Another one Interned by Decree.

Guest writer Alec McCrory with a piece on the latest in a series of British state measures which are directed towards republicans and pose a significant threat to civil liberties.

When Damien McLaughlin returned from a visit with his wife and young children on Tuesday, he discovered a large folder sitting on his bed. A sixth sense alerted him to the possibility of bad news. Damien had not ruled out the revocation of his licence due to the weakness of the current charges against him. With a degree of foreboding he gingerly lifted the folder removing a larger brown envelope. Inside the envelope was a letter from the British Secretary of State informing him that his licence had indeed been revoked based on security reports. No other explanation was given for this decision.

Damien was previously convicted of possessing a weapon and was sentenced to five years imprisonment. He was on Roe House during the protest and was subjected to dozens of brutal strip searches. His personal account of the procedure, which appeared on TPQ last year, is the most graphic and disturbing to appear to date.

He was released last year having completed more than half of his sentence. Because he fell under the terms of ‘The Criminal Justice Order 2008’ - this effectively removed fifty-per cent remission - the remainder of his sentence was to be served on probation. The conditions of release required him to meet with a probation officer on a monthly basis, inform them of all changes in his personal circumstances, provide fingerprints when requested to by the police, and to seek permission to travel. Damien was also placed on a ‘terrorist’ register for an extended period of five years.

All of this reeks of a new policy of criminalisation which political prisoners are bound to resist to the better end.

Damien McLaughlin now finds himself one of a growing number of Republicans who have been interned by decree. This policy of creeping internment has been met with little opposition from the nationalist parties at Stormont. They prefer to approach the issue on the basis of the individual injustice rather than that of systemic abuse. To shout too loudly would run the risk of alerting people to the existence of serious anomalies within the criminal justice system.

Our appointed champions of the new political order want the people to remain ignorant to the old ways of British misrule. As long as those being jailed are a tiny minority there is no need to kick-up a fuss. And if asked what we are doing about Marian Price: we are working our backsides of behind the scenes. This has become the stock response of the political parties to any questions.

Martin Corey, Marian Price, Gerry McGeough (released), Brendan McConville, John Paul Wotton, Stephen Murney, Brian Shivers and Damien McLaughlin. All of these people have families and are well respected members of their communities. Slowly, these human rights abuses are leaking out into the public arena thanks to the efforts of political and human rights activists. Many campaigns have helped to raise awareness around these issues, so much so, that more questions are now being asked about the return of internment and other forms of injustice. The people are awaking from their slumber.



  1. Alec,

    it takes somebody to keep these prisoners in the public mind. We know from experience that invisible prisoners have invisible rights.

  2. There's a complacency at Stormont on these ugly goings on facilitated by closed ranks across the non-existent party political divide. A reservoir of ills is being created that may very well be ammo for the next physical force flare-up. For now or until the Brits do something megga daft (never rule it out) people are still just glad it's 'over'.

  3. Larry it's not over (not by a long shot). Media, folks on the hill etc want people to believe that..

    How can it be when almost every week on the TPQ you can read horror stories about forced strip searching?

    Throw into the mix the flag protest (soon marching season), at least once a week operations by PFR's are either thwarted or 'bad luck' stops it taking place successfully..

    I'm not forgetting the growing numbers of people falling into the poverty trap..

    It seems to me like history is repeating itself.

  4. Well done Anthony for drawing attention to this situation. A complete disgrace, it's plain to be seen the case against this man wasn't up to scratch and so, like with Stephen Murney, the Brits have moved accordingly. What a joke. If only it were funny.

    DD McLaughlin's treatment is the epitome of how Britain's revamped internment policy works. His is the typical example. And what's worse is this is the second time in a very short space of time this has happened this family, the man has a wife and kids and his suffering is their suffering. Having only been released from a similar two-year stint in Roe House at the end of 2011 less than a year had passed before they played their dirty tricks all over again. Lifted out of his home in the run-up to Christmas and refused bail on, wait for it, the promise of "possible" evidence it looks now as we suspected from the start any such "evidence" is bogus or non-existent and now this is a remedial solution. This is a total, total disgrace, God be with the lad.

    And what say the quislings as Marty on here calls them, what say they about this British justice system, which like it or not they are now a part? And to stand outside the chapels lifting money in the name of Ireland's republican dead and them going along with this! Lower than a snakes belly. Injustice system more like, "British justice" has got to be the biggest bullshit story ever told and Quisling Sinn Fein are now part and parcel of the whole stinking set-up, as Martin Galvin recently stated they are standing still for internment, they are complicit whether they realise it or not.

