good and logical points.

    So, what is to be done? that is the big question, do we go to ;

    47 Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Eire and protest, I would not suggest taking one of them for ransom to Free Michael.

  5. www.lifestylenewry.com/news-sport-features/news/1710-newry-and-mourne-council-pass-michael-campbell-motion

  6. IJM,

    As we are well aware from our past history of British/Irish/USA extradition proceedings can be a long drawn out process.

    And when you throw EU citizenship into the mix it becomes a legal quagmire!

    His solicitor claimed he was a victim of an Irish/British/Lithuanian sting operation. As already mentioned the Lithuanian prosecutor appealed his 12 yr sentence because they deemed to lenient. However, it is quite clear that they were attempting to draw in his brother Liam and Brendan McGuigan.

    With Judge Burgess rejecting the extradition warrants out of court on humanitarian grounds it has thrown a spanner in the works. The Lithuanian prosecutor has appealed the decision by Judge Burgess which no doubt will take several more months to be held.

    Add to this the British/Irish's governments unwillingness to assist the Lithuanian authorities it looks like Michael Campbell a long and protracted legal battle ahead!

    One can only assume that proceedings to have him repatriated under the EU prisoner transfer scheme can ONLY take place once he is officially begins his sentence.

    The big question at this stage is whether or not the Lithuanian prosecutor's appeal against the British court's refusal to extradite his brother Liam will be successful or not. I also believe there is an extradition warrant for him in the South as well!!

    As for a logical campaign direction, he is first and foremost an Irish citizen so a good place to start would be to lobby the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Eamon Gilmore. Martina Anderson in her capacity as an MEP should be raising this case in Brussels. Also his elected T.D. is none less than the bearded one in Drogheda!

  7. Michael's horrific conditions are finally drawing attention and support......see another article. I can not emphasis how crucial timing the timing is to join together and enlist more supporters via the petition.........I will be sending all signatures, collected to date via handwritten and electronic, by the end of the month. You signed because you believe Michael's right are being violated, continue to show your support by posting the link, forwarding, and asking a friend to sign.......the numbers will quickly increase. Thank you for your support. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fnewrytimes.com%2F2013%2F07%2F03%2Fsinn-fein-motion-to-repatriate-south-armagh-man-michael-campbell%2F&h=kAQHz5can

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  8. This message was sent by kl m using the Change.org system.

    I want to thank everyone for your ongoing efforts to raise awareness and gather more support and signatures. Michael returns to court on 30 August. I can't stress enough the importance of this hearing. Let Michael know HE WILL NOT STAND ALONE. PLEASE continue to push hard to get the signature numbers up everyday, reach out and ask a friend to sign…….. this is your opportunity to let the Prosecutor know MICHAEL IS NOT FORGOTTEN. I will resend the petition and signatures to all the pertinent people and agencies by the end of the month…. WE need to stay united in our efforts to ....help BRING HIM HOME. TAL