Moloney & McIntyre on US Government’s Decision To Pursue BC Archive Despite Death Of Dolours Price

Press Statement From Ed Moloney & Anthony McIntyre On US Government’s Decision To Pursue BC Archive Despite Death Of Dolours Price:

We are not parties to the appeal which Boston College has brought to the First Circuit Court of Appeals (Docket number 12-1236), but our case before the Supreme Court of the United States argues that we are entitled to be heard on these matters which involve the First Amendment rights of academics and journalists to the confidentiality of sources and materials in opposition to subpoenas issued on behalf of foreign law enforcement agencies.

The Government yesterday has admitted that Boston College’s appeal “continues to present a live controversy” in spite of the death of Dolours Price, whose public remarks were presented as the excuse by foreign law enforcement agencies to raid a confidential academic archive housed at Boston College.

The irony is not lost on us that the government subpoenas remain under seal, and the basis of its actions shielded from public scrutiny.

We will continue to press ahead with our petition to the Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari, and we will keep a watchful eye on developments in the Boston College appeal as they unfold.


  1. Lets hope Kerry sticks to his word and tells Haige to jump into the Lagan. But we don't know what pressure will be put upon him by Obama. One can only hope and wait, hopefully with Kerry stating the tapes will be kept at BC.

  2. Fingers crossed for you all Anthony,Ed, Kerry can I imagine bring this whole sorry saga to a close before Mary "WOW" gets her foot in the door

  3. Kerry better or all of Irish America needs to lynch him.....

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    News of Interest: Belfast flag riots and the past haunting the peace

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    The Death of a Case

  10. The Death of a Case:

    Kerry believes the BC files should ­remain out of the reach of both the US and British governments. The death of Price presents those governments with a face-saving way to walk away.

    I believe Kerry is the ticket to end all this, its upbeat and encouraging.

  11. I thought I'd try to post a link properly. Apologies if the link doesn't work.

    It is irrelevant to the blog but if I get it wrong this seems the right time to do it.

    Is this the beginning of the end of Ireland's neutrality?

    Óglaidh na hÉireann fighting alongside British Troops

    Apologies for the heavy use of irony.

  12. what for the future of Prisoners.
    They are to continue this suffering and degading strip searcing. This is well taking the piss.

    Scanners ruled out for NI prison searches

  13. Simon,

    yeah it works. Itsjustmacker has started a trend here!!

    The Nightmare From Which We Try To Awaken

  14. Simon:

    Your link worked perfectly, They are part of NATO, but what is happening now is, Europe is pooling its forces of member states into what can be described as, The United Europe Forces

  15. I hope Itsjustmacker has started a trend. Thanks for posting my test link. I know it is bad blog etiquette to post something off-topic.

    As for the body scanners. Surely the items which escaped detection can otherwise be detected using a hand-held metal detector? Why not use both at the same time? Surely that would reduce the 'need' for strip-searches.

    I hope the BC tapes court case ends satisfactorily and with reason and practicality in mind. I heard your interview, Anthony, on sluggerotoole which was the finest example of you arguing your position I have heard so far.


    I wouldn't rule out the power of black letter law though.

    I am sorry Anthony & others about the death of your friend Dolours.

  16. These tests I believe are being carried out by screws now a cynical person would maybe be asking what does the manufacturers have to say about what seems as a less than adequate performance by their equipment,especially since these machines are now being used in airports the world over.I to apologise for posting of thread Simon good to see you on the blog again a cara.

  17. Marty a cara, everyone with an ounce of common sense Knows its a load of shite,this is a well planned exercise on behalf of the Prison system and David Ford, to try and demoralise the Prisoners, how many times have they tried that, Returning from France last august, i was taken into a private room for a strip search, just using the same scanner which detected something, It was a Brass zip on my Jeans, and those scum have the cheek to try and say it couldn't detect scissors, invisible ones I would say, and I agree with you, I WONDER WHAT THE MANUFACTURER WOULD SAY.

  18. This report should be treated with extreme caution. The use of screws to secrete the offending items seems to me a dodgy methodology. We know the system is resistant to change and capable of producing a desired result.

    So, we have waited six months only to find out the machine is not fit for purpose. How can the airports and port be made safe but not the jails? Ford is making a meal of this and is playing with the legimate expectation of the prisoners to see an end to degrading strip searches.

  19. Itsjustmackers a cara bringing you in for a strip search lol even in your advanced years maybe they think you still have a body worth looking at, me I had to start stripping in Luton before they told me it wasnt necessary,I agree a cara its a cop out to the screws and possibly the dup bigots these machines are capable of detecting the balls on a q$£er and thats small....

  20. The question I would ask is this a stalling tactic by the Justice Dept? We know that the forced strip searches and physical abuse of the pows is about brutality and attempting to break them.

    The DOJ claims over the effectiveness of the BOSS chair system is at odds with statements made by staff at other British jails.

    The Deputy Governor at Woodhill Prison Rob Davis, is quoted on the BOSS chair manufacturers website as saying “The BOSS III detects items which can be used by prisoners to assist in escapes, drug deals, concerted indiscipline and serious assaults on prisoners and staff.” “By preventing mobile phones and weapons from entering we hope to create a safer environment for both staff and prisoners. The scanner, which has now been extended to the remaining seven high-security prisons, is intended to be used in Reception as prisoners arrive but can also be used around the establishment if required.”

    If these machines are in use in prisons across England, then why the hold up here?


  21. Cheers Marty.

    I think if, as suggested by the authorities, x-ray machines are brought in, as opposed to the BOSS chair, the risk of cancer would be too great to make it feasible.

  22. Marty:

    You forever make me laugh, seems your body is in a worst state than mine. lol.

    Now for the serious issue of the scanners, they cant use the xray machines everytime a pow is being moved from wing to wing, far to much radiation dose But for them to come out and state a blatant lie goes to show, as everyone knows, what depths they will stoop to.
    and now we have one of the Shankill Bombers arrested in Ardoyne over a shooting

    Sean Kelly arrested over Ardoyne Shooting

  23. Simon,

    We will feature the transcript of that interview this week. Your comments on Dolours were appreciated.

  24. Apologies for the lateness in my condolences, I wasn't aware you were so close.

  25. Boston College project: PSNI get Dolours Price interviews access

    If this true...The chances of me or anyone else finding the truth (before it's re-written) is zero..

  26. Frankie send that drink money to Anthony a cara ,that verdict is disgusting..

  27. Marty..keep the faith. The opera isn't over until the fat lady sings. Maybe (long shot) Kerry will over rule the supreme court..

    I wont welsh on the bet..I'm still living in hope.