    We should all keep DD and his family in our thoughts and prayers, likewise those such as Gavin Coyle, Sharon Rafferty and all the others in on trumped up evidence that will never secure a conviction but will ensure the corrupt imprisonment of these people for at least two years until the charges are either thrown out or dropped. This is how they are now working it! You can get two years for being a republican whether you've done anything or not and there's no way to stop it as things stands if they cone for you. This is internment by remand, this is the conveyor-built system of "justice" all over again. People need to be aware of the situation and speak out. Once again fair play Anthony for raising awareness on this, we'll certainly not hear about it on the controlled news

    End British Internment is dead right Anthony. Free DD McLaughlin now and all the others too

  5. Sean Bres,

    sorry about the confusion. I overlooked putting the prologue in. The piece was written by Alec McCrory.

  6. Internment didn't go away, it was just on a back burner whilst the security service (MI5) had everything in place to take over all security matters within the Norn Iron , also on the UK mainland. They got what the wanted.

    This is the brits way of saying, whether you did or whether you didn't, if you don't support the G.F.A. you are getting lifted, we don't need evidence, its a security matter and when MI5 say your a danger, they are believed by any Diplock court.

    In the week prior to Francie Mollys election , all SF TD's were asking questions in the Dail about Marian. Once the election was over everything stopped! I would call that a vote catcher, thats the only explanation I can Think off.

    But, the worst is still to come, The New National Crime Agency now it's stated that this new agency will come under the control of the Chief Constable of RUC/PSNI, Don't believe a word of it, this agency will come under and be part of MI5 with sweeping arresting powers, Straight to Jail, no Diplock judge required. Testing times ahead for every Republican.

    The brits are trying to draw Republicans out just to see what fire power and explosives they can muster up, and, it would not matter one iota if a major explosion was carried out by Republicans because NCA/MI5 want it to happen, then the Raids of homes Start all over again.

    That's mine and others opinion, The brits are attempting to build a power base of touts and safe houses for covert spying.
    My advice is, If anyone is approached to become a british spy and a meeting is arranged, when you arrive at the meetingplace in your car and before getting out to goto the filth's car ,switch your mobile on to voice recorder and press record, its been done before.

    Now, Try to bring the recording to SF and see what they say, I'm sure they would not publish it, but, who knows!

    NO ONE IS SAFE, we are all going back in time whilst the men in suits who sit in the House of Carson Stormont and those SF TD's also, take there monthly pay check with Pleasure.

    They have sold there own mother.

  7. I see, never realised. Well I'd just like to say fair play to Alec then, that was a brilliant article dealing with all the facts in a very clear manner. I hope that as many people read and share it as possible

  8. Sean Bres,

    I only realised it when you complimented me. You are right - it is a very good piece that deserves wider reading. And it is taking off in terms of page hits here

  9. Frankie

    'Throw into the mix the flag protest (soon marching season), at least once a week operations by PFR's are either thwarted or 'bad luck' stops it taking place successfully..'

    My reading of that situation is security forces keeping themselves in a job with the help of a few touts and in all honesty after the revelations in recent times would you direct anyones child towards any of them?

    Turn your back on it and let demographics continue.

  10. @frankie, the point re geography was the incorrect location of the bomb given by those who planted the bomb. There is no point phoning up and giving an incorrect location & time ( proven by the release of the emergency services recordings). A 17 yr old was murdered in Belfast the next day in retaliation. What a waste.I never hear Galvin fuming about it. He is very very busy securing the release of the men detained without charge for a decade in Guantanamo . LOL.

  11. "The people are awaking from their slumber" I seriously hope that is true. At times I find the ignorance and apathy that surrounds the criminalisation policies almost as alarming as the inhumane and brutal treatment within the prison.

    Apart from a few very close Republican friends, I cannot say that anyone I know so called Republicans or otherwise ever broaches the subject of systemic abouse or prisoners.

    The message for whatever reason does not seem to resonating or raising awareness in the right quarters.
    I think of all of us, with the exception of the people who try almost daily to find resolutions should feel more than a bit ashamed of ourselves.

    Would a more centralised format provide a solution? One central body to collect funds and provide information so that we in turn can provide support.
    There are Republican prisoners and their families very much in need of support outside of the remit of their own family and friends.
    Empathy and understanding is of often more appreciated when those who express it are suffering like you.
    A centralised fund to which we can all donate and donate in the knowledge that we are benefiting to all Republican prisoners would mean a lot to us people who feel we could and should be doing more.

  12. Nuala,

    a very plausible idea but you will have your work cut out pushing it against a tide of so much mutual recrimination. The fact that they are republican prisoners should override what type of republican prisoner they are. But I know I am preaching to the converted on this one.

