From Free Marian Price Now!

A Chairde,

a new mural for Marian has been painted on the International Wall on the Falls Road in Belfast.

Mural For Marian Price

From Free Marian Price Now!

A Chairde,

a new mural for Marian has been painted on the International Wall on the Falls Road in Belfast.


  1. Great to see Marian finally appearing on The International Wall, wonder why it took so long?

  2. Great to see Marian finally appearing on The International Wall, wonder why it took so long?

  3. Fionnuala:

    You are correct, it is about time, Last week in the Dail, all SF TD's asked questions on Marian's unlawful detention, I was wondering why, after all this time!

  4. How did the International wall develop, was it spontaneous or planned, how long has it been there. I ask as it gives an opportunity to get Marian's wrongful imprisonment out there. I looked for a link but cannot find much.

  5. The mural is another sign of Sinn Fein positioning itself to claim some credit once Marian is eventually released.

  6. Just maybe they'll hope it'll help (in some way )Francie Molloy get elected in Fermanagh...

    I have a theory about Marian Price. That when she has been locked up for 2yrs, she'll be given a court apperance and charged for holding a piece of paper..Then released because of time already spent..

  7. )From Sandy Boyer of the Free Marian Price, US

    I wanted to remind everyone about the Marian Price contingent in the St. Pat's For All parade this Sunday. We'll have a banner "Free Marian Price" and we'll distribute the flyer with the message from Bernadette Devlin McAliskey asking people to email the Parole Commission. Now we need you to
    be there.

    Marian Price Contingent in St. Pat's For All Parade

    There will be a Marian Price contingent in the Sunnyside, Queens, NY "St.Pat's for All" parade on Sunday March 3.

    We will assemble at 12:30 at 47 Street and Skillman Avenue.

    We will have a "Free Marian Price" banner and we can distribute a message from Bernadette Devlin McAliskey.

    Mass Transit Directions:

    #7 Subway - Take to 46th Street and Bliss Street. Walk to 47th Street and
    Skillman Ave.

    Alternate Subway/Bus routes:
    Take the R Subway to 46th Street (exit near intersection of 46th Street and Broadway) and transfer to the Q104 bus heading to Sunnyside. Get off at 48th Street and Skillman Ave. Walk to 47th Street (and Skillman Ave.)

    Or, take the E or F trains to Jackson Heights 74th Ave/Roosevelt, then take the Q32 bus to 58th St. and Skillman Ave, then walk to 47th St (and Skillman Ave.)

  8. Frankie if Marian was come was to front of Alecs beak she will go down for life ,that auld paper could give someone a quare cut,and she,d get another ten years for being a republican.

  9. From Sandy Boyer of the Free Marian Price, US

    Sunday the #7 train won't run between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza.
    Take the N to Q from Times Square to Queesboro Plaza and change to the #7
    to 46 Street/Bliss St

  10. Marty,
    I can't understand your comment, probably straightforward but I honestly don't know what it means?

  11. Nuala the grand child was bouncing on my knee when I was typing out that post and she hit the keys which sent it before I could look at it ,I was trying to say if Marian was to hauled up in front of the same judge that Alec had the misfortune to meet then I thought given his and his bosses obvious dislike for republicans then Marian would be sent down for a lot longer than two years therefore Frankies theory would in all probability not stand up.

  12. The quare cut jibe was in relation to the piece of very dangerous paper Marian was holding,

  13. Marty,
    Now drunk down in frankie and bennys so i have no problem giving apardon eve here as wwll

  14. To: Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland

    From: Brendan Moore National President: Ancient Order of Hibernians USA
    February 26, 2013

    The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH), America’s largest Irish organization, adds it voice to the scores of other organizations, elected officials and citizens from throughout the world in calling for the immediate release of Marian Price. The AOH is a staunch supporter of the full implementation
    of the Good Friday agreement and believes that all people in the North of Ireland have the right to peace, truth and justice.

    As members of the Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland you have the ability to address once and for all the severe injustice that the current legal system has administered to Ms. Price. Based on criteria related to humanitarian and justice grounds there is no justification to deny her parole
    request. If you are what your board claims to be “an independent body” you need to exhibit that independence and grant parole to Ms. Price.

