Beat the Peace into Them

Guest writer Thomas Dixie Elliot with a short piece asking questions of Sinn Fein about its attitude toward its critics.

Kevin Campbell, who it seems is the only member of PSF left in Derry at the minute; holiday homes 'n all that, said on the radio in regards to meetings with the community ...  'at the outset they went to those meetings and they turned into a Sinn Fein bashing exercise.'

I'm sorry I missed that or I'd have asked Kevin about the real and not verbal bashing which the Republican Micky Donnelly got in his own home in front of his family because he voiced an opinion not of Sinn Fein's liking. In fact one of those who bashed Micky to a pulp was later exposed as a pervert who preyed not only on young girls but had a fixation for sticking his hand up the skirts of women in bars some as old as in their 60s. This pervert in return was protected by Provos .... P O'C.

Then again I doubt I'd have got beyond two words before the radio shut me up.

Oh and while I'm still on the subject, how many Republicans in the recent pass had wee visits from the men in balaclavas and told to keep their opinions to themselves?

The thing is, not too long ago former mayor, when we heard the words 'Sinn Fein Bashing Exercise' what sprang to mind was a few thugs being send out by the Shinners to beat the opinions out of people.


  1. Think respect and fear are both ancient history when talking about SF.


    off thread, but wanted to publicly state my appreciation to the 'Quill' for the data base on Irish Republicanism. Assisted me with my degree and now just finished my MA dissertation. The material available is simply FANTASTIC. Friends have also been accessing it and the university seem to have a taste for it, there have been a few 1st class honours awarded.


  2. Dixie a cara quisling $inn £einds days of intimidation are well and truly on the wane,their lack of real politic or leadership in these area,s has given rise to a tsunami of criticism which no amount of threats will quell,they would need to be threatening from dawn to dusk and at the end of the day they will not have scratched the surface of the numbers of nationalists and republicans who have twigged on to their ruling by fooling con job, Belfast ,Derry Tyrone ,and the rest of the counties have copped on to these carpetbaggers ,the party will remain intact as long as there is a pile of dosh to keep the sheep in the pen,but without doubt they are losing if not lost the confidence of their constituency, you can fool all the people some of the time.some of the people all of the time but you cant fool all the people all of the time, quisling $inn £eind is being caught on no doubts about it.I think the arrival of envoy Haas is more to do with rescuing quisling $inn £ein and the dup who are as said hemorrhaging support so quickly that the governments are concerned that their puppets are losing their grip on their respective communities,than anything really to do with parading .

  3. Dixie:

    Nice for these little tasters to be posted.

    Reminds people of Dark days of, Do as we say , Not as we do , and , shut the fuck up when you are being spoken to

    I have neither Fear nor respect for SF. To many people killed and maimed on the say of touts, and , those touts were in the PIRA and SF. Sad fact was, on there own they couldn't beat there way out of a wet paper bag, Take it from me, That is fact.

  4. Dixie

    In fact one of those who bashed Micky to a pulp was later exposed as a pervert who preyed not only on young girls but had a fixation for sticking his hand up the skirts of women in bars some as old as in their 60s. This pervert in return was protected by Provos ...

    That beggars belief..How can anyone in their right mind protect someone who is a danger to their own mother, sister,wife..daughter.


    Fingers crossed on the MA..More power to your elbow..

  5. Frankie

    Thanks for that. I'm over the moon to have got that far.

    'That beggars belief..How can anyone in their right mind protect someone who is a danger to their own mother, sister,wife..daughter'

    Ahem!! cough, cough, splutter choke.... ever hear of Liam Adams? lol

  6. Larry,

    What is your MA on? I finished my doctoral dissertation about torture and the Hooded Men (including Mickey Donnelly) last summer, and woul be happy to offer any resources you are interested in, including my dissertation.

  7. Indeed Larry, Mackers and of course Carrie have provided an invaluable source of information not only for this generation *but for historians yet unborn. (*melodramatic? - I know)

    If we were to rely on SF's version of history Gerry Adams would have been the man, who had he been born at the time, could have won the Easter Rising such a great leader was he.
    As for Marty the kids of the future would be reading about how he inspired the likes of Nelson Mandela.

    Just reading that back brings me out in a cold sweat ffs.

    Thanks Mackers and Carrie, yourselves and the likes of Ricky O'Rawe suffered a lot to protect history from the liars who wasted a generation.

  8. Dr Farrell

    My dissertation is done. It was on the fragmentation and marginalisation of traditional republicanism, emphasising the importance of abstentionism in republican politics in a historical context. Then asserting SF are the dissidents deviating from republican principles. Terrific quotes all down the line of the provo absorbtion by constitutionalism from the Hume Adams talks etc etc. PRICELESS.

    Considered calling it 'Adams in Wonderland' but the wife got angry and told me to be serious it's an MA after-all.

  9. From Snowtorch

    Dixie also touches on the brutal assault of Michael Donnelly and his family, a prime example of how the provisional movement dealt with a differing political opinion. Not long after Sinn fein signed up to the Mitchell principles 5 provo thugs brutalised the Donnelly family including two of their young children.