  13. Mackers,
    I just feel we could be doing so much more. I'm sure there are prisoners in dire straits and I'm sure if proper channels were opened then the support could filter through.
    In the mid seventies I remember having little worries in prison because what your family could not provide others in the Republican family filled the void i.e. letters, visits, parcels and general support. In the 80s probably due to the intensity of the war and other people struggling there seemed to be less hands on support from outside the family. I was constantly worried about my mother and I felt she could of been better looked after, which no doubt was the case for many other people but it affected me and it changed my whole perspective on the importance of taking care of prisoners and their families.

  14. Nuala,

    this is so true. I think the prisoners issue is one thing republicans who support armed campaigning and republicans who oppose it share in common and readily get annoyed about. It really galls me to hear of prisoners being abused; makes me see red. I recall back in 84 writing a piece in the Andytown News about a loyalist prisoner who had died trying to escape. The screws had come on our wing after it and made fun of him. They felt our coldness ever so quickly. The prisoner is the underdog and our experience of life has imbued us with a mindset that sees it as they do.

  15. Mackers,
    We can be thankful for that mindset. I knew what it felt like not to have the type of support I should have imagined would have been there and if I could in some way alleviate someone else feeling like that then I would do so and I know many others who would do likewise.

  16. I do have to take issue with the tone of some of the post, albeit well-written and obviously sincere. While there is obvious suspicion over how parties are seeking to address these issues, it would be foolish to expect that in order to correct those who say that the line 'we are working behind the scenes' is insufficient, they should give a blow by blow account of talks with the NIO and others on specific justice-related issues.

  17. TJ,

    what is the issue with the tone of the post? The work the parties claim to be doing can not be assessed in the absence of product. Many issues remain unresloved dispite their best efforts.

  18. Alec, I just think people need to be realistic about how much can be put in the public domain. We know Pat Ramsey is doing alot of work, but the intricate details of that work surely can't be disclosed entirely.

  19. Transparent Justice.
    It would be nice just to know some of what they do? Because despite whatever is happening nothing seems to be moving, infact things seem to be going in reverse.
    Devolution promised many things. Sinn Fein demanded the transfer of policing and justice, yet to date all we have seen is smoke and mirrors. If they are powerless in relation to these matters or overshadowed by M15 is it wrong to expect them to say it

  20. Don't know if I'd call any of it their best efforts Alec. We seen something akin to their best effort when it came to the Padraig Wilson saga. Truth be told it didn't even take it, the fact they spoke up in a genuine way was enough go convince the Brits they'd gone a step too far for now. Gerry Kelly seemed genuinely upset and in total disbelief that they came for one of his own. If the same determined effort was applied in cases such as those of Marian Price, Tony Taylor, Gerry McGeough or Martin Corey things would probably be different. But the truth is, as the treatment of the Lundy family demonstrates, they don't give a shit beyond placating their own base. And the Brits know it - thus they batter on with their agenda in full knowledge there will be little consequence, at least from the political mainstream. So it's not their best effort, it's only what they're willing to do. There's no doubt in my mind they could do more, they've already proven it. Their quisling role in administering British rule in Ireland prevents them from taking a republican position. It's arguable they aren't even republicans any longer, at least no more than Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael or the SDLP. They are the establishment now and thus "Raymond McCartney's working tirelessly behind the scenes" is all they can come up with to try and hold on to the support of those republicans yet to see through the absolute lies Sinn Fein are telling. How long are we expected to swallow that crap for. If they haven't realised by now that approach is not working and is not going to work then they are clean stupid. And Sinn Fein are not stupid. To hell with them. Administering British rule in Ireland is something they have gotten very good at. A trip to Brazil I suppose would help heal any pain felt on reflecting where they've ended up. Sold out. Sorry if that's all a bit over the top but I'll admit I find this whole thing very annoying - the fact they are still trying to pretend they are the republican party of old when they've betrayed every principle they ever stood for and are actively assisting the Brits in their efforts to normalise the occupied six-counties. No doubt there are many, many good republicans still working with Sinn Fein but that leadership is a disgrace and to use their own words are traitors to the island of Ireland - those quislings who sold out the patriot game to quote a famous ballad. At the end of the day the bottom line here is if you participate in a system, regime, government, administration or whatever it is you wish to call it that treats people like this and you don't speak out then you are COMPLICIT

  21. Hardly surprising is the Queen's own Shinner's pro-Brit stance given the mindset of many of their fanatical underlings.

    One such being Ireland's dumbest councillor, Michael McIvor, who posted the following today on in regards to the murder of Jo Jo O'Connor...

    "You on about that real hood who talked big but cried like a baby when the Provos came for him- "

    Tim Nasty but Dim.

  22. Bit off topic here but I'll throw this in the mix anyway.. Apparently Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill requested a British Army Chinook helicopter to deliver feed to rural areas where animals were stranded because of the bad weather. So much for Brits out. That's how far the Shinners have sunk, a disgrace. And them out collecting National Graves money and keeping it for themselves? Was it not the same Brits that killed the likes of Pete Ryan, Lawrence McNally and Tony Doris? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!

