Not One About the Place

Dwelling too much on the passing of Margaret Thatcher is not something that has great appeal for me. The harm she did throughout her political career has been well documented since the announcement of her death.

More people than I expected have joined in the open celebration of her end. I had anticipated a more muted response and not the unbridled expressions of delight that have been on display. I did not account for so many people having been so hurt and angered by her cruelty that they have chosen to dispense with the polite silence that often greets the death of characters never really warmed to.

If joyous relief is what people feel, it is better that we all see it rather than have it censored merely to avoid offence. There is no reason why the political class should be spared knowledge of how molten anger is forged in the furnace of greed and austerity where money is worshiped and people whipped. Rather than wax outraged at the celebratory mood the commentariat should explore the very real hurt that unleashes such powerful emotions. The crime here lies not in the celebrations but in the callousness that people now feel freed from.

As Hugo Young wrote in the Guardian way back in 2003 just days before his own death, Thatcher insidiously introduced:

a mood of tolerated harshness ... Everything was justified as long as it made money ... the sense of community evaporated. There turned out to be no such thing as society ... idolising wealth as the only measure of virtue, Brits became more unpleasant to be with. This regrettable transformation was blessed by a leader who probably did not know it was happening because she didn't care if it happened or not.

Now people don’t care about her no longer happening.

It has been revealing to watch the response of Sinn Fein. I suppose if the party thought it could get away with it there would have been party luminaries leading a black flag procession from Sevastopol Street to the City Hall chanting ‘no welfare for traitors.’ Having rehabilitated ‘Elizabrit’ in the minds of its own supporters my eyebrows would hardly have raised had An Phoblacht tried the old ‘Marvellous Margaret’ line.  

Yet, somewhat out of tune with the mood music of the peace process, the language from the party has been fairly raucous. Martin McGuinness alone seems uncomfortable with the stridency, hitting out at celebratory mood. Conscious of his junior role as a micro minister in the North’s British administrative structure he is fearful of being seen to approve the politics of the streets and risk annoying his current comrades. ‘Right honourable friend’ rather than ‘lowlife scumbag’ is the language of the institution and with which he is now comfortable. 

Party president Gerry Adams, not slow these days, now that he has moved south of the partition line, to poke and prod unionist sentiment, has slammed Thatcher for causing harm. He of course never caused any and spent the past 40 years cloistered in Clonard Monastery praying for peace.

To me there was never that much to choose between either Thatcher or Adams. Both, consumed by a lust for power, lacked empathy or compassion and left many broken victims in the debris scattered by their trail of destruction. In the cauldron of the H Blocks where powerful enduring emotions were forged the hunger strikers defeated Thatcher and Adams defeated the hunger strikers, something that the unionists for all their lauding of her for facing down ‘terrorism’ have now come to acknowledge. Ironically, while he sought to kill her she sought to keep him alive, albeit only only to have him deliver the head of her sworn enemy on a plate.  

One crucial difference however that does stand out is that Thatcher made it to the top of both the Conservative Party and British society, something no woman ever managed in respect of the Provisional IRA army council or its chief of staff spot. Brookborough’s attitude to Catholics was mirrored in Adams’ attitude to women: not one about the place.


  1. The video grab of Glenda Jacksons speech in Westminster re the witch Thatcher is well worth watching,she is a breath of fresh air compared to the two faced hypocrites queuing up to pay homage to the warmonger. I,m bored with her already let the maggots eat in peace.

  2. Thatcher was one of those that i thought was going to be about for ever-maybe that was me thinking of her has in-human to much-i would have been happy to hear back then that she was splattered at the tory party in 84-and she missed out on the morters that just missed no 10 in the early 90s-she led a charmed life-but that will do her no good in the after life-

  3. Michaelhenry,
    She looked anything but charming in her final days, even the Ritz didn't appear to cut it. A sad old woman being looked after by paid help.

  4. Another excellent piece Mackers. You are right of course there is very little between Thatcher, Adams and the sycophantic McGuinness.

    Their day will come and then their dirty deeds will hopefully see the light of day.

  5. Fionnula-

    True-Thatcher was the worst for wear during those lonely last years- hope it was guilt that wore her down in the end-

    As you said it Seems like nobody but hired help wanted to be near Thatcher at the Ritz- the good and deacent seem to die at their home or hospital with there familys around them when the time comes-
    Thatcher left the 5 star room feet first with enough gin to kill evil-

  6. michaelhenry:

    she may have lived a charmed life, but, she also lived a life of fear, this was instilled in her by the diplomatic security protection services, they drove her bonkers because they couldn't stand the bitch.

