Gerry McGeough's Medical Condition

Helen McClafferty has provided the following detail about the helath status of imprisoned republican Gerry McGeough

Two months ago Dr Galloway prepared a detailed report of Gerry's condition on the basis of questions about his symptoms, current medication, medical history and family history put to him via a campaigner. When he received the report, Gerry was amazed by its accuracy.
 Here is what Dr. Galloway had to say:

1st Email - September 2012

Firstly I am saddened to hear that our 'prediction' of further cardiac events has come true to soon. I am relieved that he has had emergency treatment and has obviously avoided a major heart attack.

The difficulties I have commenting on events are when one does not have access to all the facts - from the patient or the ECG's etc. As I mentioned previously stents can also 'fur up ' in the same way that native arteries can. It is possible that one of his previous stents is indeed compromised and so the need for a new stent, but as I already indicated - it is a precarious state of health and further events cannot be ruled out.

Reading your e mails to the NI secretary and others I can feel your sense of frustration and concern. I think one should focus on the humanitarian gesture of releasing prisoners who were / are quite ill (after all my own people did this with Abdel Basset Al Megrahi (Galloway is a Scot) to the widespread opprobrium of all - particularly the Americans. I too found it questionable - especially when he was nowhere near as terminally ill as suggested. Nonetheless as a medical man myself I could see the humanity and compassion in such an act.)

2nd Email - November 27, 2012

Gerry ..... will be released soon - I just have a 'feeling' - and I only hope his health is not in too much of a depleted state that he is a young'cardiac cripple' ! I was asking some former colleagues - one Swiss, the other Italian (a heart surgeon now in Switzerland) and one of their co workers - a Bulgarian. All were surprised that my 'hypothetical' patient would have seven stents - seeping in one at a time given his age. They like me would wish him to have a full and proper assessment with a good cardiac surgeon re the merits of seeing if he would benefit from a CABG. (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery.

As this is a risky procedure at the best of times (mortality risk from 2% - 10% and above) even in 'good hands', it is never taken lightly. What would be the ideal situation is that he gets released to the loving care of his family and then see what that does to his health. The benefits would be considerable I am sure. Then in an elective situation he could go down to Dublin and have the type of work up that we would expect in out 'first world ' medical countries. He could then make an informed decision as to what to do next. If surgery would offer a better prognosis then so be it.

I keep labouring the point I do think Gerry is suffering stable angina which then becomes unstable = very very dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Although he may not have chest pain (commonest symptoms) he could also have shortness of breath (another common, if missed diagnosed sign of angina). Not every heart attack victim suffers the 'classic' symptoms of chest pain and arm radiation pain.

If Gerry is to be released in a few months time I do not see any merit in keeping him detained in such unhygienic and very stressful surroundings. Surely he would recover better at home - with his family and loved ones nearby?

I would say that you should appeal more to the authority's sense of humanitarianism and compassion than to warn of any impending events should the republicans vent their fury. It may likely hold little sway with the governing authorities but it would be in his best interests to be released without a doubt,

Also remember - no surgeon or doctor ideally wants the 'emergency' - it is so much better to deal with events calmly in an elective setting where possible.

Dr. Colin Galloway


  1. From Helen McClafferty:

    Fresh fears over McGeough’s health - Local - Tyrone Times

    Gerry McGeough is at risk of a third and potentially fatal heart attack.

    He is expected to be released in early 2013. There is absolutely no merit at this point in detaining Gerry until his release date.

    He needs to be assessed in a hospital to allow doctors the opportunity to decide on the most effective course of action.

    Tyrone Times - click on article:

  2. Gerry should have never been arrested in the first place.

    The British Unionists are showing who is still in control and SF cant do one iota to get any Republican Released, except there own of course.
    Now that they know this is INTERNMENT they should be on the streets protesting about it instead of back slapping each other after meetings with Justice Ministers knowing it will get them nowhere and the justice minister just laughs up his sleeve once they leave, SF will have to get the Blinkers off ASAP.

  3. Anthony.

    That's good news, My question is, Why is just one ex hunger striker supporting Gerry, also, what about Internment which was supposed to end!, but is still ongoing to this very day, why has Sinn Fein not come out en block and once and for all stated, "They don't support it", if they did that I'm sure those , Myself included, would support them to free any republican prisoner who is still interned, but, I wouldn't want them to do it for political gain, That would be there biggest downfall.

  4. Mc Cartney,s call is like Adams and his give a little whistle tune pure bullshit and lies, Mc Cartney like the rest of quisling $inn £ein are part and parcel of that stinking establishment that locked Gerry,Marian,Martin up in the first place, his weasel words are pathetic..