    No shame on both counts, away to the dogs. Quisling Sinn Fein, Queen's Sinn Fein, whatever you want to call them. Just when you think they can't sink any lower. Yet they'll still be in Carrickmore playing the republican card on Easter Sunday. Get on about your business ye's sell outs! Any Tyrone republicans watching on here be sure and come out and show your support for the republican movement on Easter MONDAY in Carrickmore where Tyrone National Graves are holding their traditional event despite the best efforts of Sinn Fein to crush the independence and autonomy of this organisation for daring to ask that policing partnership members not lay wreaths over the graves of the local Volunteers, many of whose deaths the RUC were steeped to their necks in orchestrating. Sure don't the Shinners now work with the scumbag on the area PCSP who helped plan and execute the shoot-to-kill ambush of the four lads in Clonoe chapel car-park... Short memories.

    We are on the way back, that other lot have had their day. As republicans they're done, they now espouse the type of politics espoused by the SDLP, that's what they are these days, just a little more strident to try and convince the rest of us they're still the same party as before. Perhaps they're trying to convince themselves. As Alec said in his piece the republican people are waking from their slumber. I think Easter Monday will show just where the republican base stands in Tyrone

  23. Sean bres-

    It was Sinn Fein who removed all the armed brit choppers in the first place-

    Michelle O'Neill made the right choice to help those in need-if it was your choice you would have let People and animals die rather than give them the best aid available-

    One of those fallen Volunteers that you named was a cousin of Michelle's but she still made the call for help-i cant fault her-

    " Collecting National Graves money and kepping it for themselves "

    Do you know the bills for commemorations-the bands have to be paid-wreaths paid-bunting-flags and the micro-phone-you will be in for a shock if you dont-

    There was an ad in todays Irish news from the Societys [page 13] about the commemoration at Carrickmore on Easter Monday-but no big colour ads for Irelands other 31 countys-Tyrone alone just-yous are a one trick pony-

  24. Michael..

    It was Sinn Fein who removed all the armed brit choppers in the first place-

    What planet do you live on?? Just how do the BA personel still stationed in the north get transfered?

    Michael while I'm here, why doesn't Gerry Kelly resign from the policing board in support of the prisoners in Roe Hse/Hydebank. He came through the same ordeal as marian Price 'force feeding', fought the British both inside é outside prison...Refuses to stand shoulder to shoulder with GARC (he's an elected rep. for North Belfast (means he represents the people from there regardless of race, colour & creed)...

    I can get my head around Gerry Adams denial & Martin McGuinness's stance..(he has to add Russia & India to complete the BRIC)..But Gerry Kelly??? His position has always snookered me.

    Michael can you throw any light on the subject?

  25. "It was Sinn Fein who removed all the armed brit choppers in the first place-"

    And various other nonsense...

    By Michael Henry aka the dumbest councillor in Ireland Michael McIvor.

    When I look at some of the half wits Derry SF passes off on the community as politicians and at the likes of McIvor I realise why McGuinness and Adams were able to sell that party the amount of shit they did.

    Oh and Micky boy, The Queens own Shinners are nothing short of grave robbers exploiting the memory of our Fallen Comrades for money.

  26. @ larry,

    My reading of that situation is security forces keeping themselves in a job with the help of a few touts

    These few touts are getting rich. For the year 2011/12 at least 430k was spent on them. I agree the RUC/PSNI are fanning the flames to line their pockets on overtime and to keep the 'war/troubles/acceptable level of violence' ticking along..

  27. Fionnualla.

    I agree with you about the help of prisoners and their families.

    I wonder what would happen if we all stood outside the Felons asking for donations for political Prisoners families!, the wrath would be the craic.


    "One such being Ireland's dumbest councillor, Michael McIvor, who posted the following today on in regards to the murder of Jo Jo O'Connor...

    "You on about that real hood who talked big but cried like a baby when the Provos came for him- "

    Seems he has left himself open for arrest for that comment. Knowingly stating that this was a provo attack?. I Wonder!.

    Sean Bres

    "And them out collecting National Graves money and keeping it for themselves?"

    WHAT, don't tell me all the Bank Job Money has gone already!. But don't forget, SF only get the average wage, £££$$$$$$$$$$EU, the rest goes into a central fund, but , what fund!, Oh, sorry, Its the top echelons retirement fund.
    As for the Chinook, they will tell you it came back from the Mull Of Kintyre, "GHOST SQUAD", NOW, did the Provies really put that mountain there!. Doe's the Irish Army not have Helicopters anymore!.