    Great piece Anthony , do you reckon Mc Guinness will be at the tax funded state funeral, Its obvious Adams can't be there!!!. But Mc Guinness being a friend of Lizzie of England would be , I would have thought, be automatically invited to attend the celebrations.

  7. Thought provoking article Anthony,

    By dying I think Thatcher has did some good. A whole generation that never had to live through the horrible years of her rule are learning now just how bad it was. Although I was working in Britain and politically active in the latter years of her rule I learned some nasty things about that I was not aware of, like her support for Pol Pot and her description of Nelson Mandela as a terrorist.

    The southern Irish media again showed how out of touch they are with the common people as their initial fawning eulogies caused a wave of dissent.

    I hope her funeral is not marked by riots or violence that will give the right wing media the chance to get back on their high horse.

    Like Marty said, let the maggots eat in peace (except I understand she is to be cremated),


  8. What is it about staying at the Ritz remember Diana ...the Ritz Paris.. Thatcher the Ritz London .could it be a conspiracy?

  9. I wondered was her departure at the Ritz planned as a final two-finger salute to the world. I googled the Ritz and it's £800 cheapest rate per day, rising well over £1000 per day per room. Also their tea and cake package with a glass of champaigne comes in at a very reasonable just shy of £100.

    Yet these are the comforts that people enjoy whilst dreaming up ideas like the poll-tax and now the spare bedroom tax for those on the dole. Not enough to be spoiled they have to inflict cruelty on the pennyless. EVIL.

    And yet while the worlds peasants rejoice in her death, we are told by our revolutionary leader in Free Derry, don't engage in the celebration. Too long spent at Westminster methinks.

  10. Martin McGuiness is obliged to attend the funeral of a former PM of Great Britain, he along with his fellow republicans owes so much to this woman, and did he not along with others fight tooth and nail to get to were he is today. She was the one person who was able to show the Provo’s the error of their ways, she by refusing to concede to the hunger strikers, paved the way for the fat cat wages and luxury trips around the globe that Martin now embraces, so it is very understandable why Martin is calling for republicans to curb their enthusiasm about the death of the former PM.
    From Civil Rights to Provisional IRA to Political Party to Politician to DFM of Northern Ireland
    Is it not part of his duties to now attend the service and honour this woman who made him what he is?

  11. A good time for a celebration and a gathering combined in the north will be when the last of the unholy trinity of Adams Paisley and McGuinness are put in the ground. Those and their ilk have been shit stiring leeches on society here. It will be time for a fresh start when they are finally gone.

  12. do you reckon Mc Guinness will be at the tax funded state funeral, Its obvious Adams can't be there!!!. But Mc Guinness being a friend of Lizzie of England would be , I would have thought, be automatically invited to attend the celebrations.

    Knowing what I know toaday, my take is this it'sjust..He'll be invited but wont attend. His office will send a scapegoat.

    But you can't totally rule the possibility he actually attend's in person. After all he thinks republican's are traitors.

  13. Just on reading the reference to '40 years prayer in Clonard' it reminded me of a theory that Adams was in league with elements of the Catholic Church all along and was secretly working to their agenda as some sort of 'agent of influence'. Supposedly he grew up as something of an 'ultra' so-to-speak and attended not only regular Mass but some sort of Sunday school equivalent run by the Redemptorist Order and was heavily influenced by this upbringing. Is it possible that this was the secret agenda Adams was working to all along?

    A lot of the shifts he has had a role in dovetail with the interests of the Church, from the splitting of the 'Official' movement through to the complex ideological shifts in the Provisional project that facilitated the defeat of Provoism and the eventual acceptance of the Good Friday Agreement. While the official position of the Vatican would have been that the IRA were beyond the pale that wouldn't preclude any secret effort to infiltrate and influence as far as possible what happened within the organisation. What do people think the role of the Church was in the peace process and how significant was it if at all? I believe Tim Pat Coogan traces the genesis of the peace process to the Papal Visit in 1979 and Ed Moloney also touches on the role of the Church in both the emergence and conclusion of the process.

