It Has Been 21 Months

A statement from the Price McGlinchey Family

A Chairde,

It's been 21 months since Marian was arrested and imprisoned - we hope to step up the campaign for her release in the coming weeks. As Marian’s family we are grateful both for your continuing support and your respect and understanding of the pressures we are under.
This email address - - has been set up as a central point of outgoing information from Marian’s family to those who are actively supporting the campaign for her release.

All information included in the e-mails will be for use in the public domain and should be shared as widely as possible to help co-ordinate and strengthen the Free Marian Price Campaign.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and for your tireless work in the distribution of all news, events and updates on your sites - it is much appreciated and we feel by engaging with you through this email we will increase publicity for the campaign by contributing and adding to the great network already in place.

Supporters are asked to keep Marian’s family updated on the actions you are taking and the outcome of any lobbying work by sending clear, brief and factual updates to this address.

Please be aware that incoming mail will not be replied to unless necessary and no press requests to this e-mail address will be responded to.

Abusive mail will be reported.

Please keep an eye out for future statements in the coming weeks and please share any email addresses with us for anyone you are in contact with who is involved in facebook, twitter or other web campaigns in support of the Free Marian Price Campaign.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

The Price McGlinchey family.


  1. 21 months in prison, almost all in isolation and then a hospital / prison bed.
    I think we do need to step up our commitment to Marian , her family and her campaign.
    Not forgetting Martin Corey or those who have found themselves in a similar situation. Stephen Murney s sad and poignant reminder of what Republicans can expect within the confined of our prisons.
    No one could fail to be moved by Gerry Mc Geoughs alarming and forthright account. Against this back drop we must getom the streets for them and start with the call Free Marian Price.

  2. I asked last night in another section of this forum what the family had been doing bar Jerry McGlinchey speaking out on a couple of ocassions, and this is it 21 months later!

    This statement from the family seems to be a case of send us all the information on what you have done and your contacts and we might or might not get back to you. This seems to be a scattergun approach devoid of strategy, devoid of anything constructive, i would consider it an exercise in clutching at straws, they've not done much else from what I can see.

    I will be emailing the family seeking clarity and direction, but then they might not reply to my email!

    Surely someone her must be good with the family and can ask why have the family not harnessed the website that was set up to promote awareness of the injustice meted out to Marian?

    The website address is on the flyers and posters and there were over twenty thousand hits on the website when I looked a few minutes ago.

    Bar a couple of paltry statements a few lines long published on the website there is nothing else from the family, and its evident from looking at it this website has had a serious amount of work put into it.

    What are the family actually saying?

    This seems to be a very regressive move, maybe if the family issued a statement giving direction from them as a family, from Marian herself and her legal team. Give people an idea of whats been done, there is no point in reinventing the wheel if we can channel our energies more constructively.

    This statement itself is poorly composed, I'm no James Joyce but by god, abusive emails will be reported and the info people supply will be used in the public domain? If some loyalist decides to send a nasty message who are they going to report them to? And the information to be used in the public domain, are they going to check the veracity of the content?

    And if I get a sympathetic journalist willing to write something to highlight whats going on if requests will not be taken through this email address how will I get them in touch with the right person?

    Am I the only person wondering what is actually going on if I was to give an award for vagueness this would surpass statements from the shinners?

    As I asked last night on this website, why was the impetus after the meeting and march in Derry and Belfast as well as events in Dublin has not been built upon. Derry has had lot of events Dublin seem to host regular events Belfast Marian's home town is from what I can see lacking.
    Do we need to take a leaf out of the fleg protestors book?

    Please someone put me right if I am wrong?


  3. SeamusMc,
    Why do I suddendly get the feeling your a wind up merchant?

  4. I just read your comment in full and cannot help feeling you are taking this family move just a wee bit too personal.
    If you are genuine which I seriously doubt, then your behaviour is quite reprehensible. Protected by your pseudonym you are scathing of everyone's efforts. I seriously would love to know what you have ever done for anything let alone Marian
    Belfast lagging behind is it, Marian doesn't think so and for us that's the biggest hit. If you are really interested in feed back we will all be in Coslisland on March 8th Belfast campaigners and Marian's family and the great support base in Tyrone. I'm sure any of us will happily fill you in.

  5. Seamus Mc:

    I would say you are on the Button.

    Email addresses are private and not for public domain.

    The site needs updating, at least once a week. ie , Meetings, Marches , functions.
    As for words from Marian to be posted on the web site, maybe Marians hands are tied, If she says anything against her oppressors that will not enhance her freedom chances.

    But maybe the Price/McGlinchey family either, do not have the time, or, someone has set the site up for them, but has not demonstrated to the family how to update it properly.
    The family have enough on their plates at the moment, we don't know who they are contacting privately ,or, who is contacting them privately, and, not forgetting they are all still in mourning for Dolours.

    Several good pieces her.

    free marian price interesting

  6. Fionnuala,
    I was in a party for years that didn't like people asking questions,

    It's interesting that you ignore the questions and concerns I posed, and then have the audacity to attack me as a wind up merchant and reprehensible.. how very sinn fein of you.

    If you feel the need to comment surely comment on the issues raised and not the person posting them, I don't know you, you don't know me but I'll show you the respect of debating issues and topics, surely you could afford me the same respect?

    and tell me Fionnuala, tell me where I have been scathing of peoples efforts? I have given an opinion on something posted on
    this forum for public consumption.

    And you question what I have done for anyone, maybe you are taking my comments about Belfast personally because they sadly ring true?

    As for taking it personally I do take the torture and internment of Marian Price very personally, as with the internment of Martin Corey, Stephen Murney. and I will continue to ask questions, give input and support where and when I can.