    Ms Price’s medical condition is well known; she is gravely ill, frail,
    weak and of no possible danger to anyone. Based on your own judgment
    criteria that if at ‘the end of the hearing, ... the panel is satisfied that the level of risk the prisoner poses is no more than minimal, then it is required by law to direct that the prisoner should be released” The board of commissioners needs to go no further than its own established criteria and therefore solely for humanitarian reasons release Ms. Price immediately.

    The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America request that you grant parole to Ms. Marian Price.

  15. Sandy Boyer of the Free Marian Price Campaign, US

    I spoke with Jerry McGlinchey, Marian's husband, who told me she had a parole hearing yesterday and that it will continue on March 11 and possibly the 13th.

    A judge has decided to hold a hearing on the original charges related to holding up a piece of paper at a commemoration in Derry. Sessions will be limited to 45 minutes and Marian will get a 30 minute break between each.

    I hope to see people at the St Pat's for All parade tomorrow (Sunday)

    Keep emailing the Parole Commission at

  16. I read in yesterdays Irish News page six under and article about how quisling $inn £ein supporter and allegedly AC member Sean Hughes was granted bail on a number of serious charges including IRA membership, the article below it was about Marian,s closed parole board hearing meeting in this article we are shown a picture of Marian and a separate picture of Quisling $inn £ein deputy first minister Martbroy Mc Guinness and mla crony Jennifer Mc Cann we are told that Mc Guinness attended the closed parole board hearing after visiting Marian in hospital earlier in the morning, now what I find truly troubling is,was this an election stunt on behalf of quisling $inn £ein using a vulnerable woman or has Martybroy changed his opinion on republicans who disagree with the gfa,is he now of the opinion that republicans who disagree with his and his party,s stated position are not scum and traitors, or has Marian changed her position on Quisling $inn £ein. if this latest development speeds Marians release then well and good but if it has been a publicity stunt accommodated by those working on Marians behalf then a lot of republican people will be wondering has this move caused even further dissention within the already fragmented republican camp,and might that have been the intention!

  17. The mural looks the business and will hopefully keep Marian in people's minds. On a side note, can anyone shed light on the role McGuinness is playing here? Brit apologist McGuinness hasn't been as vociferous about the treatment of republican pows as he has in condemning republicans. And can we take from him joining in in this kangaroo court process that the shinners are happy with the faceless securocrats using secret evidence and mi5 appoined special advocates?

    The timing of McGuinness' involvement reeks of opportunism with the election this week. And the shinners have been getting it in the throat at the doors.


  18. Ballot paper spoiled, for the sake of Marian, Martin Corey and the POW's spoil your vote!

    Boycott all British institutions in Ireland!

  19. Well done Seamus Mc hope a lot more follow your example.

  20. Marty,
    I totally agree with you that the 'law' seems to act favourably and unfavourably towards Republicans depending on which side of the GFA they sit.
    In relation to Mc Guinness and Marian though, who can seriously second guess Mc Guinness's intentions in going into visit Marian or making a submission to the parole commission? Perhaps his intentions were similiar to those who escorted or policed Marian on her sad journey to sit a few final hours with her sister. One thing we can all rest assured of is, Mc Guinness has not changed his opinion on Republicans who oppose him. If he even whispered that in his sleep he would be out of that job quicker that he is now signing cheques in Brazil.
    In relation to Marian. Last year when Sinn Fein visited Maghaberry Marian refused to meet them. She refused to meet them in Hydebank other Republicans met with them but Marian refused.
    As campaigners we found that this refusal was causing a serious stumbling block with Republicans of all shades. People were saying and saying very genuinely, 'why are you lot calling on Sinn Fein to act and then putting barriers up when they do'
    Whether any of that filtered back to a woman who initially would not even let us campaign for her because she did not want to deflect from the strip search issue I don't know?
    What I do know is in between those early refusals and the hospital visit Marian became increasingly ill. Dolours her lifes blood in many ways died and this as I am sure you would imagine greatly affected formerly entrenched parameters.
    All my life I have listened to the 'whys' and 'I would nots' and then have had to stand and bear witness while they did just that.
    I have also had to listen to those who idled their time on the parameters and then rushed and gushed in to tell us how and where it all went wrong.
    If people are engaging in stunts for personal or political gain then that is something they and those amongst them who still retain a conscience have to deal with.
    As for further fragmenting Republicanism, I don't think those genuinely trying to aid the release of a sick lifelong Republican can take the credit for that one.

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