    Of course no one single person, organisation or movement alone could have had the power to carry out the complex manipulations that initiated, fed into and ultimately delivered the peace process - there was surely a converging of interests among powerful contributors to the process which were probably not at all times interconnected. And perhaps the process in terms of outcomes had a more ad hoc dynamic rather than being predetermined. No doubt Gerry Adams' own pathological disposition, himself capable of extreme manipulation (though always shrouded in his charismatic hold over others), had its own independent influence over his actions and the developments thereof. But the Church angle in his personal development is something that's often overlooked.

    A lot of us on here credit the Brits with the cunning scheme to draw the Provos into a trap and certainly no doubt this is what they tried to do. But could they have done it alone and were they necessarily the most powerful players? This 40 year prayer thing, although a satirical expression on Anthony's part I'd say, might just have more in it than a caustic jibe at the bearded one. There can be little doubt that the deliverance of the Provisional movement and the dismantling of its core ideological framework could never have happened without Gerry Adams. The question that has yet to be satisfactorily answered is why. Was he working for the right reasons, at least in his own mind, to make sure at least something came out of the sacrifice of two full generations badly affected by the Troubles and that a third would not be subjected to its catastrophic social impact? Or was he working in the context of a grander plan designed by those who had authority over him, perhaps having its roots in the Clonard Confraternity?

    Probably a wild conspiracy theory but nonetheless it came to mind at the mention of Clonard. If nothing else its worthy of consideration though perhaps we shouldn't overstate its ability to have effected what has now become our modern history. Who Gerry Adams was working for is something I hope historians will someday reveal so we can better understand just what exactly was going on and why. Was he Sinn Fein leader and man of peace, or just another stooge in the grand game of power-politics being played out in our own backyard by the ancient enemies of social progress, both of the Roman and Anglo-Saxon variety? As I say it's probably over the top but not beyond the bounds of possibility

  14. Martin McGuinness was on UTV last night talking about issues that created destabilisation within the political spectrum and spoke about flag protests, the killing of Prison Officers and attempts by armed actions to plunge us back to the past. They were to be faced down.

    As someone who sees the progress of the Irish republican struggle from this point on within the prism of a peace process (but not this current piss-process as Larry calls it) I wouldn't be arguing that we should encourage any of the things McGuinness mentioned in his interview. But a bit of balance wouldn't go amiss either Martin.

    No mention of the barbaric abuse of the prisoners in Maghaberry, no mention of Marian Price, Martin Corey, Diplock Courts and latter-day internment, no mention of the pervasive and continuing and probably ILLEGAL influence of MI5 in our communities, no mention of closed material procedures and the corrupting of the law for nefarious purposes, and last but by no means least no mention of political policing and the ongoing systematic campaign still being conducted against the nationalist community, whether in whole or in part. The emergence of efforts to pursue people for decades old conflict-related activities, starting with Gerry McGeough but being expanded further with each passing month of late, is hardly stabilising anything here either - especially given that the Finucane's, the Nash girls from Derry and other families have been stonewalled and told more-or-less where to shove it.

    My biggest issue with McGuinness and the Sinn Fein leadership is they refuse to acknowledge any of the above as having a destabilising effect on the political situation here. It saddens me to say it but they are so far immersed in the British system they can no longer see the wood for the trees. Martin McGuinness would be a very good public representative for the Northern Ireland Office or would even make a worthy British Secretary of State. Any semblance of republicanism in what he says and does is beyond anything I can interpret from his demeanour and behaviour. The so-called most military-minded member of the army leadership is certainly far from that in this day and age.

    The man is well and truly a British minister, not just by virtue of his title and position but by the way he sets out his stall and presents himself. I've said it before it's a sad, sad end. I nearly feel sorry for the man such is the shame he's brought on himself the last few years, especially when we realise that other cute bastard done a Dev job and threw him to the wolves rather than show the genuine leadership which admittedly McGuinness has proven capable of whether to our political palate or not. For me Adams will always be the greater evil but I do think Martin McGuinness has been consumed by his own ego to a great extent in the last 5-6 years or whatever. A pathetic end for all concerned truth be told

  15. Sean a cara it would,nt surprise me in the slightest,since the foundation of Maynooth the catholic church here has been an extension of the state,who took to their role in subjugating the people with enthusiasm and gusto, with a few exceptions,and to add a further twist to your theory,ask yourself who witnessed the surrender /destruction of the weapons belonging to the Irish people not pira.