  7. itsjustmacker.

    you raise some valid points and I agree with you, but if the family had been giving direction, through their legal team etc we wouldnt have this disjointed campaign. The family are obviously still in mourning for Dolours, but is this to be a rudderless ship? Looking at the quality and content of the website and knowing that family were distributing literature with the address on it this website is head an shoulders above a lot of sites and is reaching a global audience. This should be embraced nurtured and exploited.

  8. Seamus has asked some very searching questions. Whether we agree with him or not in terms of whatever assumptions he might make, the notion that he is winding up would seem unsustainable. His approach seems to me to be wholly legitimate.

  9. SeamusMc
    I know precisely what going on here. Strange how you first appeared around the posts for Bernadette and now this! Show you respect I wouldn't think so.

  10. Apologies I should of said of course it does!

  11. SeamusMc; you've raised some questions here and you seem to have a lot of answers.

    Why don't you volunteer to co-ordinate the campaign? You could liaise with the family, update all media including social media, organise white line pickets and demos, do leaflet drops an visit Marian in gaol - even throw a few quid into her tuck shop.

  12. Mackers,
    Obviously you are seeing this from a very different perspective than me.

  13. Again Nuala, no clue what you are talking about

  14. Nuala,

    I don't see it any particular way but an alarm bell flashes in my mind anytime I see slippage towards a curbing of questions.

  15. Mackers
    An alarm bell raises in my head when I realise that someone is about something untoward and under the circumstances quite contemptible.

    Belfast Bookworm.
    You are definitely a light a the end of an ever darkening tunnel.

  16. Nuala,

    that is all unsubstantiated. You don't know the guy if I am right. You can no more work out his perspective than I can on the basis of what we both have read. I read it and find his presentation legitimate. He is raising issues that are hardly restricted to his own mind alone. He has questions. If there are answers they should be given that could allay his concerns. Accusing him of whatever merely raises doubts about the answers.

  17. Mackers,
    I have a very good idea who this is and what they are about.
    It is not unsubstantiated or legitimate.
    I could answer alright but really I would not be answering a genuine person, if you read through past posts and language all sounds similar and repetitive, I know what is going on here and the fact you don't does not change it.

  18. Nuala,

    I have no idea who it is. And until somebody shows who it is and their agenda is malign we have to take him at face value, same as others. Nothing has been substantiated. Reiteration falls far short from substantiation.

  19. Theresa Villiers in the newspaper article below ( Secretary of State for Northern Ireland)....
    An amendment to the Life Sentences (Northern Ireland) Order 2001 enshrines the British Secretary of State’s right to use ‘Secret Evidence’ to detain anyone. This amendment also provides the right for the British Secretary of State to overrule the NI Justice Minister.
    “(3) The Secretary of State may notify the Department of Justice that a life prisoner is not to be released under this Article without the Secretary of State’s agreement; and, if the Secretary of State gives such a notification in relation to a prisoner, the Department of Justice may not release the prisoner under this Article without the Secretary of State’s agreement.

    (4) But the Secretary of State may—
    (a)give a notification, or
    (b)refuse his agreement to a release,
    only if his decision to do so is arrived at (wholly or partly) on the basis of protected information.”.

    "Still being run by the British"

    The above is exactly what I have stated in a few posts, No One in Northern Ireland, No Matter what Job they hold Can Free Marian, Only the British Secretary of state can do that, On The Authority of MI5 of course, What a sad state of affairs, so much for the GFA.

  20. I think Seamus is being very unfair to the family - particularly given the fact they've just lost Dolours too, not to mention they must be worried sick about Marian. Surely it's not unreasonable to believe that they're dealing with so much.

    I don't understand why Seamus seems to have such a huge problem with this - it's almost like he is trying to undermine the family.

    Fionnuala; I can see why you are challenging this.

  21. Mackers
    I actually find this quite sad. In fact I would say downright sad. Obviously I am not going to say a name but I could.
    Too be honest I think the topic has been sullied enough without adding insult to injury. Because you can't see it does not mean I cannot.

  22. Nuala,

    but we have no way of seeing what you claim to see unless you let us see it too. We have no way of judging if you are accurate in your observations no matter how well intended. And in the absence of no evidence that we can see we cannot condemn the man. I will apply the same standard to you and others if somebody comes along and says things are not what they seem. I see no other way to approach it. Strikes me as the fairest approach.

  23. Seamus Mc:

    "we wouldnt have this disjointed campaign. "

    What Disjointed Campaign?.
    Seamus ,The campaign is worldwide, I have nothing but Praise and respect for everyone who is Marching, picketing,whiteline protesting, even for those MLA's who Chaperoned Marian to The wake ,and not forgetting Marty and his Good Lady Marie,who got up at the wee hours of the morning to assist ,If I have left anyone out please forgive me ,because all arrangements were made in a hush hush way, and only those who had info on the short release knew and kept quiet until it was over, so they need our respect as well ,there are thousands of people throughout the world campaigning for Marians Release, and, Martin Coreys release.

  24. At the N.I. Affairs select committe at westminster on 31st Oct, Responding to a question from SDLP Leader Alasdair McDonnell,Re Marian, The secretary Of State Theresa Villiers Replied;"Release on Compassionate Grounds is a matter for DAVID FORD, Minister of Justice in the devolved Administration"

    So what is it then, is it Up to the secretary of state, or, david ford.

    click here and then click on Media on the site at the top of the page, then scroll down to Eamonn McCanns piece in the Derry journal, but just above it is a contradiction.

  25. Belfast Bookworm you have hit the nail right on its proverbial head. Undermining people Is precisely what this is all about . How bloody sad most people would not even get out of bed to bother with such nonsense however clearly these people thrive on it.

    Yes the campaign does enjoy universal status thanks to a lot of dedicated and hard working people. People who's only aganda is to see Marian released and home safe.

