New group aims to end street harassment in Belfast

TPQ with a press release from Hollaback.

Hollaback!, an international organisation dedicated to ending street harassment, launches in Belfast today. “On average in studies, between 80%-99% of women report experiencing street harassment in their lives.” Hollaback! is now in 64 cities, in 22 countries, with leaders speaking more than 10 different languages.

Well done on this worthwhile and innovative initiative. It is time to win back our streets by raising awareness on Sexism, Racism and Homophobia. Hollaback! adds to our tool box in combating harms caused to our fellow human beings by bigotry and prejudice and will help to ensure that the public space belongs to all of us. - Prof. Monica McWilliams.

 There will be a launch night in the Hudson Bar on Thursday 18th April, starting at 8pm. 

“Hollaback! Belfast is here to create change in Belfast and Northern Ireland. Freedom is something everyone values. We don’t put up with harassment in the home, school or workplace. Why are we putting up with it in the street?” said Helen McBride, a Co-Director at Hollaback! Belfast. Hollaback! Belfast is run by a team of local community leaders who are deeply committed to working online and offline to end street harassment in Northern Ireland.

Hollaback! Belfast will run their local blog and organise their communities through advocacy, community partnerships, and direct action. The leaders of Hollaback! Belfast are as diverse in their backgrounds as they are in their experiences of harassment.  The Hollaback! movement reports that 90% of site leaders are women, 76% are under the age of 30, 41% of site leaders are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer, and 33% identify as people of colour.

“We only have 8 or 9 years before the babies in strollers today start experiencing street harassment too.  Our children deserve better, we deserve better, and Hollaback! Belfast is going to get us there.  Share your story and join the movement today,” said Hollaback! Executive Director Emily May.

New locations include Antwerp, Belgium * Appalachian Ohio, USA * Athens, Georgia, USA * Belfast, Northern Ireland * Bosnia and Herzegovina * Chemnitz, Germany * Hamilton, Canada * Los Angeles, California, USA * Toronto, Canada

About Hollaback! Hollaback ( is a nonprofit and movement to end street harassment powered by a network of local activists around the world.  We work together to better understand street harassment, to ignite public conversations, and to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces.

Contact: Helen McBride/Sharlene McGee


  1. " Hollaback!. an international organistion dedicated to ending street harassment "

    There Launch night is in a bar-[aye a bar ] on thursday 18th April at 8pm- by 11 pm after a few vodkas they will be out beating everyone they see on the streets- stay safe-

  2. that's whats called , "Counter Productive" , michaelhenry, does it matter were they meet?, church hall maybe?, that would be a big No No from the church.
    I wish them all the best, at least they will be attempting something positive, unlike SF with their negativity on important matters, Like , Impartial Policing, internment, harassment.

  3. Sorry about this bad news Anthony, but I'm sure you know about it.

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  4. Yeah it seems that Sen Kerry isnt the goodfella a lot here thought he was.

  5. Good luck to Hollaback. They have a tough task in front of them

  6. Wonder how many jobs will be created here and how many grants will be applied for...seem to recall the angles thing, to be honest this looks like all noise and no performance,well once the grants are in place, bit like the childrens comm a total waste of public money..

  7. They're going to be busy!!!!!!!!!

    Will this be the city that breaks them?