  16. Sean in relation to your post on Mc Guinness you forget the treachery of the man I,m thinking here of Frank Hegarty and the promise Martybroy made to his mum,I think Mc Guinness fell into the old description of getting a name of early riser when in fact he" lied" all day, I,ve said it before but that old saying "if its not in you it wont come out" I think Mc Guinness never was anything other than a jumped up bastard,and now its out.

  17. Another thing about Martybroy Sean a cara, I think Dixie mentioned it else where recently,throughout the troubles Martybroy was able to live and walk about Derry without arrest,and as it seems accumulate considerable wealth.this in hindsight has made very many people see this man in a very different light.I think he personifies Ernie O Malleys saying "its easy to lie on another mans wounds"

  18. Rory:

    "Like Marty said, let the maggots eat in peace (except I understand she is to be cremated)"

    even in death she would starve the maggots, The Miners have been digging her path to the depths since she crippled the miners union, shut down pits .Cremated"?, She is down in the depths of Hell, getting cremated every second of every day until the end of eternity

  19. Michaelhenry, interested to hear how you condone this Exclusive by yourillustrious leader published in F/ST newspaper this morning.

  20. Boyne Rover,

    would you stop winding that poor man up?!!! You are trying to prevent him becoming commander in chief of the Paras

  21. Fenian-

    Read those comments-

    Gerry Adams told that paper that thatchers position was quite shameful but that he could forgive her-the predictable Unionists went buck mad because of what he said-

    To me thatcher was a loser-she lost
    out in the politics game a long time ago whilst Gerry and Martin help to keep Sinn Fein rising-it is easy to forgive enemys who were beat-it shows the leadership in them-

  22. "The Sinn Fein President said he was was "very philosophical" about Mrs Thatcher's death and despite standing by his earlier comments, he said he could "forgive" her.

    "It isn't up to me to forgive her for what she did to the prisoners; that's up to them and their families. I can forgive her, because I think we have to be about forgiveness. I can forgive her for anything that was done to me under her rule and I don't have any problem with that - I actually believe in forgiveness. I just know as an individual; hatred or failure to forgive is most corrosive to the person involved as opposed to the perpetrator who mightn't even be conscious of what you are thinking about him or her."

    He added: "We Irish are very forgiving people, we don't speak ill of the death."

    And he criticised those involved in "Thatcher parties", celebrating her death.

    "I think it is demeaning to celebrate anyone's death. It might be understandable at a certain level, but that doesn't say whether it should be encouraged or not encouraged."

    Mr Adams said his thoughts were with Mrs Thatcher's family: "As one would with anybody who suffers a bereavement, I would feel it for her children and any other family members, because few people are one dimensional so one presumes as a grandmother or great grandmother, or mother, that the grieving process is the same for every single person, no matter the reputation or historical legacy."

  23. Marty:

    "I,m thinking here of Frank Hegarty and the promise Martybroy made to his mum"

    Franks Mother , "Rose" was on the cook report explaining all that, Mc Guinness dropped a clanger in the first program,he Stated, I WAS NEVER IN THE IRA, Yet he then stated he left the IRA in 1974.

    He's the only IRA man I have ever known to walk into a court in Derry and deny he was a member of the IRA and got of scot free. Makes you wonder does it not. He even accused Rose of lying. What depths they will sink to , Just to keep there jobs and new lifestyle, From Corned Beef to Sirloin.

  24. Dixie:

    "Mr Adams said his thoughts were with Mrs Thatcher's family: "As one would with anybody who suffers a bereavement, I would feel it for her children and any other family members, because few people are one dimensional so one presumes as a grandmother or great grandmother, or mother, that the grieving process is the same for every single person, no matter the reputation or historical legacy."

    That brought a smile to my face, and, the Thatcher Children detest everything what SF/PIRA stood for, I can just visualise what they would be saying upon reading what the Forked tongue one has said, Probably something along these lines. " Would you look at what that bastard Adams has said , cheeky lying bastard , he is the one who approved the bombing which tried to Blow our Mother to Pieces , she has never been the same since Brighton". I'm sure that wouldn't perturb Gerry to much though, He would just laugh it of , just like he laughs of the foot soldier volunteers he left in the unknown territory, and , not knowing what to do, ach, sure gerry would say, Get yourselves down to the Felons and get blocked on your, post traumatic stress disability money. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they all get blocked, I'm just speaking about what he (Adams) has left behind in the North Eastern part of out country, the province of Ulster, Minus three of its counties. Those who have been left on disability money, beware , The British have privatised it, and, its estimated that 40% of anyone claiming it will lose it. Will Gerry authorise payments from his wealth fund to them!, That would be a big, NO NO.