  26. As previously stated on Pauline mellon article:
    David ford responded to my letter and the legislation is clear the British secretary of state has sole power due to national security issues being cited. Confirmed 4th September the day secretary of state changed to Theresa villiers.
    The 2007 legislation does not allow for release on compassionate grounds due to national security this has always been the case. I forwarded the letter to some politicians campaigning to free Marian which is why I posted before they know this.
    As for secretary of state quote I would say it is all part of the disinformation where responsibility is like pass the parcel-unless the correct questions are asked i read exactly what was asked at Westminster it has never been specific enough to pin the sos down nor ford - the responsibility is misleading and spread through the chain.
    A brief message to S mc -I was an admin for a short time on the BL Facebook page - the trauma-the amount of information needs coordination and cooperation which we all can help with-the family are asking.for help if you can only be negative rather than constructive criticism its maybe best you went away and think again.

  27. itsjustmacker<

    It has been disjointed, thee have been some excellent events, but they have been stand alone events. A more cohesive directed approach would be better.

  28. Dear God,

    I think I would’ve been safer sitting reading considering some of the rubbish levelled at me for having an opinion. Fionnuala, you say and rightly so, that my first post was on the thread about Bernadette, that’s true and I pointed out I usually read the pensive quill and not comment. Would you prefer I bypassed the moderation in place and had you censor my comments before submitting them? Or in light of you taking offence at my posting now should I have informed you a week in advance that I was considering making a post?

    You have levelled some pretty nasty stuff my way, because I dare to have, dare I say a dissenting opinion from that of your own, and I ask questions which to you are a wind up.

    If I was winding things up what would I hope to achieve? Irrespective of what you or I say on this or any forum there is a fine republican being illegally held by a puppet parliament on the most flimsy of charges, in circumstances that can only be considered as breaking human rights law, so lets not forget about her!

    And I don’t really care if you choose not to show any respect to me or my opinions, they are my opinions.

    I’m sure if my posts were crossing some line or in some way machiavellian the forum moderators would have picked up on it with ease, I’m sure they have had to deal with it before, the sheer fact is that after small number of posts you have taken umbrage at what I think and questions I have asked.

    As for questioning what I have done, I have already stated that I have been at different events for Marian in Derry, Belfast, Dublin and Tyrone, and other events for the POW’s. I would suggest you take a step back and take an objective look at my posts and the questions I posed, there is no nefarious scheme, no ulterior motive they are what they are whether you like them or not.

    Fionnuala you have also said a number of times that you know who I am, if you know who I am then you know my questions and motives are genuine. If you are trying to stir the mix by implying I am running some agenda you are sadly mistaken and I can only conclude you are attempting to deflect debate away from the questions I have raised.

    To Belfast Bookworm, I have asked questions but what answers have I provided? I did suggest if Marian’s family issued a statement giving direction from them as a family, from Marian herself and her legal team it would give people an idea of what’s been done, after all there is no point in reinventing the wheel if we can channel our energies more constructively. Does that not seem like logic?

    But let me answer the questions you posed. Why don’t I volunteer to co-ordinate the campaign, I wouldn’t have the skills, as for social media, I’m proud of the fact I have managed to post here never mind indulging in more ‘white mans magic’. I’ve been on demonstrations as I have already pointed out.

    I have helped hand out leaflets, and as for visiting Marian, what good would that be to Marian, she needs her family not some stranger from the back arse of Tyrone. I’ve visited people in the Kesh, the Crum, Mountjoy and in Armagh at different times over the years, they have been either close friends or family. As for throwing a few quid into her ‘tuck shop’ there has been no avenue open to give money to support Marian with some necessities/luxuries or to help fund the campaign, that is unless you know different?

    As for being unfair to the family, If Marian had been interned a matter of weeks I would be completely out of order, but this is 21months down the line, I don’t envy their circumstances. If they are calling for people to support them we should be able to ask questions with regard to how the campaign is progressing and the direction it is taking, and sadly sometimes we need to ask difficult questions.

  29. SeamusMc
    I know from experience the worst thing you can do to people like you is starve them of attention. I will not respond to you again no matter which of your many names you come in under.

  30. Nuala,

    if we get sockpuppets we put them off the site. People are asked to stay with the one user name in the interests of fairness. If you have any evidence that Seamus is a sockpuppet or a troll then I think you need to state it both for the purposes of bringing clarity to the discussion but also as acknowledgement of the service we try to provide here in facilitating debate and an exchange of ideas.

    I can't decide against Seamus on the basis of whispers. It would be most ironic if I were to do that given that the woman we are trying to free is being held on whispers and on nothing in the way of evidence.

    Ultimately, if his points are wrong - no matter how accomplished he is in his presentation - they should be addressed, deconstructed and refuted. Up until now that has not happened.

  31. Mackers
    I am not asking you to decide against this person. I have decided not to entertain her and that's all I need to know, what other people choose to do is a matter for themselves.

  32. Mackers,
    I also the comparison with Marian Price and what is being played out here is not very apt.

  33. Apologies I think the last post went before I had written my full comment. There is nothing genuine in any of this I feel we are being played by someone who has turned playing people into an art form.
    If you don't believe it Mackers that's your judgement on the situation and I take it I am aloud mine.

  34. Nuala,

    for all we know you might be right. But you have not demonstrated that you are.

    Seamus has dealt with his critics comfortably from what I can see.

    He has raised a number of strategically loaded questions (and without strategy any campaign is not going to work, and there is no strategy that is not preceded by strategic questions and strategic answers) and in many ways he is asking the type of questions I asked while in SF. And in my view he met with a response similar to what I got for asking strategic questions. That is perhaps the greatest downside of the entire exchange.

