Danny Pierrepoint

Danny Morrison has once again been trying to give a bit of what-for to Boston College’s Belfast Project. In some respects it is easy to understand his unremitting hostility toward the research, without having the slightest sympathy for his anger. It did after all prise open a window through which the public could view his hitherto uncovered malevolent role as the Hangman of the H-Blocks during the 1981 hunger strike. It is now common knowledge that he laid a fatal trap for six of the ten hunger strikers by withholding vital information from them on the 5th July. The detail of a British offer to end the hunger strike, had it been conveyed to the dying men, would have undoubtedly saved their lives.  Morrison’s actions sealed their fate.

Last year Morrison had the chutzpah to say of the British that they ‘ran agents like puppets ... they decide who lives and dies in perverse, private war games.’ Much like himself.

One would need to be a calculating sociopathic fiend straight out of a Borgia dramatisation, incapable of empathy and devoid of compassion, to be able to creep into a hospital bearing a wreath disguised as a bouquet. The Belfast Project helped expose him as slayer not saviour and for that his animosity runs unabated to this day.

In a recent tweet which I failed to read online - not because it came from him, but down to the fact that I very rarely get to read Twitter - the hangman claimed:

Moloney and McIntyre conditioning their interviewees to the f/up that ALL tapes will be sent back.

A bit late with that given that we have been advising the interviewees for almost two years of how precarious the position in fact is despite our best efforts to stabilise it.

Morrison’s musing came via a text from a friend which oddly enough arrived while I sat in a hotel restaurant in Dublin explaining to my two companions how the hunger strikers had been put to the sword by the Committee for Prisoner Safety.

While I resile from the thought that I might have anything in common with the swine I found it amusing that in one sense we should mirror each other. He thinks, or claims to think is probably a better way of putting it, that I have been engaged in that process of conditioning. Last month I found myself thinking he had been doing the same thing: conditioning people to believe he had no prior knowledge about the Gibraltar operation in which three IRA volunteers were gunned down by the SAS, and by extension could not have placed the noose around their necks as he had the hunger strikers.  Wondering if I was picking up on something not there I spoke to a former prisoner about it. He too had noticed it although drew no conclusions from it other than Morrison denying what was obvious to no one that we are aware of. The Liar for Hire doth protest too much methinks.

Not that the hangman is necessarily culpable of anything here, just that familiarity and experience have long conditioned us to assume he is lying. A common measure of the accuracy of a statement or claim is his denial of it.

The Rat of Gibraltar - have I ever heard it suggested that he was? No. Would I be surprised if he was? Same answer.

We know from the hunger strikes just how prepared he was to send republican volunteers to their graves.


  1. Bangers is in a hole and he like others doesnt know when to stop digging. this man has no credibility and if he wants to recover some sense of respect he should start by telling us all the truth about the hunger strikes and the role he and Adams played,then maybe a full and frank admission about how the tout convention in the Sandy Lynch affair came about and how many british agents were actually in that house that night, I,ve stated seven ,Anthony I think says Five..Bangers knows!.

  2. Nothing shocks anymore about that wee gang.

  3. From Blackmountain:

    in reply to marty ... I actually reside in aforementioned abode so do please inform me of the 7 agents if you will..

  4. I met Danny Morrison once. We spoke briefly, his eyes looked right through me and then danced around the room for the rest of the encounter. Of course, I was a stranger to him and he had perfected PR to perfection.

    The only mark he left on me was his self importance. I thought maybe I had caught him on a bad night which can and does happen.

    Then the whole stories started to come out about him, his ability to perfect lying and the conditioning of people via manipulation. He thinks he is in the elite alright.

    Sure even his exit from S/F always seemed to leave the opportunity of future headliner roles as and when required by his S/F equals/pals.

    S/F use that role so well of its core support military volunteers, this strategy is limited timescale, Morrison has a brass neck to talk about conditioning.

  5. The post from Backmountain was being uploaded by me while on the phone and I hit delete rather than post. I immediately copied it from the inbox and put it back up. What is up now is a verbatim version of Blackmountain's comment. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  6. V I have mentioned the names that I suspect to Anthony in private, the occupiers of the house were not included.

  7. Marty,

    I can verify that. Nor are they included in the five I thought.