    Nice to see you and SF are still supporting your brit friends over the falklands referendum , Three Dissidents voted against!. Ack sure they must have been from the rightful owners of the Island ; "Argentina owns the malvinas"
    Would you like to make a donation to the interned political prisoners families fund?.
    Reply by cash only please, collectors may be calling in your area very soon!.

  28. Time will tell Michael, the Societies are only in the process of being rolled out but make no mistake they're growing and growing fast. There's an appetite for a line of republicanism independent of Sinn Fein round these parts because people are realising what Sinn Fein has ended up as - the very thing they set out to destroy, the British system itself.

    Sadly Sinn Fein is now fully and wilfully immersed in the British system and to no avail. I can think of no better way to describe the sea-change than the fact that people who once canvassed for SDLP and practically spat on us are now sitting at Comhairle Ceanntair meetings having suddenly converted to republicanism. One individual now with his feet firmly under the table worked against us constantly and worked through the RUC and UDR who were trying to ingratiate themselves in our communities with tug of war and children's days away. Individuals such as the man I refer to despised us and everything we stood for - now they're the party faithful? What's changed here is not the mindset of such people but the politics of Sinn Fein. You're entitled to your politics of course but at least admit to yourself what they are. The party is copper-fastening the Union, albeit in a new dispensation, rather than ending it. Any sensible analysis of your strategy easily shows this.

    The fact that Tyrone is a strong point for the republican movement is nothing new so don't dismiss the Societies on that basis. All through the centuries we've been a one-trick pony if that's how you wish to call it, totally committed to the struggle against the British, that's why you're seeing a resurgence in this area because Tyrone will never lie down to the Brits, especially now it realises it's been duped by the Adams leadership.

    As far as the bills go for Tyrone National Graves it sure doesn't help that your party has been trying to take over the collections that traditionally funded the commemorations of our Volunteer dead, and the upkeep of the graves and monuments erected in their memory. Your collection is for the Sinn Fein party at the expense of such monuments. Spitefulness at people going against ye's is the biggest reason for this and well you know it, as I'm sure you're aware of the nasty carry-on that's went down the last few years. Certain people were blackened and treated like dirt who'd given their lives to the movement including being incarcerated in the course of our struggle. But you's can't hold back the tide and we're starting to see it.

    As for the Chinook the least you's could have done was ask the Southern government for assistance from their emergency services rather than the Brits, you've lost the plot. Administering British rule has got ye's that far sucked in you can't even see the disparity in your position. It's madness to think this could ever be an acceptable position. I discussed it with a few friends this evening who're not involved in politics or aligned to anyone, just average 5' 8" types, and they were amazed. And it was the IRA that got those choppers out of Ireland by the way not Sinn Fein, including the East Tyrone Brigade who as we both know withdrew its support for the current leadership.

    In terms of Michelle yeah she's far from the worst of them, probably like yourself. I remember her at a public meeting last year in Coalisland about Marian and it took balls for her to come in as almost everyone there were hostile to her party and it's attitude towards cases such as the one in question. I recall some old-timers giving her what for but their ire is really for the party leadership who've brought shame on our movement.

    Anyway I'm sure you're a decent man so I'm not trying to argue with you for the sake of it, I think you really need to consider where you's are headed because it's not where you seem to think

  29. Sean Bres

    Your last post was impressive and I am proud to see Tyrone taking a principled political stand. But one part of your post made me cringe.

    'One individual now with his feet firmly under the table worked against us constantly and worked through the RUC and UDR who were trying to ingratiate themselves in our communities with tug of war and children's days away. Individuals such as the man I refer to despised us and everything we stood for - now they're the party faithful?'

    May I ask, is Scap your head of internal security? FFS Jesus wept.

  30. itsjustmacker-

    " Three Dissidents voted against "

    You reading Slugger O'Toole-


    I am only the dumbest because you are so smart-

    Sean bres-

    " the Societies are only in the Process of being rolled out "

    Youse are 5 years old-the First 5 years of the Provos seen hundreds of brit army killed-see the difference-

    " Your party has been trying to take over the collections "

    I was at a few of the collections myself-anyone on ours have been doing the collections for over 20 years-cant say the same about the jonny come lately societies-but to each their own-

    " The least you's could have done was asked the southern goverment "

    They were asked-but now yous societys are looking help from the Free State-the wheel turns for us all-

  31. michaelhenry,

    you are an absolute godsend on this an other sites. Your studity is boundless and shows up the bankruptcy of the party to which you belong. Surely, your position as a councillor has all to do with gathering up votes and nothing to do with offering people decent representation.