    Seemingly, far from seeking to undermine the campaign he has called for it to be more robust and vigorous. If he is playing us it has yet to be demonstrated by his detractors.

    It is not that I do not believe you. You deny me the opportunity to make a solid judgement as you have yet to provide substance. Because I believe you have a view that is sincerely held it does not necessarily follow that the view is accurate. I would like the discretion to arrive at my own conclusions.

    You have never been denied your judgement here. But all judgemnets like opinions are not of equal worth. All we do is respect the right of people to have a judgement. They can not expect us to respect the judgement they have the right to hold. Your judgement rather than simply being stated and allowed would benefit more from being persuasive.

    What is common to Marian and Seamus is simple - no evidence that has been presented.

  35. Mackers,
    There is a seriously devious mind operating here and it as genuine as the spoofs about the prison visits.
    I am not asking that this person is treated different from anyone else. I simply made it clear I know who they are and what they are about. I would certainly havve a go at deconstructingt that argument and I would if I believed for one second the audience was a genuine mind, but it's not. This is a gripe with Marian's family being played out just as their first entrance was to air a personal gripe with Bernadette . I think we have spent more time on this than the person who deserves our attention, therefore I would like to end it here.

  36. Nuala,

    I am sure your observations have been noted by all concerned. People will just have to make their own assessments in the light of all what has been said and draw their own conclusions.

    If the campaign to free Marian is to prove successful then it will require more than what has been put in so far. That is stating the obvious given that we are all still campaigning to have her released. Bottom line is that we have collectively failed to win thus far and we need more answers which are inevitably going to be spawned by more questions.

    As such discussions will take place and there will be a clash of views along the way. We have to allow for that as the means of going forward.

    If Jennifer McCann can add her shoulder to the wheel then is is more power to the wheel. This is not going to be won by people of the one perspective singing from the same hymn sheet. The same goes for Raymond McCartney and whoever else can bring pressure to bear. If the campaign moves forward despite its variety of hues or even because of it, it is a plus. I just wish some unionists would add their voice to the call. If Stephen Ferguson was to come on here and voice support it would be strategically uesless to call him a loyalist neanderthal who defends British rule. Take all help that comes until the tipping point is reached. If that is not done the stone will never get over the brow of the hill and the campaign will be condemned to Sisyphus-like labouring.

  37. Dingo:

    Thanks for that info, at least everyone now knows Ford has no say on the matter on anyone's release who is being interned under "Hidden Lies".
    I was just quoting from those two links and couldn't understand how each one contradicted itself.


    " am not asking you to decide against this person. I have decided not to entertain her and that's all I need to know, what other people choose to do is a matter for themselves."

    I'm not sure if that is a typo in your reply to Anthony.

    I also would like to see Marian and and all those Interned released, as I have already stated, and , given praise were praise is due to all those campaigning.


  38. ItsJustMackers
    yeah I'm sure the article confused many people at the time and people campaigning may still be under the impression its fords call when it isn't.
    I shared the letter I received with Pauline, pat ramsey and emmet doyle (my gripe they know it so call ford on it he is a puppet without a stage)

    some thoughts though and only suggestions not to take away from any rally, white line picket etc.
    There are many people campaigning who cannot attend actions-Free BL campaign
    Email campaign targeted at health care trust board of directors - NOT at the hospital as potential consequences for other patients.
    The health care trusts as ford would tell you are responsible for prisoner health, been numerous medical treatment issues in Maghaberry, but email directors of trust at disgraceful way Marians privacy is compromised-medical info procedures are not for sharing with others unless patient consent.
    McGuinness, enda kenny, Theresa Villiers never replied to any correspondence of mine.
    You can use a social media tool called thunderclap - crowdsourcing - I emailed Pauline details while back. Sets up a post coordinated to go out on same day same time to all who accept link - Facebook, twitter - so its mass message at once.
    Media has been silent the BBC Spreading misinformation - if people choose try again newspapers - media - again social media.
    Council of Europe committee on prevention of torture. Email - so globally again
    and encourage people to share info,actions,feedback positive and negative.
    We all just have to do our part best we can to our capabilities.

  39. Mackers,
    This is the first political campaign I have been on. Prior to this the only actual political campaign I had been involved in was a campaign around the 1980 hunger-strike and even then I had a periphery role.
    Like many others who joined this campaign I was came on board because of the sheer blatant vindictiveness being used against Marian.
    I have been involved in the campaign for over a year and to be perfectly honest I believe to date the campaign has been a success.
    The campaign enjoys international recognition and has always been kept topical and relevant.
    During internment and the H Blocks thousands poured on to the streets the IRA intensified their campaign did the Brits move a day before they were ready no! The Belfast campaign has built up some incredible alliances, we have tireless workers on board. We all so have people who dip in and out as well as having people who have let themselves be bogged down by intricacies to the extent they care more about what is not suiting them that what may be best for Marian.
    Marian's former Armagh comrades have remained dedicated, well the Belfast ones. Some of these women suffer quite serious illnesses and yet they travel the length and breadth of the country to offer support. A campaign will never be all things to all people but this campaign has been steered in a way that we genuinely believe will benefit Marian most. Given the powers that be MI5 and British Intelligence there was never going to be a quick fix. Marians family work tirelessly on this campaign and hopefully sooner rather than later we will get a result.

    Not a typo mistake no!

  40. Seamus; I take on board that you mightn't have skills to roll out any part of a campaign. Im not knocking you because many of us don't.

    Perhaps the Prices don't either. I can only imagine that in between visits, dealing with medical staff, legal teams, press, people from all over Ireland and indeed the world constantly calling and emailing, as well as pickets, protests, leaflet drops added to holding down jobs and running their own homes is a pretty hectic schedule.

