Prosecuting Peaceful Protest

The following statement was issued by the Steering Committee of Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) 

The Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) condemns in the strongest terms the impending prosecution of Ardoyne residents set for the 9th July 2013 for merely being on the streets of Ardoyne on the 1st of December 2012 at the time an Apprentice Boys Parade passed by. This draconian action must be condemned by all right thinking people.

These residents did not have any Banners, Placards, or signs nor was there any shouting, chanting, heckling or any noise or sound of any kind, the residents did not cause any disturbance nor did they try to impede or disrupt the Parade in any way.

This development now means that Ardoyne residents cannot leave the confines of their home at the time of Loyal Order Parades without fear of being prosecuted by the PSNI, and effectively places all Ardoyne residents under House Arrest when Loyal Order Parades are scheduled. This is a clear breach of the Civil and Human rights of Ardoyne residents and a blatant case of Political Policing. 

There has been a total failure by local Nationalist Politicians to defend the rights of Ardoyne residents and GARC calls on Politicians in North Belfast and further afield to make Public Statements supporting the residents.

The hypocritical hollow words of PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggot 'he is obliged by European Human Rights law to let people peacefully protest' or the words of First Minister Peter Robinson 'only a Tyrant would stop people from protest' shows yet again that the “City of Equals in an Island of Equals” is no more than a meaningless Slogan spouted by politicians to defend them for their inaction in bringing a fair, just or impartial Society and shows that there is no equality for Ardoyne residents as they are again treated as Second Class Citizens.


  1. This is a clear and fundamental attack on freedom of assembly and association as set out in the European Convention on Human Rights. As none of those being prosecuted were doing anything other being on an open footpath and simply being present as an Apprentice Boys parade passed, it will be interesting to see how the PSNI and PPS describe what constitutes a "protest" in court. Any right thinking judge would throw this out immediately, but this being the 6 Counties, prosecution is more likely.

  2. token gestures to appease European legislation.. Were GARC invited to the meeting in Scotland?

  3. Batt Maggot the chief cuntsnotable is no more interested in the human rights of the people of Ardoyne,than the quisling $inn £iends north Belfast MLA,s my suggestion to the residents of that area is to join en masse the UVF, that organisation according to reps of the police federation have the run of the place and Batt Maggot and the Stormont gold diggers have negated their responsibility to that old chestnut might is right,therefore unless the threat coming from Ardoyne residents is substantial,their human rights will be regarded as inconsequential. the UVF have proved this to fact .

  4. no doubt in court on the 9th july some puppet judge will stick heavy restrictions on the defendants about attending any protests over the 12th and then the case will get through out later on down the road.