Gael Force Art on the Black Mountain

Today TPQ features a video from Gael Force Art

The artists in a short statement accompanying the video said:

On Friday 08th March, 2013, the Artists of Gael Force Art, once again took to the Black Mountain, Belfast, in support of International Woman's Day, and with a key message calling for the release of Marian Price, who is being held within the occupation prison system, without crime, or without trail.

What follows is a short video, that we have speed up in order to get the best of this project in a short time.

Some of the footage will appear shaking, however, this footage was take from a roof top, when the wind was not much fun to be stood battling against. We almost lost our camera three times.

A long, more comprehensive video will follow in due course.


  1. There is something unbelievably refreshing about people like this, nothing dims their spirit they just go and do it.
    I don't think the artists themselves or our campaign members directly linked to this grouping know how inspirational it is for us to stand and look at the end result of this tireless work. Sometimes when all looks tiired and aimless these people surface and leave a very worthwhile feeling .

  2. That's right Nuala. The muralists and artists who punch through that censorship barrier do a tremendous service.

  3. Mackers,
    They do us proud and they plplops regardless of squabbles and all else. It was nice to look up at the mountain on that rainy Friday morning and remain Marian and their efforts.

  4. Should have said remember Marian, international Women's Day and the artists.

  5. Nuala,

    Gerry Mo Chara has been at this for so long. He does great work and has never lost sight of the suffering that people have endured.

  6. Mackers ,
    You are right and he will oblige irrespective of a person's political slant. Sometimes we need to remember there is more that Uniites us than divides us at least that's what I felt when I looked up at the mountain.

  7. Brilliant job by all concerned... Maith thu!

    Without trying to get into an exercise of Sinn Fein bashing it's just a pity Marian's former comrades now sitting in British Stormont couldn't demonstrate a similar resolve to act upon her disgraceful and illegal situation. The likes of Gerry Kelly are in a much more powerful position to sort out the scandalous detention of Marian Price if they'd only demonstrate a sincere commitment to resolving this situation beyond the rhetoric that "Raymond McCartney and Jennifer McCann are working diligently behind the scenes". I've been hearing that crap for years, that's how long this is actually going on believe it or not. All this "hard work" and talking has achieved nothing so how long are we expected to believe this is good enough and that "everything in their power" is being done? As we seen with the arrest of Padraig Wilson they do indeed have more in their locker if and when they decide to use it.

    I'm thinking here as I'm writing this of a recent photograph of McCann and another woman taken in front of a mural relating to Marian's plight in what I think was the Ballymurphy estate where they had ashen faces for the camera. Was it all for show are are they going to make a serious play here? If it wasn't yet another empty gesture then let's see some real action beyond the spin-doctoring and fudge designed to placate the grass-roots of the party. If Gerry Kelly were to state he was resigning his seat in protest at these goings on, that he couldn't continue in an administration prepared to ignore the blatant bending and breaking of the law in this instance and in others very much related to it, I suggest you'd see an entirely different response from the British than what we've seen so far. If the British Joint-First Minister himself were to declare this situation intolerable and his position untenable if this woman is not released immediately it would be worth ten thousand photographs of a sullen Jennifer McCann, ten thousand private conversations between Ray McCartney and whoever it is on the British side that he's doing "everything in his power" to convince that Marian should be released, ten thousand council resolutions on this issue. If that's what it takes then that's what should be done. And immediately.

    I suggest we've reached that point already. If Sinn Fein are serious in their newly-expressed desire to resolve Marian's illegal detention then they will act now before it's too late. If anything happens this poor woman on their watch then the words once directed at the southern establishment and the SDLP post the 1981 Hunger Strike should be fired back at the Adams leadership, that they would be "accessories to murder... and an amalgamation of middle-class Redmondites, devoid of principle, direction and courage". Gerry Kelly and others should remember where they came from and take the necessary action to end the suffering of this true Irish patriot. Words aren't enough, it's time something was done

  8. The work which went into making the letters for Marian's name, and, the word Free, is unbelievable, also, to get it so straight in those conditions. Gerry and his team have been doing great work , and continue to do so. I congratulate them.

    Sean Bres.

    The Taoiseach , Enda Kenny went to see the Tory British Prime Minister and was supposed to bring up Marian's plight, I have yet to here what the outcome was, also, I'm curious if SF ask questions about Marian as they did prior to the two leaders meeting. as for Gerry Kelly, he holds no clout on the policing committee , nor doe's any of the rest of that committee , anything pertaining to security, "IS NOT ALLOWED" , only MI5 and Villiers , knows the security matters and it has to be withheld from the policing committee. But The Gerry fella is good at parading around making videos about the , His words , "Fleg issue" , his last one was at Carlisle Circus.
    To disown one of his own comrades who was on the same OP is despicable.

  9. Itsjustmacker,

    Gerry K has probably shocked many with his change of direction. I always wonder what causes people to make that change. You imagine it is easy for shallow people. But he never appeared that way. In terms of personal courage and commitment there were few stronger than him, yet we end up with this.

