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  1. Everything about the 1916 comes across like a breath of fresh air.
    These people dedicate themselves tirelessly to all Republican causes.
    Last year the James Connolly Society turned up to a Clonard commemoration when others held back.
    A welcome sight on the day and very much appreciated.

  2. In keeping with the theme of 1916 and the societies .
    There will be a Republican Commemoration in Milltown on the 24th of April at 12 noon. Billy mc Kee will read a decade of the rosary and the Proclamation will be read.
    All Republicans welcome.

  3. Nuala,

    if there is a flyer for this send it on to me.

  4. Mackers
    I was only asked to flag it up yesterday, but I'm sure we can get something. Thanks.

  5. Did you know Nuala that Francie Molloy jeered "they went all the way back to 1916 to get their names" in a feeble attempt to dismiss the Societies... You ever hear anything like it! I'm just surprised any new cumainn being set up by his own party don't bear the names Coughlan, Johnstone and Goulding. I also think Francie has got his answer time and time again from the people of Tyrone in regards what they think of the Societies and all the sniping in the world won't change the facts on the ground

  6. sean bres-

    Francie Molloy jeered-

    I never heard that-anyway the people voted Francie in at the recent election-and no disso group dared to stand against him-those are the facts-not behind back slander-

    I have no problem with any Republican group in Tyrone but one of the problems for the societies was that some areas named themselves after their local GAA club if the club was named after a Fallen Republican-that caused some difficultys in community's in which they tried to start up-get more members-

  7. Sean Bres,
    The Societies especially the Tyrone Societies have been incredible with us in relation to Marian and our book.
    Many, many Republicans believe that the societies are the way ahead for Republicanism. They certainly have brought a new dynamic to how Republican Commemorations are handled.
    I don't think too many people concern themselves with Mr Molloy, not these days.

  8. Michael I'm under no illusion that Sinn Fein haven't gone away and aren't going away, they remain a powerful political actor in the North with considerable support in the South. The problem that creates for me with the party is that unfortunately they refuse to exercise that power for anything resembling a republican agenda. Probably because they no longer follow a republican agenda other than a rhetorical one and are in truth now reformist constitutional nationalists no different to SDLP or Fianna Fáil in terms of the equality agenda, the economy and ultimately Irish reunification. Which is fine of course - everyone's entitled to their politics. But your party leadership should stop trying to hoodwink the republican community that it represents anything approaching their interests and come clean about what they're really up to.

    All along the grassroots, me and you included, were told one thing while the public was told something else, a process that continues to this day judging by that farce last weekend. All along we were assured 'it's only word-games, pay no heed and trust the leadership'. All along we were LIED to because on each and every occasion it turned out that same leadership was telling its negotiating partners 'pay no heed it's only word-games to control the grassroots, trust us to deliver'. And deliver they did. Am I wrong here, you should know as well as me, you're about long enough. Bottom line is we were lied to and lied to again; and the lies go on to this day.

    Judging by your contributions on here you're obviously a decent guy so surely you have to question a lot of the stuff that's went down the last while yourself. That Ard Fheis at the weekend was a complete joke and akin to something you'd have seen organised by Blair, Mandelson and Campbell in their pomp. It was symptomatic of how good people like yourself are being treated by a manipulative leadership. If Gerry Kelly really believes republicans have lost confidence in PSNI (in truth there never was any beyond that of your foolish leadership) then let's for once see more than empty rhetoric. We both know that won't happen, though I hope you's prove me wrong, I really do. But something tells me Jim Gibney's recent public assertion that it's "our PSNI and we FULLY support it" will again take precedence over this seeming shift to a more hardline position on display from Gerry Kelly. It's the old 'good cop / bad cop' routine; all for the optics Michael, all to satisfy any murmurings of discontent in places like Tyrone. You know it's true if your honest but I'll gladly hold my hands up if it turns out different.

    I'm glad you don't have a problem with any republican group in Tyrone, in the same way I've certainly no problem with people like yourself who choose to accept the Sinn Fein leadership's analysis, it's your right. But the same can't be said for others in Sinn Fein - including Francie Molloy. We both know the devious shenanigans involved in the setting up of the Tyrone Commemorations Committee and the attempt to displace TNG a few years back. Hardly what you'd call tolerating an alternative opinion, more an attempt to quash it. We also now have Sinn Fein MLA's in West Tyrone expressing "disappointment and disgust" at the decision of people to support the 1916 Societies and attempting to get others to find out where people's allegiances lie and to convince them they're being led astray. Any republican group not affiliated with Sinn Fein is to be treated with derision or hostility rather than respect, its advocates to be dismissed as either self-serving, not wise in the head, gangsters or all of the above and more. Unfortunately your own magnanimous position is not applicable across the boards, it's the exception to the rule

  9. I should have actually thanked the Sean Mac Diarmada in my first post as they were the first society to give us in the Marian campaign a platform in Belfast.

    Michaelhenry really glad you do not have a problem in relation to the Tyrone Societies as they have been quite exceptional and unwavering to us.

  10. Great response from the public to todays "One Ireland One Vote" leaflet drops at castle st and from the locals and tourist at international wall.
    From the writing on the mountain to many hours being spent on the ground
    leafleting,murals,talks/lectures,commemorations,getting involved with community and social issues etc etc Belfast members of the 1916 societies are insuring the republican message will not be censored or ignored any longer.

  11. sean bres-

    Everything is not black and white-
    [ 50 shades of grey crossed my mind ]but what ever group any one person wants to support or be a member of they should be allowed without hinderence from any other Republican-

    Some Sinn Fein members are in the public eye sean and its only right that Questions-comments are asked of them- plenty of room for other groups in Tyrone and Ireland-

    " To displace TNG a few years back "

    TNG made a public statement that they would no longer take part in events in which political speech's
    were made-they left-they wern't pushed-


    " really glad you do not have a problem in relation to the Tyrone Societies "

    A few teething problems at their start- one of their members tried to stop me giving out leaflets for a commemoration and a few other childish antics-but the societies give that person the road and i have had no bother since-

  12. Michaelhenry,
    Glad to hear that. To date I have found any of the Society members that I have encountered sound.

  13. All along we were LIED to because on each and every occasion it turned out that same leadership was telling its negotiating partners 'pay no heed it's only word-games to control the grassroots, trust us to deliver'. And deliver they did. Am I wrong here

    I doubt Sean..Last Friday on the Nolan Show an ex IRA vol. basically came to the same conclusion...It's a five min call listen to it here