  8. No holds barred any more Mackers! A tout is a tout is a tout……I think it would be easier to count those weren’t touts than to try and count the touts in Belfast…..the whole leadership cannot simply walk away from what they are responsible for…..on their words, people gave up the normality of growing-up and lost their lives in the process, people gave up their youth and became old men at 14, people gave up the freedom of open spaces, and people gave up laughter only to remain crestfallen….surely the people can’t have given up altogether? Where is the spirit that carried our hopes and aspirations?

  9. Just watched the Adams interview on Prime Time. Again, the lying made him look ridiculous. And the chutzpah of acccusing Dolours and Brendan of lying. Miriam O'Callaghan is one tough interviewer and Gerry one bad interviwee. I am sure he longed for that hammer he threatened to batter Liam with.

  10. Anthony:

    Now , we have all been indoctrinated to believe that Gerry the liar is a man of peace (pieces), he can't stand weapons near him!!!, now, knowing a few hammer blows can cripple or kill anyone, sure what would a bartender be doing with a hammer?, especially against the poor Liam, the not so innocent one. what a fucked up lying family. well taught by the brits.


    You state you reside at the aforementioned abode, I can tell you I have the lowest count of four touts at that abode, if you resided there at the time of the tout incident , what number do you have?.
    Its a satirical question because its been eons since the incident.
    but the names are in the public domain, SF offices!!.

  11. can i just say for the record that i was arrested in that house where three touts were interrogating a tout about being a tout.

    i am not and never have been one of the lowly slime dwellers who sold us out for british gold.

  12. Gerard,

    that has been taken as a given from the very outset! In all of the discussion of this issue over the years even going back to the jail, whatever the number of agents involved, neither yourself nor the householders were ever mentioned even once as being in the frame.

  13. Exactly Gerald, and that is why it's important to be certain before throwing accusations around, and you Anthony of all people know that as you were the person who taught me of the importance of that.

  14. Organised Rage,

    this is so true. That is why I don't throw them about and stick to saying what I know.

  15. Adams said on Prime Time on RTE last night "I have already denied my role in the IRA"

  16. Miriam oh Miriam stop asking questions of someone who simply cannot answer them, How would Gerry Adams know the answers he was never in the IRA, Gerry was nowhere near the IRA Gerry only lets on that the IRA even existed just to keep some happy in Sinn Fein. Stupid and all as the above may seem to most people, 15,000 people voted for this guy in Louth to get him elected into the D’ail ,
    How can anyone take this guy seriously when its comes to telling the truth, I had thought for years that he was a very sound republican but now he denying the very core values of the IRA that allowed him to climb to the top of the social ladder, He is now nearing the completion stage of becoming a fully fledged capitalist
    After the performance he produced last night with Miriam I searched for words to describe what I had just listened to …..
    To quote from a film called Blazing Saddles a guy called Gabby Johnson made a speech and the chairman Howard Johnson said
    [After Gabby Johnson's speech]
    Now who can argue with that? I think we're all indebted to Gabby Johnson for clearly stating what needed to be said. I'm particularly glad that these lovely children were here today to hear that speech. Not only was it authentic Northern Frontier gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.

  17. Here is the type of people the Major of Rockridge Hedley Lamarr said he wanted on his side
    “I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists”
    Same could apply to someone we all know ?????

  18. Boyne river,
    You got something there.lol

  19. If he set the three martyrs up in Gibraltar is it possible that he knew the attack at funeral was going to happen? YouTube phoenix 1916 it shows him fumbling with tricolour over Dan McCanns coffin then it shows him carrying coffin and he looks like he has seen a ghost.You then see him when the three martyrs are walking towards Milltown.But in all news headlines or in documentaries not once is he seen when attack happens other leading republicans can all be seen in one report or another not one can you see him.Strange since he was supposedly member off army council that he is nowhere to be seen.So could he have had prior knowledge and was told to hide at back were he would be safe?

    1. Be careful not to extrapolate too far. Unlike his role in the hunger strike, there is ultimately nothing to show prior knowledge of Gibraltar.

  20. Something that always struck me as strange was a statement made by Martin McGuinness on March 3rd 1988 at the funeral of one of the two Brendans. I'm paraphrasing from childhood memory, of the news report on the day, but he said something along the lines of 'British marines had been leaving gruesome playing cards around South Armagh but the IRA will soon be leaving the Brits something more than their playing card'.
    On March 6th Gibraltar happened. MMG's words could of course have been moral-boosting rhetoric which backfired or they could have been something else entirely.