  10. Anthony there is no accounting for how agents of influence can play on ego,s and ambition.

  11. The thing is though itsjustmacker no matter whether Enda Kenny raised the matter or not unless there is the threat of some sort of sanction it's nothing really but a gesture. That's probably why you never heard any mention of it, because nothing is to be done. The Irish government has voiced its concerns - job complete. It would have carried meaning if he'd said to Cameron this can't go on, we're taking our responsibilities seriously here and if this isn't resolved in the immediate term we will have to consider withdrawing from intergovernmental relations. This is how serious this is, don't they get it? Or perhaps when all's said and done they don't really care or care enough.

    Cameron and the Brits are not listening. They are happy to carry on regardless because they know they can get away with it. If politely asking about Marian's situation is expected to bring about change then we may as well go piss into the wind, pardon my French. It's very difficult to see how Irish men have become so compliant when it comes to dealing with the British. The much vaunted pan-nationalist front that promised an aggressive forwarding of the issues relevant to our struggle for independence has morphed into a crowd of quislings prepared to lie down and do what they're told. It's an ignominious end to something held to contain so much promise and terribly sad to watch. Is this really what we've become?

    Those in positions of power are going to have to decide are they going to tackle this issue head on or are they going to allow it to go on indefinitely. For make no mistake unless the Brits are told there will be consequences for the political process if they don't get their house in order nothing is going to change. This has always been the way of it because the British presence is malign and is not neutral as some would have us believe.

    While I'm sure Marian Price bears her cross as an Irish republican she should should not be expected to do so. This woman should not be in prison and should not be enduring this sickening treatment. I'm not using the word lightly, this is truly sickening to think what the hell is going on here with this poor woman lying suffering and for NOTHING! She hasn't even done anything wrong! We all need to do more, this can't continue.

    If Sinn Fein and the Irish government, the dominant parties in the nationalist lexicon north and south at present, do not step up to the plate then perhaps we need to be pressuring them into doing so. They need to be made face up to their responsibilities as political representatives or face the consequences. Otherwise this will go on indefinitely, not only for Marian Price but for whoever they come for next

  12. Marty,

    as much as I dislike the way he has gone he would never, in my view, fit into that category. He might have been influenced by their ideas but the point about this is that you never know you are being influenced by them. You think it is your own side. Denis probably influenced many people who then took up his views not realising they were just echoing what the Brits told Denis needed to be out out there.

    Funny that you should mention 'agents of influence' as I was just writing about the very thing this morning as part of a review of a John Simpson book from a number of years ago.

  13. It just seems they can speak out a lot louder, they can flood Facebook with status updates and comments and photographs, they can sloganise and organise white-line pickets with their shiny placards and all the rest when it comes to prisoners in the Basque Country, Bahrain or Palestine. Yet when it comes to right here on their own doorstep the great and the good of Sinn Fein are silent. Especially that outfit that's rechristened itself Sinn Fein Republican Youth - formerly Ogra. A mouthpiece for every cause going but inexplicably SILENT on the situation right here at home where they can actually make a difference. Why? I can't understand it at all. What kind of a party can't show solidarity with people like Marian Price and Gerry McGeough, who love them or love them played a central part in the military effort that got them to where they are today? Their treatment of these two individuals in particular is just shocking, though of course moves have been made to rightify the situation - at least for the optics. Marian and Gerry, along with Martin Corey and like Brendan Lillis beforehand, became a cause célèbre when they realised there was something to be gained or perhaps more to be lost. But make no mistake, and I heard it from the mouths of people within the party who were on the up, they were absolutely hated. That's why nothing of substance was done for Gerry. "Sure Gerry McGeough said that everyone in Sinn Fein are nothing but scum". As if. I'd venture that's why nothing of substance is bring done for Marian either. Let them prove me wrong and go do whatever it takes to sort this shameful situation out. It's what they're meant to be there for anyway, this shouldn't even be an issue. They've let down the nationalist people the last few years and counting. How long will this continue?

  14. I cant see it as an ideological shift a cara or sheer pragmatism,maybe 9/11 put the fear of god into them and the smell of filthy lucre was enough to effect a sea change in their revolutionary zeal,whatever their motivation and I,m sure we could discuss this ad infinitum,their can be no doubting how duck like they took to the murky pond of administering british rule here,with what seems as a I,m all right Jack attitude and the magic words are "he /she is a key supporter of the "piece" process"as a get out of gaol for free card, others like Martin and Marian who have openly be critical of their participation in the farce that passes as a peace process and who have subsequently been interned as hostages,this as a warning to the growing numbers of disillusioned republicans at the total waste of thirty years of resistance,that its all your going to get, the war has been lost the leadership are now quisling administrators, whatever or whoever manipulated the republican movement into the cul de sac that it is now parked in must be well pleased with the outcome of their efforts,it seems that they may have succeeded beyond all expectations.and to add salt to the wounds we have the farce of british micro minister and crony participating in secret courts on behalf of someone they were calling scum and traitor not so long ago .