    Surely now all republicans should be criticising David ford and villiers and those responsible for keeping Marian in, instead of criticising the family for not coordinating the campaign the way you think they should.

    Are you for real? Is this really an issue for you at all?

    In my view, the women and men pounding the pavements and keeping this issue to the fore - swimming against not only the Brit tide, but the tide of so called republicans who are sniggering up their sleeves at
    marians situation, are doing a great job.

    I know when events are happening and it's thanks to them.

  41. Nuala,

    this is more an argument for the building of a campaign being successful rather than the campaign itself being a success.

    Unfortunately, success in terms of objectives in something like this is like being pregnant - you either are or you are not. So the campaign has not been successful otherwise Marian would be released. The task you are engaged in is to make it successful.

    The harsh fact is that these type of campaigns are a form of minimising a damage already done. Every day she spends in there is a point scored for the Brits and a point scored against her rights. The campaign task is to keep the score down. It is a bit of a zero sum game in that respect.

    The degree to which the campaign is gathering pace is always going to be the subject of conversation and disagreement. It's important not to suffocate these exchanges no matter how much the views of others don't gel with our own. The more we can take flak the more robust we are.

  42. Fionnuala, I am truly speechless, your vitriol against me for putting forward a number of points, questions and suggestions is unwarranted, uncalled for and unnecessary. That however is your prerogative.

    On a more relevant note, with date for the impending by election not far from being announced the party election machines will/have kicked in and this would be perfect opportunity to put them on the spot on the doorstep.

    The Sinn Fein machine has alrady kicked in, the Times today has 2 full pages dedicated to Sinn Fein, one covering McGuinness' time as mp for Mid Ulster, the other is a spotlight on Francie Molloys weekend election launch in Galbally, their attempt at a sabre rattling show of strength.

    Francie is quoted in the article as being a member of the different Sinn Fein negotiating teams and cites the delivery of 'new human rights laws, strong police accountability and a new judiciary' as some of his party's achievements.

    Francie should be reminded of the treatment of marian,martin corey and the abuse of pows when he comes to our doors.

    The Shinners have predicted a drop in the 63% turnout from the 2010 election, so they really can't afford to lose ground, they definitely won't want to lose the seat but the unionists look as if they will field a unity candidate especially in light of the flag issue, perhaps its the opportune time for us to exert some people pressure on the shinners?

    Whether Willie Frazer stands as he has hinted and takes some votes from disenfranchised unionist/loyalists is debatable.

    This could be a further blow to SF in light of their recent border poll nonsense.


  43. Mackers
    Our campaign is not a success because Marian has not been released ? I think that is a view that sounds simplistic in the extreme. Nothing matters in between just a beginning and an achievement of the end goal nothing else counts?
    That is definitely not a view that enjoys consensus and certainly not one bandied about by people who are seasoned campaigners. It sounds very open and shut a restricted view almost.
    Thankfully people applaud our successes and as campaigners and individuals it makes such a difference.
    I would really appreciate something more coherent than its not this do it's that.
    If you think you can provide a new strategy, we will be all ears

  44. Sorry Mackers done that again still on phone.
    Seriously we would welcome a critical analysis that's not so open and shut and it won't be suffocated.

  45. Fionnuala:

    "Not a typo mistake no!"

    I can't fathom why someone could even do that, Whats behind it, whats to be gained by Her doing such a thing.
    Shammy She! Troll?.


    Thanks for all that info, take me a while to go through it in greater detail.

  46. Itsjustmacker
    I don't know I have never come across it before. Maybe it's the old dad syndrome of what I can't rule I will wreck!

  47. Nuala,

    I am not criticising the strategy. But even if it has been the best strategy it has not secured its objective which is the release of Marian. So it has not been successful. That does not mean that it will not be. If the campaign has objectives other than the release of Marian which you have not yet explained, and which may have many merits such as incorporating wider prison issues into it and support for them, then that aspect of the campaign might already be successful. But unless these other elements are part of the campaign then the achievements secured in relation to them can't be explained in terms of the campaign.

    As I see it this is a single issue campaign. If that issue is resolved then the campaign is successful. The campaign cannot claim success on other issues around which it is not built. And it cannot claim success if the single issue is not resolved.

    The IRA campaign was not successful because whatever else it might have achieved it failed to secure its core objective. Adams might try to say it was the first IRA campaign not to have ended in failure but we know that is rubbish.

    That does not rule out positive spin offs and I always feel there are such spin offs from this type of campaign as it impacts on the wider issue of prison related issues.

    Nothing matters in between just a beginning and an achievement of the end goal nothing else counts?

    In strategic terms in the absence of interim objectives, yes. If there are interim objectives what are they? Is the campaign multi faceted and not a single issue? If so what are the interim objectives and where have they been outlined?

    When was I ever concerned about having a consensus for my views? I ended up where I was because I was never part of any consensus. That does not make me right but it does not by necessity make me wrong. Had I been primarily concerned about consensus I would never have dissented. Who would? We would all have sat in the Provisionals to the very end nodding to the consensus.

    Yeah, it would be nice to persuade everybody but having never been successful in that particular area I I have grown philosophical about it and am content to hold the views I have until persuaded to let go of them.

    Thankfully people applaud our successes

    As do I and have sought to highlight every single abuse that I have been made aware of, never once declining a piece or a request to assist. But I don't confuse peripheral or medium success with the success of the core objective.

    On these matters no matter what we think we know there is always someone else who knows something different. And they can be learhned from. This is why it is always important to listen to strategically loaded questions. We may not like it but our opponents often make us better players than we would be without them. They compel us to up our game. Can't imagine me being any good at table tennis if I only played myself! A facetious example I know but it underscores the point.

