Mindset of the English Ruling Class

The following is an unpublished letter written by Moya St Leger to the Irish News. 

Dear Sir,

At a public meeting chaired by John McDonnell MP at the House of Commons on 20 Nov 12 to present the cases of the prisoners Gerry McGeough, Marian Price and Martin Corey, Conor Murphy SF pointed out that their imprisonment is an abuse of the legal process. He demanded their immediate release.

Everyone, he said, is entitled to due process and a fair trial, something Marian and Martin were being denied.

I was one of the four speakers at that meeting. Eamon O Cuiv TD and I spoke about Gerry McGeough and Mgr Dr Murray about what can only be described as the malicious persecution of Marian Price.

So, why is the abuse of the legal process so easy in N.I. but not on my side of the Irish Sea?

The reason lies in the mindset of the English ruling class (ERC) which is so ancient they are not even aware of it so would always deny it. The ERC has always regarded the Irish as a kind of rebellious sub-species of the human genus, Homo but not quite sapiens, the kind of people who fail to understand how rational English laws are.

My ancestor, Sir Anthony St Leger, who devised the policy which brought Ireland under the Crown in 1540, introduced new laws after his appointment as Lord Deputy. A contemporary observed:

The most rational and equitable laws were those of England but too rational to be imposed on the brutish Irish... therefore in his wisdom our knight ... enacted such as agreed with their capacity ... rather than such as were dictated by his ability.

The NIO view would be that the prisoners simply don't understand how rationally and equitably they are being treated.

Ireland has changed but the mindset of the ERC has not.

How do I know? My family were Ascendancy in Ireland for 400 years. 


  1. Moya,s letter is positive indication that decency transcends class,the erc attitude was quickly adopted by the big house unionists here and with the help of ranting clerics and so called "christian"organisations like the lol they have attempted to maintain a stranglehold on six counties of this island ably aided and abetted by the police militia and the gombeen men of the loyalist paramilitaries, the erc Moya have planted not so much a seed here as a virus which has been nothing but a destructive influence on the history of this country,

  2. I don't think this mindset is the exclusive territory of the English ruling class, although it may go someway to explaining their obnoxious arrogance .
    I think their xenophobia extends to anyone that ever had the courage to face them down.
    They are only too aware that Martin and Marian understand how they are being treated. Their blantant Arrogance only provides a spec of the explanation .

  3. So, why is the abuse of the legal process so easy in N.I. but not on my side of the Irish Sea?

    Because it is one sided, anyone opposing the British on Our Island, will be made to suffer, and that is happening to this very day, But not just in the north, It is also happening the Republic, By those who forget how they got there in the first place.

  4. I could not believe this until I clicked on the link, By the way, its FREE TO READ.

    ARMED GROUPS described by the media as ‘dissident republicans’ were today urged by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD “to show courage and in the spirit of the 1916 Proclamation to embrace a peaceful way forward” in the run-up to the anniversary of the Easter Rising.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf, who does he think he is talking to Kindegraden kids?.

    1916 Proclomation!! whats he on, Ithas to be uppers?, purely pathetic to say the least.


    Read it all hear.

    Adams shitting himself over anti protestersWhat next?.

  5. I wonder why this letter went unpublished.

    I think it was Billy Connolly who said for the most part, the working classes and the upper classes got on just fine, that it was the pratts in the middle classes, in their fantastic aspirations and hunger for power & money that were the problem.

    He wasn't too far off the mark with Monica.

  6. Although we may not entirely agree you Moya's analysis
    as to why ' the malicious abuse of Marian Price' continues as well as all the other contravenes to justice here.
    There is some quite admirable about this woman and given her background also quite unique.