The Plight of Marian Price

Dr Linda Moore speaking on the plight of Marian Price at the Annual Rosemary Nelson Memorial Lecture at Conway Mill, Belfast on the 14th March 2013. It was recorded by Pauline Mellon who has actively campaigned on behalf of Marian Price.


  1. Pauline,

    thanks for putting this our way

  2. Yes I would second that comment Anthony a number of people have asked me for the transcript of this very useful meeting,this and the other copies of that nights speeches will be more than useful to other campaign groups acting on behalf of those prisoners that seem almost forgotten.

  3. Anthony

    Just spotted your comment...No problem and as always a million thanks for highlighting. I feel the content of this video to be invaluable. Was just glad to be able to make the meeting to capture it.

    Our Eoghan (age 10) deserves full credit for this production as i used his new tripod, so thank you Eoghan.

    Again thanks Anthony.

  4. Well done Eoghan. Every little thing helps in this case. You did a very big thing.