  48. It'sjustmackers
    Dont think there is a dad syndrome, never know though.
    I should have said sad, can't wait to get my computer back using phone screen bit of a nightmare.
    Anyway can't explain that sort of behaviour wish I could though .

  49. Mackers
    Think I will wait for the return of my computer tomorrow to answer this ! Also gives me chance to digest and reflect over what you have said.

  50. Fionnuala:

    Don't worry about it, But, I was really curious though, I was going to reply, If its that then she must be a male. Hope you get your computer back tomorrow.

  51. It'sjustmackers
    Female pretending to be a male. To be honest I do worry about it, it is very disconcerting and not nice for anyone in this scenario not even for the person engaging in this behaviour.
    Really thought I had seen it all but I seriously must have a had a sheltered life. I also hope computer comes tomorrow but thanks for your consideration.

  52. Mackers
    If you don't mind I will answer your post as an article, that way it will be a bit more comprehensive and also reflective.
    It might take a day or two or three or four as we are currently working on campaign issues.
    One thing I would like to say though, as a campaign we do have to tune into consensus, especially when that consensus comes from dedicated people who's only focus is the end goal which is Marians release.

  53. Nuala,

    whatever you choose.

    Your right to dissent trumps any consensus, but of course be aware of the consensus otherwise you won't know from what it is you dissent.

  54. Fionnula,

    do you really think Seamus is the person you believe it to be? If so this would be a very devious approach to the issue. For this reason I believe you are mistaken in your belief. To be caught out doing something like this would damage that person's credibility forever. Would it be worth taking the risk?

  55. Alec,
    Fionnuala has launched accusation after accusation at me, baseless in the extreme. I have raised some points of concern and ask what I feel are valid and substantive questions, nothing more nothing less . it would also seem she has now castrated me by keyboard. She has been challeneged to clarify and substantiate her allegations.

    Fionnuala's big problem is that someone is being blamed in the wrong and she is the person making the accusations.

    And if this is the way people who ask questions are treated, its the high road to nowhere.


  56. Alec
    I have told Seamus whoever or whatever we will be in the neck of the woods March 8th at the advertised venue I would appreciate speaking to him/ her then. If I am wrong I will come on this site and apologise.

  57. Again I don't know if that post was finished before it was sent. Seamus has many many ways of proving who he is if he wants?
    Dissent Mackers you have lost me?

  58. Seamus,


    I believe Fionnula is honest in her belief, however, I fail to see the logic. All campaigns are open to criticism without there being any deliberate intention of targeting individuals. Fionnula and others who have expened a lot of time and engery in the campagin are to be commended for their contributions. Marian would be in a far lonlier place were it not for the people supporting her. The fact her case has become a cause celebre is due in no small part to comrades like Fionnula.

  59. Alec,
    Thanks so much, yes I agree the evidence is vague but I just got a stomach churning feeling on Sunday evening going through the posts. I just know call it intuition or maybe gut feeling. I know that a person or persons were posting promoting the one agenda. I believe this to be the one person or on the instruction of that person . I don't say this lightly anyone that knows me, knows i would never make scurrilous accusations if I did not believe what I was saying.
    Alec there are no winners in this situation even if I am proved right is it a victory no!
    Anyone can have multiple Internet identies and email addresses . If I feel the need at a later date I will discuss other evidence . Not on the blog but in private.

  60. Nuala,

    it is reference to my view on the campaign not yet being successful not conforming to or complying with the consensus (not your exact words).

  61. Fionnuala:

    " I just got a stomach churning feeling on Sunday evening going through the posts. I just know call it intuition or maybe gut feeling."

    No disrespect to yourself, but that does not constitute evidence.
    Even if someone turned up saying his name was Seamus, and he wrote the posts ,how would you know it was the same person, I'm just trying to point out the "If" and "But" scenario, and if he has never met you or does not know what you look like, how is he going to recognise you?, are you going to call out over the tanoid system for "anyone here called Seamus who posted on TPQ, I'm Fionnuala, can we speak please". But, If you really believe you Know who this person is, then you should be able to recognise him/her, if he/she turns up. I know you are an intelligent Lady, so I hope he/she turns up and you get it sorted, otherwise I see no evidence at all.

    Please don't think I am running you down, I'm not, just trying to give you a little advice.

  62. Fionnuala; I can see why you are suspicious at seamus's comments. I'm not close to the campaign but I felt Seamus was undermining it.

    I dont know whether you're correct or not though about him not being who he says he is but what I will say is, knowing what I do of you from your posts on here and through others, you wouldn't make comments like this without reason. Unlike others, myself included, your name is attached to your posts and I see you're always happy to stand by what you say.

    I hope you're wrong, for obvious reasons, and I've no doubt you'll apologise if it's the case.

  63. Itsjustmacker,
    Sometimes you just know something is going on! I read the posts and knew that it was an agenda being pushed by one person. Then when it continued on Monday all the similarities running these posts allegedly from different people.
    I did not point it out to cause alarm on TPQ I have too much respect for this blog and those who contribute.
    I merely wanted that person to know I knew but of course you are right evidence is evidence and lack evidence is just that, but there are other factors which I cannot bring to the blog and even if I could I would not because that's not who I am.

  64. Nuala,

    it is entirely possible for a person to have multiple accounts but to do this for the express purpose of critizing an important campaign would require a very devious mind. The reason I intervened is because I believe I know to whom you are refering. You used 'she' which sort of give it away. Surely, this woman would not stoop so low as to show such malice towards a campaign she worked hard for herself. Marain's wellbeing should transcend all personal and petty squabbles; I think you would agree.

  65. Belfast Bookworm
    This is not nice, but I began to see a pattern developing through various posts and it was a nasty undermining pattern. Again I will say I pointed it out simply to let he / she know. I remain convinced but if I am proved wrong I will let everyone know, but I want thank you for being supportive, it's nice when people who don't even know you see your side even if not entirely convinced.

