Release Martin Corey Committee renews calls for release

Today 16th April 2013 will mark 3 years exactly since veteran Republican Martin Corey was interned. To hold someone as a political hostage for 3 years without charge or trial is a human rights abuse.

Martin Corey is a 62 year old man. He has now been held in Maghaberry prison for 3 years. The justification given for his internment relies on closed material that is not available to Martin or his legal team. The British government have proved time and time again that their  judiciary along with their police forces are not to be trusted. In the past they have locked up Irish men and women without charge or trial when they used internment against the masses, and they have fabricated evidence to incarcerate innocents such as the Birmingham six and the Guildford four.

The British Government are capable of injustices and human right abuses in 2013 just as they were in 1973, 1983 and onwards.

The Release Martin Corey Committee on the third anniversary of his internment now renews our call for his release. We call on all those interested in human rights and the public at large to join us in this call.

Serious questions must now be asked. How can the British Government continue to intern a man on closed evidence? Why will they not give Martin Corey recourse to defend himself? What exactly are the British Government hiding?

Release Political Hostage Martin Corey NOW!


  1. McGuinness and Robinson have supposedly been "locked in discussions" all day and have reached agreement. The big outstanding issues of concern are a shared future and welfare reform... Martin Corey I'd dare venture never got a look in

  2. Three years! A six year sentence served and for what?
    There is a terrible cruelty surrounding Martin's incarceration. last year he was released and never got past the prison gate. The infamous Patterson intervened to overturn a judges directive, that he should be released.
    Jim McIlmurray his life long friend and spokesperson was waiting for him in the prison car park, only to be told Martin has been returned to his cell.
    It's hard to imagine that type of cruelty and oppressive legislation being allowed to function within the parameters of a so called Peace Accord but it does.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Anthony. Three years is too long to be imprisoned for no reason. Three minutes would have been too long.

  4. Jim Mcllmurray has given an excellent account in blow by blow detail of the campaign to secure Martin,s release elsewhere,when justice Treacy released Martin they thought Martin nightmare was coming to and end,and to actually witness this man being returned to prison must have been gut wrenching. but Jim has laid out a strategy and a plan of action that says to me that in Jim ,Martin has a formidable allie and a cara to be proud of .

  5. Marty,

    we have a piece from Jim to run soon.

  6. Yes Jim is a credible and thoroughly decent person.
    A person who is never found wanting in relation to great work for prisoners.
    His museum in Lurgan is a testimony to the fact that Republicans continue to be incarcerated and abused long after the great deceit in 1998.

  7. The British think that they are above the law just by changing there own laws on "Hidden Evidence", the Big Lie. They are doing everything which is against the EU court of Human Rights.

    Martins and Marians case shoud be brought before that same EU court.

    Jim does an excellent job.

  8. The cases of Martin and Marian seem to subjected to a media black out,news up dates seem to come by word of mouth.It is a sad reflection on the society in which we live in today, that republicanism is divided into three segments, one sit as British ministers endorsing the British rule in Ireland, another consist of decent republicans who never sold out their aspirations or morals. Sadly the third consist of groups that back bite and attempt to discredit respected committed republicans by rumour and slander in a manner MI5 would be proud of.