  32. I think you'll find the 'Johnny-come-latelies' are all in Sinn Fein not the Societies Michael. I recall being at a republican funeral a few years back and the black and whites included some of those Sinn Fein members I referred to who jumped on the bandwagon once Sinn Fein became fashionable. As I already said they bitterly opposed and condemned us when it mattered most and worked with the security forces when it suited. They certainly did not back the army and vehemently opposed it. If a Brit was killed it was "that's a disgrace", if it was one of ours it didn't matter, good enough for them. It wasn't lost on those present at the funeral just who now sits in Sinn Fein, people were fuming and questioned what the hell was going on that they should be given such a role at a funeral like this where the young man in question was being claimed as a Volunteer. Sinn Fein is full of these types now and well you know it if you're honest. The Societies on the other hand are mostly people who've been there all the way through, the calibre of their republicanism is beyond your attempts to dismiss them. Well beyond.

    When it comes to collections you say you's have been doing yours for twenty years but that's not strictly true. Tyrone National Graves have always, always done the collection so when you collected it was for them, not Sinn Fein. Now you's are taking money that isn't meant for you's. Why? Why take money that's meant for the upkeep of the Garden of Remembrance, the graves of the Volunteers and the monuments in their memory?

    Larry I'm not sure what you meant with the Jesus wept analogy but what I was trying to say was that Sinn Fein have allowed in the type of jokers I referred to above in recent years and it is these people that have their feet now well under the table - SDLP types suddenly converted to republicans

  33. Alec-

    I'll gather them up whilst people avoid you like the plague-

  34. Just in terms of the comment about the Brits being killed at the start of the Troubles again Michael that was the IRA and not your party. The East Tyrone Brigade, who were an integral part of that military campaign, divorced itself from Sinn Fein and it's analysis. So stop trying to link what you's are at with what went before, you's are nothing to do with that now, you's have been bought. The Societies can be considered the lineal representative of Tyrone republicanism and all that went before, you's have abandoned it to become the SDLP in disguise

  35. sean bres regarding the black and whites; the same thing happens in Derry at every PSF event when people who never were near PSF never mind the IRA are turned out like the shinner's version of the British Legion. On top of that the numbers at their so called commemorations have dwindled to under 200.

    The fact is that Adams and McGuinness were the safest Republicans in Ireland during the War. In fact Gerry was clearly protected by the Brits when they saved him from a UDA limpet mine attack in 1987 around the same time the RUC clearly knew about his brother but did nothing.

    As for Marty; well the fact that one of the highest ranking members of PIRA did less time than an ordinary rioter down South while avoiding jail up here should raise questions among even the very dumbest among us.

    They should fear one thing however and thats history, when the peace process can no longer protect them from their seedy pasts.

  36. Michaelhenry,
    You are still coming out with that ridiculous stuff all these years later. Your demise came about very quickly, which means you were never part of what you are bragging about. Reminds me of what the Dark said about Tom Hartley got by by hanging on to those who actually did something's coat tails.

  37. Nuala,

    did I ever tell you about the night that fool Hartley stopped me on the Glen Road to give out about me being a disgrace on TV by criticising Scap? You can imagine the fun I had with that.

  38. Sean Bres

    'Larry I'm not sure what you meant with the Jesus wept analogy but what I was trying to say was that Sinn Fein have allowed in the type of jokers I referred to above in recent years and it is these people that have their feet now well under the table - SDLP types suddenly converted to republicans'

    I 've missread thet. I thought you were saying those people were with the new grouping. My error.

  39. Mackers,
    Scap had them in a tizzy, clearly those who knew he was a agent were trying to play it down and the likes of Hartley was believing the party line. I don't even think Tom would have the mentality to be suitably embarrassed. But you and Brendan had the last laugh.

  40. michaelhenery,

    i'm happy for likes of you to avoid me. I wouldn't lower myself to be under the same political roof as you. Your's was once a proud movement with proud people in its ranks.

  41. I'd a feeling that was the case Larry, no worries. Make no mistake the people in the 1916 Societies would never have had any truck with the UDR or the RUC and never will have. The people involved here are the same people who were the life-blood of the republican struggle down through the years when the likes of those Johnny-come-lately's now filling the emptying ranks of the Sinn Fein party were sucking up to the Brits and disowning the republican movement. I was at a meeting the other night and the room was absolutely rammed with people who've been the mainstay of Tyrone republicanism as long as I can remember - young, old, and even a good few old-timers who have never gone away and it's mighty to see them all still involved. The place was packed to the rafters, there's no doubting how Tyrone republicans see things.

    Going forward here, and hopefully all round the country as we expand, the Societies are definitely something republicans can once again feel proud to be a part of. Putting pride back into republicanism is a key item on the agenda along with ensuring respect for our republican dead and of course providing the space and opportunity for republicans to address the strategic failure of the Adams leadership, debate, analyse, reorganise, rebuild and make sure the Brits haven't won just yet - despite the catastrophic policies pursued by the Adams/McGuinness leadership. They thought it was over but it's never over. To borrow the words of a famous Irish rebel martyred in Easter 1916 they thought they had "purchased half of us and intimidated the other. They thought they had foreseen everything. But the fools, the fools, the fools..."