  66. Alec, Fionnuala,

    I’m addressing this to you both in light of your online tete a tete.

    I’m going to address a couple of comments/issues posted by you both.

    Fionnuala says that I can easily prove who I am if I want. Has Fionnuala joined the RUC? The reason I ask is that unless Fionnuala has, and she stops me in street, she has no right to ask me to prove my identity. Has Fionnuala asked everyone who posts here to do the same or is it just people she takes a dislike to?

    Alec, you state that you fail to see the logic, I fail to see Fionnuala’s logic. Fionnuala and lot of people have given a lot of time and expended a lot of energy, but does that deny anyone supportive of the campaign the right to ask questions of the strategy being employed, or as I have said the lack of strategy?

    She may be honest in her belief, but that does not make her right? She has gone from accusing me of being someone I am not, to being instructed by this mystery person. She also states that her evidence is vague, and it’s a gut feeling. As Anthony has pointed out this is similar to the strategy employed against Marian by the British.

    Fionnuala you also wrote ‘If I feel the need at a later date I will discuss other evidence . Not on the blog but in private.’

    Is this not what the British are holding Marian and Martin Corey on, secret evidence discussed in private?

    Fionnuala also says she will be at the march in Coalisland on the 8th March, Should I bring my licence passport and birth certificate? Fionnaula seems to be of the opinion that I am someway required to present myself to her for verification. And if I present myself to her in Coalisland on the 8th she will come on here and apologise, that’s very big of her, so generous of her. Yet still there is nothing to stop her to say yes she met Seamus, but he is being directed by someone. Either way there is nothing I can do to stop Fionnuala spinning rubbish.

    Alec you also state ’All campaigns are open to criticism without there being any deliberate intention of targeting individuals.’ Can you point out where I have targeted any individual, if you read the posts I have been the target of Fionnuala’s ire for some reason I cannot fathom. I have asked difficult questions, and have acknowledged this, that does not in any way justify Fionnuala’s antics.

    Fionnuala, you say there are no winners in this situation, this isn’t a case of someone winning or losing, but I’m not going to subject myself to your kangaroo court. You have attacked me for asking questions, you have used Shinner Chinese whisper tactics against me and now you are using Brit tactics against me.

    All this because I had the audacity to ask questions and have my own opinions, I’ve asked my questions, and been attacked, I’ll ask no more questions after this but I will think twice before I’m out on a cold night helping put leaflets in doors.

    And as for the comments about unermining the campaign, I didn't know asking questions was undermining anything. if scrutiny cannot be withstood from someone supportive, then I woulder how criticism from some opposed to the campaign to free Marian would be handled?


  67. Seamus

    you have totally misunderstood my posts. I have been addressing Nuala's logic and not your opinions. I do not deny you nor anyone else an opinion on this or anyother campaign. Providing questions are asked constuctively and in good faith then who am I to object.

    I thought I did say you were not attacking an individual. You actually quote me so there can be no confusion here. I have attempted to steer clear of taking a side in this dispute. Do not draw me into something I have no desire to be apart of based on a misunderstanding.

  68. Seamus; did it not enter your head to make suggestions about how perhaps the campaign could become more cohesive, rather than ask questions, which really came across as demands? (whether intentional or not)

    You said the family were being vague, that theyd 'done not much else' in terms of being constructive, were devoid of strategy, and suggested that they'd most likely not even come back to you if you emailed them.

    Your language; 'paltry statements', your sarcasm; 'they may or may not get back to you', reads to me like an attack on the family, in turn undermining the campaign.

    If you are genuine and I'm taking you at face value here, surely it wouldve been far more constructive and helpful to propose alternatives and suggestions.

    Perhaps you are just frustrated that Marian hasn't been release but your approach to this to date has been dubious at best in my opinion.

    Fionnuala; I can only comment on what I see and I think you're right to be suspicious.

  69. Its almost certain that we are more susceptible and more likely to pick the printed word up wrong than if we were conversing face to face and seeing other nuances and body language etc. I think most people are aware of that and frame their printed utterances with that in mind

    For example, I think SeamusMc could be right to be disappointed that more is not made of the Marian Price website and that he would also have the right to express that disapointment. But more than that SeamusMc seems to be angry more than disappointed.

    Can he/she not reason to him/ herself that the Price family might be just about holding themselves together and not as able as others to easily conduct such campaigns etc.

    I feel that in some of his/her comments SeamusMc was being derogatory towards the Price family. If you were genuine I dont know why you would do that, and because of that I for one am also wondering at SeamusMc's motives

  70. Alec,
    Yes that's how things should go or that's what campaigners would expect, petty squabbles to be set aside so that the issue transcends . Squabbles I can get over because human nature often dictates that disagreements and squabbles occur, even when it is not our intention sometimes they just arise. But this is different this is menacing and the reason I pointed it out was to alert the person to let them know I was aware of it.
    A few hours ago I re-read their first post on this page and it reaffirmed for me what I had said.

    It took a while for the penny to drop I was suspicious on
    Sunday but Mondays post said it all.

    Yes a lot of anger directed at a family in absolute turmoil.
    What motives behaviour like this, who knows.
    Time to put to rest has been given more than its fair share of attention.