    Adams and the rest of them will soon be brought down to earth, He is a laughing stock in the Dail , He is not listened to. His big roller coaster has come to the end of its rails, as for McGuinness, I have noticed his smile has diminished a lot, he keeps looking over his shoulder and when someone enters a room he is in, his head zooms to the door to see who it is, Is he expecting someone?.

  25. Michaelhenry - Thatcher is dead, long live Thatcherism!

  26. Michaelhenry, the unionists didn't go buck mad as you put it! They re-iterated Thatcher's gov's stance at the time in that article. Arlene Foster siad:

    "The reality is that Margaret Thatcher wasn't afraid to stand up to terrorists which is why we have this outburst today. I can't say I am surprised because that's the sort of people you are dealing with. She did what was right at the time."

    Tom Elliott said : "It highlights the venom that is being pushed from republicans -- she was their Prime Minister whether they liked it or not. Margaret Thatcher didn't starve Bobby Sands to death, he chose to do that himself. She didn't treat him any different to any other criminal."

    Despite the 'Brave New World' rhetoric that is being spouted by Adams & Co. MH not much has progress has been made in 2013 in uniting Catholic, Protestant & Dissenter has there? Apart of course from Sinn Féin Inc's balance sheet!!!

  27. p.s. Michaelhenry I seen the poster last night on PSF's forthcoming Ard fheis witht he title 'Sinn fein Ard Fheis 2103 from castlebar, Co. Mayo in numbers'. They conveniently forgot to add in = SELL OUT! How ironic since Thatcher has been likened to Cromwell in her attitude towards Ireland.. 'To Hell or Connacht'!

  28. Fenian
    Despite the 'Brave New World' rhetoric that is being spouted by Adams & Co. MH not much has progress has been made in 2013 in uniting Catholic, Protestant & Dissenter has there? Apart of course from Sinn Féin Inc's balance sheet!!!'

    'Adams and McGuinness and SF are engaged in fairytale revisionism. They are spouting the fantasy which they require to be accepted as historical fact. The reality is out there and Brid Rodgers has shown recently that political opponents and the media are aware of the truth. It is simply neither career wise nor for political expediancy (piss-process) at this moment in time beneficial for politicians and journalists to expose SF. The reason why eludes me.

    SF are attempting to invent a new history and forcefeed it to the unionist/loyalist community with the hope of attaining a border poll in the future. A big lie in one hand a border poll in the other.

    Unionists are not in the least buying their historical reinvention and lies and neither should the nationalist community permit them to deconstruct our shared reality as they attempt to sell their reinvented junk.

  29. Fenian-

    " Sinn Fein Ard Fheis 2013 from Castlebar Co.Mayo "

    Did you not catch the name of the Venue- The Royal Theatre- surprised you missed that one-

  30. Michaelhenry, nope Iwasn't aware of the name of the it wasn't published on the poster... BUT just after seeing the headlines form it on the news and witnessed Marty say that the unionists don't like working with them.. IF it is the first signal of admitting defeat to 'Big House' unionism and Partition, a very aptly named venue to admit it!!

  31. The Royal Theatre sounds just about right for British Sinn Fein. Couldn't decide if it were a wind up or not but seen on another site that a Tipperary cumann are supposedly submitting a motion in the morning to have the Easter Lily in sticker form for next year. How ironic. I guess John Kelly was right after all, they truly are "all sticks now".

    We should've listened to good men like John, Darkie Hughes and Jim McAllister when they were with us. The honesty and integrity of these guys is something that will withstand the test of time and transcend their deaths. Hearing the crawling, hypocritical words of that devious, manipulative liar Adams about forgiving Thatcher just reaffirms my belief that history will in time expose him for the fraud that he is while others like Brendan, Jim and John well be held in our bosom forever - history will be kind to them, at least the history that matters.

    That other tree-hugging, Mahatma Ghandi wannabe is fooling no-one but himself. If it's forgiveness he wants to speak of perhaps he should start by approaching his poor niece, without trying to exploit that terrible situation. How on earth can that man expect any of us to take him seriously when he discusses themes such as forgiveness? A sycophantic, ball-washing hypocrite and liar to boot.