  42. I would like to correct a few inaccuracies. Damien was sentenced to 4-and-a-half years. He was put on the 'threat'register for 10yrs.

  43. sean bres

    Brilliant. Onwards and upwards.

    I saw the modern SF mob at university. All murder is wrong was one quote followed by it's all the same as the 'twin-towers' and wrong. Murder is murder....

    My brain just went into shut-down mode.

    Wish you well Sean.

  44. Sean Bres.

    "I can think of no better way to describe the sea-change than the fact that people who once canvassed for SDLP and practically spat on us are now sitting at Comhairle Ceanntair meetings having suddenly converted to republicanism. One individual now with his feet firmly under the table worked against us constantly and worked through the RUC and UDR who were trying to ingratiate themselves in our communities with tug of war and children's days away. Individuals such as the man I refer to despised us and everything we stood for - now they're the party faithful? What's changed here is not the mindset of such people but the politics of Sinn Fein."

    Firstly, I'm not trying to be ignorant towards Yourself, but after reading the above portion of your post I have to ask, Does a leopard ever change its spots?.
    I hasten to say, ulterior motives I would suspect, I've been down that road, the least person who I would ever suspect, Implicated me in something. Its not who you know, Its now down to WATCH OUT, I keep getting Letters from the Hated English Team regarding that person whom I trusted. I just keep myself safe, get down to Eire as often as I can, watch the bastard with his hanger on paid Hench men, There's more eyes in Eire than in Ulster. Money rules down under.

    If the politics of SF changed Your Man, to me, that would be very worrying.

    A Leopard never changes its spots.

    But, I hope I am Wrong, Just be careful.

  45. Seán Bres – followed your comments with interest and,
    Michaelhenry - didn’t!
    AM – Still tittering to myself over the Hartley comments…….oh, now that your igloo business is put on hold for 6 months, Michelle O’Neill could be doing with those skills!!!
    Very passionate comments and inspirational also….I was unaware that the E.T.B had officially withdrawn its support for SF/MI5 or have I miss-interpreted your comments? If so, I am somewhat dismayed to have my initial euphoria deflated but whole-heartedly apologise.

  46. Seán Bres – followed your comments with interest and,
    Michaelhenry - didn’t!
    AM – Still tittering to myself over the Hartley comments…….oh, now that your igloo business is put on hold for 6 months, Michelle O’Neill could be doing with those skills!!!
    Very passionate comments and inspirational also….I was unaware that the E.T.B had officially withdrawn its support for SF/MI5 or have I miss-interpreted your comments? If so, I am somewhat dismayed to have my initial euphoria deflated but whole-heartedly apologise.

  47. Niall,

    while I attach great significance to the NUJ and the good work it has done I know from experience of having served on the ethics council that it is something of a standing joke which serves to undermine the free speech ethos of the union.

    It arrived in Belfast in a vessel called 'the ship of fools'. A junket chasing gang of English 'toffs against tittle tattle' who in typically spineless fashion pandered to the power of the papers. And for all their waxing about policing free speech I am still here refusing to be censored and telling the ethics council to squat on my middle finger because I don't give one toss about their delusional deliberations.

  48. As someone living in Ardboe, it was only a matter of time before Damien fell foul of his early release. His behaviour and the company he kept secured the revokation of his license.

    People might not like to hear this but if you live in Ardboe, you will know too well what i am on about.

  49. Veritas

    Is there something wrong with your head? So a person can be denied of his/her liberty because of their associations and behaviour. Perhaps you are the source of the secret information as you would appear to be well versed on his personal affairs. This is a scandalous statement to make on a public forum using a pseudonym. Grow a pair of balls and come out from under your rock.

  50. Alec,

    I thought this myself. The comment lacks credibility because it is so transparently weak. Anybody can stand with a bag over their head and point the finger. Because it was so weak it is worthwhile carrying as it reveals about the person making the comment than the person being attacked ib the comment.


    you are free to comment here but you should have the courage of your convictions when you wish to say something along the lines that you did. What you have achieved is to reinforce the suspicion that this man is the victim of a whispering campaign rather than being held to account by anything that could remotely be called justice.

  51. Mackers,
    That is a disgraceful comment and it undoubtedly comes from someone who knows exactly what they are about. People are perfectly entitled to use a pseudonym but not when it used with a malicious agenda. People who delve in this nonsense are more to be pitied not just because they are devoid of courage but also conviction.

  52. Nuala,

    you are probably right.