  71. I took the time to read again TPQ from the transcript of Bernadette's speech at the bloody Sunday/March for justice to this "its been 21 months"
    I can only 2nd what Nuala has said in her last comment -
    Seamus Mc has only been adversial to others commenting on TPQ from the opening "my first post" on 1st February (incidentally their blog set up Feb 2013). That comment and subsequent ones malicious towards the motivations of Bernadette speaking at bloody Sunday/March for justice. In context Bernadette spoke at a rally remembering the injustice of bloody Sunday, of other injustices and just days after the passing of Dolours Price, Bernadette also reiterating the injustice of the internment of Marian price yet Seamus Mc without any respect to the occasion maliciously attacked Bernadette without basis, and sought to bring discord into this forum-it is for debate here but it was menacing to do so with stag vengeance.
    This article is an open request from the Price/McGlinchey family in mourning and a loved family member interned for "its been 21 months now". Immediately again Seamus Mc has severely criticised the family maliciously without open constructive debate on where this initiative may now take the campaign. They have maintained that stance throughout the comments that's a consistent theme from February 1st, I question their motivation and if sincere about campaigning to free Marian what ulterior motives or agenda do they have to be so vitriolic.
    Glad some persisted in pursuing Seamus Mc in questioning their negativity towards family, friends,campaigners because its something to be left out is any negativity.

    Marians internment cannot be justified on any grounds - those supporting the campaign can find within that areas of interest, speciality whether on the ground campaigning, legal, medical,human rights matters,use of social online media.

    My tiny positive step is emailing as per in article ways some of us campaign or share information, re-establishing my own blog on the internment of Marian so it is easily shared - I share through Twitter now and many others #FreeMarianPrice share info that way. Many from their involved in other ways too. - trying to undermine the families efforts and campaign is reprehensible - but lets continue we are all doing our part.

  72. Are we to shout at the act of censorship while at the same time censoring others who we are aggrieved towards?

    Fionnula, if we accept your postulating on the gender of Seamus Mc then come Friday 8th March -

    At this demo she will be the one with the beard……which I would think shouldn’t make her too hard to spot as even though the ‘island’ may not be internationally perceived as the metropolis that it really is, even a woman wearing a beard wouldn’t go unnoticed by the locals!!!!!!!

    PS – Now on the mentioning of passports in a prior post by Seamus Mc (aka as Margaret at the weekends), I believe I should remind all those travelling from that sprawling urban suburb of revolutionary fervour – West Belfast – I would have spelt it in Gaelic but decided upon the Ulster Scots spelling instead – that passports are not required West of the Bann…..there are no British or Irish custom posts, there is no duty free but yes, there are tarmacked roads for your DLA cars to run on.

    Safe travelling.

  73. Yes, I think it has been given more attention than it deserves too. But, wasn't there a whole issue over on another forum a couple of years ago where someone unearthed an issue where a moderator wasn't who they said they were? I think it was Irish I think I remember a whole scandal around this & private messages were actually bring hacked.

    I know this isn't exactly the same but my point is, that as bizarre as it may seem, some people will go to great lengths to put the mix in.

  74. Dingo,
    The theme remains unbroken the promotion of one and the put down of others. Mackers had a right to be concerned that I was taking issue. But sincere commentators had a right to know that there was menace at work.

    I wonder who was censoring who! I have been very annoyed over this. Firstly it's not nice highlighting the stuff, it leaves a very bad taste and I am sincere about that. Would ignoring have been the better option? I honestly don't know but in reality I think it would have gotten worse.

    This behaviour has the potential to harm. I have no doubt it happened on other sites, we can't protect ourselves from it but rather we can just hope the mixers stops or common sense prevails.

  75. And some people just don't like it when questions are asked, instead of looking at the validity of the questions posed they ignore them and go on the offensive.

    Fionnuala has been consistently asked to provide evidence, allegations without substance or foundation.

    As for a blog being set up in feb, I've never used a blog wouldnt know where to begin, but I did have to set up a profile using my email address to be able post on this forum. I'm sure Anthony can confirm whether this is normal or not.

    And Niall leave my beard out of this, unless of course it doesn't belong to me but someone else.


  76. If I am off track, please let me know. Do I read into this that Niall and Seamus know each other, or is it just a quirp?.

    I'm not sure if anyone else has been having this problem, Yesterday I was finding it difficult to post, as I was typing ,the words just disapeared, as if being deleted from another source ,Now the Logical thing to do was Scan My Computer, Clean as a whistle, nothing found, I then thought, Its just a moderator having a laugh, (no disrespect meant Anthony I will get to the reasoning of my thoughts), I then thought, Its not my computer as it was fully scanned, and, if its not a moderator having some fun, then the logical conclusion has to be, TPQ has been compromised. Is anyone else having this problem, or, did anyone have the problem, If it is not the latter, then, My computer is being compromised by unknown forces, I can't think of anything else. Honest replies required urgently. Seems I can type all this and nothing being deleted.

  77. Aye, it has happened to me on a number of occassions to be fair. I did not know if it was standard, as it asked for my blog password, and change of password. No conspiract theories, now, as I get there in the end. Hence, grammar errors, typos, as I make try to remember what I have written without reading it again. Lazy sod. Apologies.

  78. Me too, but only recently. And the 'enter your comment' box is often missing too. I assumed it was just me and my own stupidity with machines.. Gremlins no doubt.

    I doubt very much that the blog has been compromised or hacked. Anthony would've picked up on it I'm sure. Sometimes software just goes a bit doolally .. Listen to me, like I know what I'm talking about!

    Sorry if I've started something mentioning the other forum! My point was that some people go to a lot of trouble to cause trouble and the Internet is a great place to do this as people can remain faceless and nameless if they wish.

  79. Itsjustmacker,

    I think the problem might be with your computer. It seems alright here in as far as we can tell

  80. Nuala,

    my fault with the Murney piece. It slipped my mind. Will run it shortly

  81. Anthony:

    Everything is fine now, but it happened a few times and it really got me to think, what is going on here. So I'm sorry, but, I had to mention the scenarios as to which I thought was the cause.

  82. Itsjustmacker,

    never worry about it