    I think Gerry could be struggling to forgive himself, just like that other great political name of our times, the Reverend Ian Paisley. Rotten to the core, deep down inside where it really counts and where it can't be hidden - from himself. In that respect I see no difference in him and Thatcher, he can hug as many trees as he likes, he can speak of believing in forgiveness and it's healing, cathartic effects, but words can't change what he really amounts to. A sick bastard with no respect for anyone - just like Thatcher. Yeah go on, lump the Big Man in there too. What an unlikely trio but once you take politics out of it and strip it down to the basic level of the human being or the human spirit Paisley's probably the best of them such is the sickness of the other two. At least he was honest. Between the lot of them they've f**ked this place up no end and it'll take more than their deaths to sort out the mess they've created.

    Still can't get over that nonsense about forgiving, unsettling. What's going on inside that man's head or is he starting to realise someday he will have to account for his terrible sins, not least among them the situation with his niece but also the deaths of the hungerstrikers. Poor Brendan Hughes tortured himself even though he never done anything other than what was right and for the best of intentions. That other sociopath has a lot more to answer for and I think he knows it

  32. Sean Bres,

    no more believe him when he says he forgives Thatcher than you believe him when he says he was never in the IRA. In that sort of mind it is simply broken down to whether Thatcher was useful to his political career or not. Same as hunger strikers' lives, anybody's life for that matter. Forgiveness does not enter into it. Is it expedient for his career to say something or is it not? That is the determining factor is his discourse.

    Got that sent to me yesterday about the Easter Lily motion. Decided to put something light out tonight about it. The cumann chair must have found himself tied to his chair as the motion has since been withdrawn.

  33. Sean Bres Paisley "at least he was honest" sorry to disagree with you a cara "never never never" to gimme gimme gimme he and his wife and the rest are as big a shower of lying bastards with blood on their hands as Adams and his cronies..

  34. It was more a comparative point Marty than an effort to suggest the man was actually honest in any real shape or form beyond honest bigotry. I agree with you 100 percent, they're all as bad as each other and have blood on their hands and then some

  35. I said it before and I'll say it again, SF are only good fer a larf.

    Two days ago Adams was telling us republicans must reach out to unionists. Without telling us why they merit such benevolence.

    Yesterday, Marty Mi5 was giving out to unionists for not engaging with SF at Stormont. Also thrown into the mix was Cameron and the Dail.

    Apart from the fact tha unionists are not designed to play-ball with anyone, I detect a sense of trauma setting in for the SF leading-shites now March 17th and the USA and all the lime-light and photo ops of years gone by are nowhere to be seen.

    Cameron has told them to clear off, your 15 minutes of historical fame (INFAMY)has ran its course. Cameron has decided SF and Adams at this stage are of no value to HIS political career. HOW SWEET.

  36. Mc Guinness speaking at quisling $inn £eins Ard Fheis said in relation to "dissident" republicans that he didnt recognize any of them ,he went on to say that he wondered where they were when there was a war on,I find this particularly funny coming from a man who left the ra in 74,and whose boss was never in it...

  37. Marty,

    I suppose this is why they need censorship. The logic is so ridiculous that it can only survive if left unchallenged

  38. Tá gráin agam ar Thatcher fós

  39. Anthony the sheep applauded that speech,making me wonder was there someone standing in the wings with a big placard saying clap now or else,it was a ridiculous speech.

  40. Marty-

    " he didnt recognise any of them "

    Martin said that he didnt recognise
    any of their spokespersons-

    A few years fighting to 1974- not bad for anyone- would you ridicule someone more who left in 72 or 73-

  41. Mickeybroy I would,nt ridicule anyone who left in 72-73 in fact I,d say well done you had a bit of wit, however when we listen to Martybroy mocking people from the stage in his position as a micro minister in the british ruled Stormont,asking people in that mocking fashion,my thoughts are you fucking hypocrite.he made sure his hands like those of his cronie Adams were clean,letting others do the heavy lifting,all the while they negotiated a comfy out for themselves,they are treacherous bastards Mickeybroy and if you,ve any sense you,ll watch your back in any dealings with those bastards.

  42. Mickeybroy I,d bet that 64 year old Michael Burns,who has been lifted and accused of attempted murder of a po in 77,and possibly facing another murder charge,wishes he now had never heard of either of those two lying bastards.they have left a lot of people in the shit and it gets deeper by the day...