    I made a judgement call on the basis that it would expose the type of mind behind it rather than do any harm to the man being attacked in that fashion. But I think in future that somebody wishing to make this sort of comment should use their own name. Invisible posters should have invisible rights.

    What do you all think?

  53. Mackers
    I think you are spot on. Anyone can say anything behind a pseudoynm it's their protection but there is no protection for their target. A comment that suggests a person is guilty by association is disturbing and made all the more disturbing by the insinuation that Damian is the master of his own downfall. People are entitled to believe what they want to believe but engaging in this type of behaviour and then using the cowards way out is not on!

  54. Veritas.

    You seem to know a lot, is, or, was Damien a friend of yours?.

    I doubt very much the whole of Ardboe think like you. You sound like someone with a chip on your shoulder.

    Well, its about time you got that chip of your shoulder.

    To make such a statement on an open public blog is an absolute disgrace.

    Are citizens not allowed to meet with other citizens without being blackened.

    So please come back and reply. I'm very curious as to were, or, how , you got this information, are you stalking and watching Damien. seems like it to me. so prove me wrong.

  55. Mackers,

    I was close to criticising you for carrying that scurrilous comment but I see your logic. Damien has a wife and three young children who are the true victims of this injustuce. It is not enough to deprive a person of their liberty because of association or security assessments. The right to a proper defence based on the full disclosure of the evidence is a fundamental principle of the law.

    People who come on this blog to post irresponsible and vindictive comments such as this one should not have the rigth to have their identies concealed.

  56. itsjustmacker,

    I don't think we will be hearing from Veritas again on this subject. Not if he/she wishes to make further comment under a proper name. Anonymity is the refuge of the coward in this particular instance.

  57. Guilty by association means the entire community would be locked up.

  58. Veritas,

    full ID that can be authenticated and we will carry any non libellous comments that you wish to submit.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Veritas,

    put your full name on it and if we have any cause to doubt the authenticity of your ID we will get back to you. Alternatively you can send contact details to the comment section. I will not publish them nor allow anybody else access to them. I will then get in touch.

    How do you know I won't breach that undertaking? You don't so you have to deal with that as you think fit.

    You might feel you have good cause not to provide your full ID. Indeed, I don't want your ID on this blog if you feel it could lead to harm for you. But if that is so you then have to forego your criticisms of a named person. You can come in and make your comments in a general sense.

    To make the comments that you do from behind a wall of concealment merely undermines the validity of what you have to say. You must know this yourself. So why take a chance rather than do the thing with some integrity?

    Everybody, Grizzly included, who you referred to in one of your unpublished comments, has the right to an open procedure. If you were to come in and call Grizzly's brother a child rapist it would not be carried given that he is facing trial. I think the same decorum has to be afforded to Damien Mclaughlin. This secret evidence that is used to detain people is so egregious that it should be opposed. It should not be employed against republicans, loyalists or the ordinary citizen.

    You might have grievances and feel seriously annoyed but you still have an obligation to approcah the matter with the proprietary required.

  61. Fair enough said, il try and tweak my settings, rather new to blogging.

  62. Veritas,

    you just learn the ropes like the rest of us who come to it for the first time. It is trial and error and learn as you go. Even for us who have been at it quite some time there is no blueprint that allows us to handle every situation that comes up. Best rule of thumb is if you are going to err then do so on the side of caution.

  63. Brain, mouth no clutch and its out at times with me but i will have a fair try at it.

    3 things you can't recover in life:

    The words after they're said, the moment after it's missed, and the time after it's gone.

  64. Veritas,

    you should post more often. There is much in that we can all learn from.

  65. Thank you, i will post indeed, i can always learn, every day is a school day.

  66. Veritas,

    it is to your own credit that you can see the nuance and difficulty in these matters.

  67. Veratis.

    "The words after they're said, the moment after it's missed, and the time after it's gone."

    I understand what you mean.

    The words after they're said can be retracted with an apology if the person posting it, realise's they have made an error, done it a few times myself on TPQ, as for the other two, I know were you are coming from. Life can be a Bitch at times, we have all been through bad times, easy way is, Spill the beans and be surprised at the comments you get. I will not ask you for a reply to my last post, the reason is, I believe you are hurting, and, I would not wish you to be hurting anymore. Welcome to the TPQ, but, if you want to reply to my request, please do so.

  68. itsjustmacker.

    i jumped in at the deep end and im treading water at the minute but i hope i can break into a paddle soon and enojy TPQ. I am the worlds worst person at stickng to my first impressions of people/things despite me being wrong 85% of the time, i try not to do it but i fail, the mind is willing but the other mind is weak :-0

  69. Nuala,

    I will forever remain suspicious of those who played Scap down knowing him to be an agent.