Nobody But A Tyrant

The following statement was issued by the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) on 11 December 2012.

Today the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) condemns the incarceration of Dee Fennel for his participation in a peaceful sit-down protest on the Crumlin Road July 12th 2010, this is just another example of the hypocrisy, bias, political policing and injustice that still exists for members of the nationalist community.

The incarceration of nationalists for peacefully protesting on their own streets shows if proof were needed that the two tier sectarian society has not changed. The promised parity of esteem and equality is nonexistent as we watch absolute carte blanche being granted to loyalists to take over areas, block roads and vandalise all without fear of recrimination.

The First Minister publicly declares that:

nobody but a tyrant would suggest that there should be an end to peaceful protest in public. Who on earth would suggest that it is appropriate that people cannot peacefully and publicly protest about decisions that they do not agree with?

Again we find these are only empty words for nationalist as Ardoyne residents are being treated as second class citizens in their own area.

As long as these unwanted sectarian marches are forced, imposed and facilitated against the will of local residents, it will be the policy of GARC and our supporters to oppose these coat trailing exercises by any peaceful radical means at our disposal, even if it means the unjustified imprisonment of our members.

The residents of Ardoyne are still being treated as second class citizens in their own area, which has been proven on many occasion, this despite the hollow meaningless statements to the contrary made by politicians.

The naked sectarianism of Loyal Order parades has been shown in stark reality by the recent events at St Patricks Church, where ‘the famine song’ was played, the words of which are deeply offensive, provocative, racist and anti-Catholic. Despite committing many blatant infringements of the rulings laid down by the Parades Commission, all without fear of prosecution, the Loyal Orders, also their supporters, receive the full protection and support of the PSNI and Unionist politician, proving a further example of a ’’ Protestant State for a Protestant people’’.

The double standards shown by the PSNI and Judiciary must cause great concern to all those people or organisations that believe in the protection of Civil Rights and Equality.

The Parades Commission have proven they are inept and incapable of resolving the contentious parades issue by their ludicrous decision to allow Loyal Order marches pass down this contentious stretch of the Crumlin Road.

GARC accept that the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist community have a legitimate right to express their religion, culture, heritage and allegiance to Britain. We do not wish to hinder those rights. However, parades should take place where they are welcome and this is clearly not the case on this stretch of road. These contentious marches only serve to poison community relations and further alienate and polarise our peoples, and all just to pander to the will of a few bigots who use culture as an excuse to mask and impose their outdated and obsolete triumphalism upon our community.

When such parades are permitted we are besieged by the full might of riot-clad PSNI who ensure their passage through our area by all means at their disposal. The Parades Commission's ignorance of our community's right to live free from sectarian fear and intimidation is wholly unacceptable as they continue to treat us like second-class citizens in our own country.

A proposal put forward by GARC is that the Crumlin Road becomes a ‘‘Neutral Zone’’ where no organisation or group from either community will apply to march along this contentious stretch of road. This would defuse the tense and sometimes hostile situations that arise, and will benefit both communities. Our goal (GARC) is to resolve this issue that plagues our area and is a blight upon our people young and old, local business and essential services etc. We have in the past suggested an alternative route in an attempt to facilitate a solution, but to no avail. So far the Loyal Orders have failed to reciprocate our offer.


  1. Last Night the DUP MLA William Humphrey was protesting .
    Mr Humphrey was at a peaceful loyalist protest blocking the Crumlin Road at Cambrai Street in north Belfast.

    He said that he was there to show solidarity and that he had "no doubt he has the support" of Peter Robinson for his presence.
    This is the two headed coin being used again, heads they win, heads we lose, because no one was arrested at them blocking the crumlin road last night. Well, if the DUP can do it, theres nothing stopping SF MLA's from doing it as well, "Now that would be a miracle"

  2. The making part of the Crumlin Road a netural zone..It's the most sensible 'motion' I've heard to the Ardoyne dispute. I first read that several weeks ago on Ardoyne Republicans blog. Haven't the unionist/loyalist community realised that the demographics of north Belfast has changed...? I can't still remember the top of Estoril and Brompton Pk being screened off and the British army stopping people from using the shops. Today in 2012 things haven't really moved foward that much.

    In the late 60's early 70's civil rights marchers were beaten into the ground or shot dead..In 1972/3 Loyalist marchers can bring the 06c to a standstill with protests..In 1985 same again...And during the marching season walk were ever they like. Or today hold illegal protests and the alphabet soup of Unionism..(DUP, UU, PUP etc) lip service to the damage being done and the cost to the tax payer. They secretly support the protests..Some do it openly under the guise of keeping an eye out for trouble makers...

    While in Ardoyne they (police) use plastic baton rounds, charge and arrest rioters...drag people from the roads who were holding a peaceful protest and arrest them.

    For almost the last two weeks loyalists have been blocking roads, petrol bombing cops, issuing death threats..vandalism. And the forces of law and order bringing two water canons out not to use on the rioters but to extinguish a buring car.

    In the run up to christmas someone in their infinte wisdom thought it would be a good idea to disrupt people going to work, stop people from visting relatives in hospital. At a cost to ordinary working class people. Hasn't it dawned on them that they are only shooting themselves and their communities in the foot.