    As a friend of the Donnelly family who was in their home, the day after the attack and many times since. I saw the immediate aftermath, but I also saw
    an indomitable spirit that people like Kevin Campbell and his ilk will never have. The provos may have broken some of Michael Donnelly's bones, but they like their British paymasters before them couldn't break Michael
    Donnelly. And not only did Martina Donnelly, Michael's wife face down Sinn Fein in one of their offices after the attack, she faced down J118 on his
    own doorstep, yet the best the micro minister could manage was to state he wasn't here. Three days after the provo thugs attacked the Donnelly family
    J118 entered Stormont as a British Minister.

    'They may kill the revolutionary but never the revolution' was emblazoned on a poster I had on my wall 30+ years ago, at a time when revolutionaries faced down the might of the British state. Indeed the Sinn fein bookshop
    still sells badges bearing the same slogan, yet those words on that badge are as empty now as the rhetoric spouted by the spineless Kevin Campbell.
    After all how can you sell the notion of revolution, on a badge, or in principle if you are a central part of the regime? How can you speak of republicanism in it's truest sense when as an individual you stumble blindly out of the starting blocks uttering hollow rhetoric?

    When it comes down to it, I would rather have 1 person with the strength, courage and conviction of Michael or Martina Donnelly than 1000 Kevin Campbells.

  10. From Snowtorch

    Although Dixie's piece was succinct I believe there is some room to elaborate on a number of the issues.

    Like Dixie, I'm sorry I missed Kevin's feeble, flawed selective memory of meetings with the community in Derry or lack of. I would've liked to have asked him if the meetings with the community or 'constituents' as they are sometimes referred to were just Sinn fein bashing exercises why he couldn't
    face down opposition with strength of argument? After all do Sinn Fein members not sit and debate daily when Stormont is in session with 'Sinn Fein bashers'?

    I'm minded to think of Kevin Campbell's recent words when he ended his term as Mayor of Derry ' During the past year, when I had the honour of serving as Mayor of Derry, those ideals were with me every single day. Because serving the city and representing all of its citizens is a Republican thing to do. It is Republicanism in its truest sense - representing Catholic, Protestant and dissenter together.'

    Sorry Kevin, but how many of the public meetings not far from your home did you attend in your capacity as Mayor, Councillor, or Republican? The answer is none, maybe in his little speech Kevin meant to say representing
    Catholic, Protestant and dissenter together, unless they live in Creggan, or disagree with Sinn fein?

    I would firmly contend that the reason Kevin didn't attend any of those meetings is that he has no courage of his conviction. Kevin Campbell would simply be unable to stand in front of 'his community' and justify his and
    his party's position.

    When you examine Kevin's idea of republicanism in it's truest sense, he couldn't even live up to his own expectations. But then again to paraphrase the title of Dixie's piece, the sheer fact is that the provisional movement
    can no longer beat the peace into people. The Shinners can sabre rattle all they want, but the community is wise to them, and has no problem highlighting their hypocrisy, the fear the provos once held over their community is dissipating and will soon be as tangible as Kevin's republicanism in its truest sense. And what's sadder is that fear in some
    cases replaced respect. The simple fact is that unless Sinn Fein can Control something they want no part of it.

  11. Anyone who is protecting a pervert, seriously needs to re-exam their moral compass. On every level it's wrong.

    So republicans beat up another republican because he holds a different point of view. That sounds similar to what Davy was talking about in his recent article (Stick/Provo feud )...And do it in front of his wife and kids.

    Bobby sands talked about the laughter of our children. I seriously doubt if Micheal Donnelly's children seen much to laugh about.

    Then fast forward until today and Stephen Murney is in prison for exposing the same type of brutality against republicans.

    Different cheeks same arse....

  12. Michael Donnelly

    Over forty years later, Mickey still worries about his family, which has been threatened and attacked by paramilitaries on both sides of the aisle. Both he and Martina continue to mourn their losses – friends, neighbors and family members who lost their lives during the war, and feel betrayed by those who have turned their backs on the original republican ideals and the soldiers who fought for them.

    Brendan Hughes said Belfast was rotten..Seems Derry wasn't much better.

  13. Frankie,

    Glad to see you have visited my blog. Mickey and Martina Donnelly are two of the finest, most principled people I have ever met.


    I would love to read your thesis. Is it available anywhere?


  14. Lauretta

    I forwarded my dissertation to your email. You may throw your sleeping pills into the trash... just read my work instead!

  15. still haven't decided on a title for my dissertation. All suggestions welcome. Adams in wonderland and Gerry and the peacemakers or due to their superannuated condition Gerry and the pacemakers has also been suggested.

  16. Doc,

    I didn't know you had a blog until this morning. I clicked onto your name and it brought me to your blog..

    I started looking at your articles and under March 2013, I found out a bit more about Michael Donnelly. At first I didn't know if it was the same person..Then I seen his wife's name..Same name as Snowtorch used..So I figured it has to be.

    So beating up a dedicated republican and protecting perverts. Gives 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' a different meaning.