  43. Marty I wouldn't be so sure that man's hands are clean given the circumstances surrounding Frank Hegarty's death, though I know of course what you meant. There are so many unanswered questions regarding the man. How more people within his party don't suspect him as another Scap, Donaldson, Beano Casey or whatever amazes me

  44. Michaelhenry

    McGuinness is LESS than a unionist.

  45. Thank God he didn't recognise them or no doubt all he knew would have been or surely will be passed on.
    The majority of the Provos remained long after 72-73 I don't any of them people considered themselves to be without wit
    One strange phenomenon though apparently people were taking orders from a man who had never enlisted himself.

  46. McGuinness may not recognise the membership of the disso's but I've no doubt he recognises the handywork of someone who has just consigned two more Irishmen to jail in Derry yesterday.

    Two more tactically self-defeating arrests. That's the kind of futile end result that forced me to state NO when bluntly asked did I support the dissidents on this blog previously.

    It's not that they are wrong, they are not wrong. But it seems to me they are throwing themselves into jail like lemings off a cliff for no rational reason.

    Surely the rate of depletion amongst the ranks can only have left about ONE tout suspect at this stage lol. Or maybe there's a wee nest of rodents operating and covering each others backs....just like in Martin McGuinness' time huh?

  47. see 20 'dissos' attacked a group of SF people in a boozer in Derry monday night. The right honourable member Raymond McCartney has called on the violence to stop. YES you can take it from that the shinners got a lacing. Changed times.

  48. The bearded one in his presidential address (for life) has rehashed his "put manners on them" crap this time is the elites and fat cats ,this must have put the fear of fuck into half the party...

  49. I can just imagine the bankers shaking in their Italian leather shoes in their £8,000,000 houses in Spain at Gerry's speech. Though it has to be crap living on 80 euro a month like Sean Fitzpatrick.

    Still it's good for the audience who were cloned from the pinball wizzard...deaf, dumb and blind kids! AND more inportantly it deflects attention (or tries to) from unionists refusing to play along and child rape cases up in nordy-land.

  50. Larry,

    how the worm has turned. Not too many years ago the Shinners could gang up om people. Now the gander is supping its own sauce

  51. Leader for life just demanded Labour bring down the government in the south. Citing Connolly and Larkin he attempted to shame them.

    And when fingerprints appear suddenly regarding a 1977 attack in nordyland and a 64 yr old is charged SF remain they have on austerity in the north and even with noboddy playing patty-cakes with them at stormont they still play the good croppy and do their masters bidding.

    Yes, I really can see mr Gilmore and co. taking advice from that mob....NOT.

  52. Mackers

    Changed times indeed. Time someboddy gave them a slap.

    SF talk that much oul gunk and people know it's only the media complicity in not putting them on the spot that has them fearlessly slobbering without thought or consideration and also protected without question in their wee jobs.

    Sooner or later the some section of the media must surely break rank and go after the hypocrites... the sooner the better before we are all as brain-dead as the 2000 numpties in Mayo.

  53. Marty,

    the same year the cops under Bill Mooney in Castlereagh were torturing people on a daily basis. How many cops have been charged with it? Not a one. There is a total bias in this policing of the past.

  54. Seems a tad like a personal crusade the historical policing lark. Either that or a psyco-terror tactic to keep people in line. Although the rate of dissident arrests is doing that i suspect. Scap, Donaldson and SF leadership set an 'fine' example for todays crowd. The brits are running them already. Or was it so from the start?

  55. Anthony I can see this becoming a nightmare for republicans,the ex branch and ruc rehired must be laughing their balls off at that statement from Adams re "putting manners on the police"republicans here may yet have to pay a very heavy price for the treachery of Adams,Mc Guinness and their cronies.

  56. I felt sorry for the Palestinian delegation at the quisling $inn £ein Ard Fheis,someone should have told them that prof Stanley Unwin standin Q$£,s Paul Maskey MP for west Belfast has welcomed the expansion of the CAT plant in west Belfast,this company is supplying the Israelis with the bulldozers that are demolishing Palestinian homes, someone should have whispered this to that delegation friends like these eh!

  57. There is nothing real in politics now anywhere except the lies.

  58. Would like to thank the Pensive Quill for once again bringing me to my senses. I was going to spend good money visiting friends and relatives over the coming weeks, instead it is going towards 2 plane tickets to speed up our exit the fuck outa here!

  59. " There were a fair number of ding-dong-style celebratory messages admist the Pensive reflections "

    One of Russel Brands comments about Thatcher in the Guardian- good write up i thought-