  15. Sean Bres
    Sinn Fein are not going to prove you wrong, what we have seen to-date is as good as it gets.
    The woman with Jennifer was Martina Anderson and you are right the picture was taken at Marian's mural on the Whiterock Road.
    Why it was taken I don't know? What it was supposed to signify I don't know either? It appeared on a website dedicated to Marian and that was the first I seen it.
    Sinn Fein are boxed in on this issue and they know it.
    You cannot publicly call for people to be locked up one day and then call for their release the next.
    It's hard to second guess Sinn Fein's more public face especially in relation to Marian.
    They acted as vessels, escorts, police when Peter Corrigan secured her release to sit a few hours with her sister.
    Did this allow Mc Guinness an opening down a pre-set path. Or was it the thought of being confronted in America or on the doorsteps that caused a change of heart who knows?
    What we do know is Sinn Fein are not prepared to give anymore.
    Pat Sheehan a Belfast MLA told me last year in no uncertain terms that no positioned member of the party would be resigning from policing boards or 'hard fought seats' for Marian Price.

  16. Pat Sheehan"no positioned members of the party would resign from the policing boards or hard fought seats for Marian Price" but they will walk if Sean Hughes does not get adequate warning of psni/ruc raids on his home or he gets scooped on terrorist related charges..stinks of quisling $inn £ein usual!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Marty,

    as much as I like Pat I can't deny that he gave up the republican ghost. I think Pat has a wholly pragmatic attitude to political life. He suffered a lot too. I saw him on day 35 of his hunger strike and he looked like a bird just hatched, thin, fragile and with a tenuous grip on life. It is an abiding memory.

    I do wish he would take a stronger stance for the prisoners that are being abused. But Pat is no longer a republican that resembles the era of republican struggle.

  19. Anthony a cara do you ever recall anyone saying to you that in the "movement"you were only as good as your last job, Well a cara sad as it seems their price or ticket to the masters table confirms them as the definition of a revolutionary as politicians with bombs.Pat is no longer a republican sin é.

  20. Anthony I apologise for the double sending,the fault lies entirely at this end sometimes it looks like the post is not being sent, I normally get the message on top of each thread that its been sent,sometimes this is slow coming up my fault a cara,

  21. Mackers
    In his day one of the best and like you i will always like Pat, even if its a strain at times . Yes he suffered a lot and had a lot more guts than many of his critics but he is now a fully fledged politican.
    I wonder sometimes what his true opinion is on prisoners , he told me he regards them as Republicans but I wonder If some of the speak is for old times sake speak?
    Heard him on the radio about the bomb alerts last week, he said he will speak to anyone. I was going to ask him when he was speaking to the 'parasites' could he find out how I could get a rebate on my shopping as I had to go to M & S instead of Tesco.

  22. Fionnuala, I'd say the photo was taken because the Politburo gave the go-ahead for the party to start agitating more on this issue. Why? Because as you say it has damaged their standing in the republican community - big time. People, even their own grass-roots members, know they've gone soft. Some are asking hard questions. The like of this photo-op was designed to help put the ship back on an keel. Look at us, we're so concerned. Look at the sadness on our faces. It's a subtle shift. Likewise the council resolutions. When people asked searching questions in regards what they were doing for Marian Price, Gerry McGeough or Martin Corey they had something to point towards as evidence of their concern and action. They were feeling the pressure of the excellent campaigns being conducted on behalf of the three and routinely were being slaughtered on Facebook and other online forums such as this one. Something had to be done to keep things ticking over. Sounds conspiratorial but in my view everything with this outfit is calculated, it's enough to sicken a man the way they operate. But people aren't fooled by them any longer. Soon all they'll have left are those in the pay of the party. I'd venture to say they'll be hard-pressed to get voluntary canvassers like they had in days gone by. Personally having canvassed for them for years, sold tickets and papers, collected at the chapels or whatever I wouldn't even vote for them, I wouldn't even buy as much as a ticket. They have let themselves and the rest of us down by how they've allowed things to develop the last few years and key to it all was the decision to support the RUC. I was just thinking earlier on and still can't believe they'd actually the nerve to ask people to join a police force that has murdered all round it just because they changed the name. They've lost the plot and good riddance to them. What a terrible, terrible waste of something that was so good. It's sad

  23. Sean a cara a wise woman once said to me "ifs its not in you it wont come out"!

  24. Sean,
    Big money meant big changes., they were bought and we in turn were sold. Hard to grasp sometimes and very sickening. They have lied, thieved and indulged in every type of grubby behaviour imaginable and they strut about like saviours.
    Maybe they are adhering to Adams gospel, that the poor will always be with us but we are stinking rich, so keep up the crap, apologise for Republican existence remember the odd dead volunteer, complain about the union jack light the city hall green but basically don't give a shit.