    I don't buy the line by the PSNI that no loyalist paramiltaries are involved (includes up to leadership level). Doesn't add up. The other day I looked at the PUP website and watched Billy Hutchinson give a speech in Portydown. He sounded like a throw back..When Big Ian was doing his firestone and brimstone speeches. If the DUP asked the PUP/UVF to stop the protests, they could stop it very easy and enforce it. Chances are the UVF are watching who is protesting and who would make a good recruit..

    If the 'elected' representitives really want a shared future..Why don't they over haul the education system and have nothing but intergrated schools? Today the world is in the middle of the biggest credit crunch since 1929. How many people on the Shankill today know that their grand fathers probably fought side by side with their Falls Road neighbours to bring about reforms during the relief riots..? And won most of the rights they fought for.? Why did they win..They fought as socialists (just ordinary working class people, fed up with being screwed)...

  3. Today as masked pro-british thugs stood side by side with the ruc/psni outside Belfast City Hall blocking traffic and threating everyone and anybody other psni/ruc officers were busy trailing belfast republican padraic maccoitir of to maghaberry for PEACEFULLY PROTESTING against an unwelcome sectarian/bigoted march going through ardoyne in july2010.seems some things never change in the o6.

  4. it brings to 5 republicans send to jail this week for attending PEACEFULL PROTESTS-dee fennel,rab jackson,tony cantey,padraic maccoitir for opposing sectarinism and kevin trainor from armagh for attending a free martin corey(interned without reason) march.
    Gerry A and co have done some job in taking everyone back to square one!!!

  5. treehugger:

    You know as well as I, Gerry "A" couldn't give a toss as to who is being lifted, as long it's not one of his own, as for "A" bringing us all back to square one, That was, and, is to this very day his intention. We know of all the collusion which went on, and still is, Agents within our own communities, Not By PSNI/RUC, but by MI5/RUC_ex Special Branch and FRU, they are all up to there old tricks, "Don't Touch Loyalist", just Get those who Oppose the GFA,(GOT FUCK ALL), except those MLA's in SF who tell everyone to report everything to the PSNI, WTF!, will they,"SF" wise up and give up there suits of convenience and start looking at the true facts of what is actually happening, the old structure is still in place, ex RUC special branch, (Wanting to get there own back on Republicans) inform MI5, who in turn inform there agents to get info and pass it back to them (MI5) who then pass it on to PSNI/RUC, ask yourself this question, How can SF get one of there own out, "P.Wilson"!!, and don't want to get anyone who oppose them out?, so, who are the agents!. not so long ago the Nutting squad were nutting themselves because they were infiltrated that much, Agents hadn't a clue who was who, and that's what the Brits wanted and still do to this very day. The only way they can be beaten is, "Think Like Them", disinformation is the next generation, Let them know,"whats not going to happen", then look for signs of Brit activity in the designated location, If Present" then ask yourself, Who knew about this, That narrows down the Brit Agent, and don't forget, those FRU's are still active in every Republican District, even in SF, I felt like puking up when McGuinness stated at Stormont, They (Loyalist" are attacking our police service?. wtf, might as well call them Free Staters.

  6. This is comment from today's (18/12/12) Belfast Telegraph..

    Had these thugs been nationalists hundreds of rubber bullets would have been fired along with gas. Hundreds of arrests would have been made. If this 'protest proves anything, the PSNI are still the infamous RUC. A loyalist police force for a 'loyalists' people. Shame on the PSNI for being so cowardly to act against their mates in the UVF and UDA.

    Any time angry nationalists/republicans riot their political leaders call for calm because they are hurting their own communties and doing themselves no favours. And by and large people listen and stop rioting.

    Over the past few weeks there has been no leadership shown from the unionist/loyalist side.

  7. frankie a cara the people are doing EXACTLY what the "loyalist" leadership want them to do ..they always did and probably always will

  8. Frankie.

    They must have been warned to take that part of there site, I cant find it, I have read the "Editors Point of View", and the the normal part about Loyalists Protests from last night.


    The heads of UDA/UVF/UFF are hidden in the background urging young kids to attack there own police force, This is about stretching the police to the limits in an attempt to gain seats at the next elections from staunch loyalists, they don't want any sdlp/green party/nor the middle of the road party,The Alliance, but you as others know, if that was ardoyne or any republican area it would be swamped with armoured vehicles and snatch squads with rubber baton rounds being fired and possibly over a hundred or more Lifted, and the remainder lifted after cctv footage examined, its back to the old days, loyalist trying to dominate, time to be prepared, next thing it will be against a nationalists area. those people have never gone away, they don't want intregation, they still want domination.

  9. The loyalist leadership are seeing this as a recruitment drive especially the political PUP. Cant fault them,they really need to give the working class protestant community some other identify or voice other than waving a flag. On the other hand, I watched how one group of marchers from east belfast, started chanting East, east, east Belfast and all I could think about was the postcode gangs in the UK, and football hooliganism. Keep your ears out for North, north, north Hollywood because when this happens, we know where we are going. Effective leadership that for you..christ the night..

  10. itsjustmackers

    The post was removed. The poster is called 'berniegirl'

    Great seeing the Tele censoring my remarks. Just like loyalists, you don't like to hear the truth. So much for democracy. Hypocrites.

    Thats what she said after her post was removed. That's why I like Quill. People may or may not agree with each others views but at least it's a platform to express your opinions..