Britain’s Secret Terror Squad – Where is it?

The former BBC Northern Ireland political analyst Brian Walker has raised questions about the BBC’s decision to pull a Panorama broadcast, Britain’s Secret Terror Squad, which was billed to highlight the homocidal role of British Army undercover units in the North. Walker referred to his copy of the Radio Times in which it was reported that:
For nearly two years in the early 1970s, the British Army ran an undercover squad that operated outside the law, hunting down enemies of the state – with orders to shoot known terrorists on sight. For the first time in 40 years, three former members of this secret operation talk candidly about their role in Northern Ireland, which they believe saved lives. But reporter John Ware uncovers evidence that the unit may also have killed innocent civilians, fabricated statements and covered up its deeds.

Material that would be of immense interest to those who have suspected for years that there is something rotten in the state of Britain and who believe, to cite Niall Stanage writing in the Guardian from ten years ago, that:

The British state has been conspiring to murder its own citizens in Northern Ireland. That is the only credible conclusion that can be drawn from the evidence that has seeped slowly into the public domain over the past decade.

A decade later it is still seeping when it should be gushing. A British state foot is firmly in place on the brake pedal to ensure there is no rush towards destination transparency.

When he became aware that the programme would not be appearing Walker searched around for some explanation: ‘Not a dickey bird that I can find.’ Not much that I could find either. ‘Sorry! We couldn't find the page you were looking for’ was about as much as I managed to get. Although An Phoblacht said the programmes has been rescheduled to the New Year, we will believe it only when we see it.

For now, scheduled to replace Britain’s Secret Terror Squad is a broadcast about the owners of the Daily Telegraph, David and Frederick Barclay, itself earlier held back by former BBC director general George Entwistle. 

As Walker points out something similarly underhand in relation to Jimmy Savile's activities led to the sacking of the same George Entwistle. But even more eyebrow-raising is his allusion to the question that is on the lips of more than the imaginary paranoid he puts in the frame since it emerged that Britain’s Secret Terror Squad had been pulled: ‘days after the de Silva report on collusion over the Finucane murder, has the BBC got cold feet over interviews with an army undercover squad?'

Whatever the reason – and it might yet prove innocuous enough -  there will be much suspicion in Ireland that the BBC is more concerned with the British part of its name than the Broadcasting bit, that it is once again acquiescing in the institutional instinct to cover the truth rather than convey it when it comes to raison d'etat

A decade ago Niall Stanage concluded:

the promise of a new start offered by the Police Service for Northern Ireland, the direct descendant of a constabulary suspected of murder, rings hollow for many nationalists. That poisonous past will remain inescapable while the British government dodges the truth about what was done in its name.

A decade of the PSNI and nothing has emerged to suggest Stanage is wrong but quite a bit that would lead to the conclusion that he was right. In terms of the past, powerful institutions are determined that our view will be myopic rather than panoramic.  


  1. Why am I not surprised. Anybody surprised it was pulled? I watched the Barclay twins episode. They can dig dirt on all and sundary, pay no tax and scream blue murder when anyone questions them (and get paid millions (maybe close to a billion if the littlewoods case goes their way))...

    If I set myself up as a company called 'Frankie plc' who reckons I'd get away with not paying corporation tax?

    I keep drawing the same conclusion (more so now I've read Voices)...The only hope of people like myself finding the truth lies in the Belfast Project. I've looked at as many angles as possible. But ex political prisoners who believed they could freely talk with out fear of retribution is the only way the murky history of the troubles will be told..JMO

  2. That programme would have told us nothing that my grandchild already knows.the laughable new well nearly new twist is that all these nefarious activities were actually saving lives,and you know something a cara ,there is dickheads out there who,l believe it...
    frankie if the taxman is causing you pain change your name to Starbucks,

  3. I'm not in the least surprised at this program being pulled, it just goes to prove who is actually running the British Government ,and, also the BBC, I recently posted that , "David Cameron said to Mrs Finucane, wife of the Murdered solicitor with collusion involving British agents and ruc special branch, "If I were to give you a Public Inquiry , there are people in these rooms who would not allow it" , in that he meant, MI5/MI6, known as the "Suits". And those very same suits have stuck there nose into the viewing of this program until they have viewed and make sure anything relevant to British security that would be damaging to Her Majesties Government Will Be Edited Out, They will be looking for names of any of those involved in that death squad then they will haul them over the coals. I will be very surprised if we ever see the full version, or, For that matter, any version.

  4. I'm reading Slugger about the same show.

    A poster called galloglaigh emailed Panorama and got this reply..

    Dear Mr (galloglaigh),

    Many thanks for your interest in Panorama.

    We now expect that the billed programme Britain’s Secret Terror Squad will now be broadcast in the new year.

    Apologies for any confusion caused, but we do need to change planned programmes on short notice from time to time owing to various editorial issues.

    Best wishes for the Christmas season.

    The Panorama Team

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

    @ Marty, I think I'll stick with 'Frankie plc' incase some says I've infringed on their copy righted name. Tomorrow I'm off to register myself as a company and then transfer my post office savings to an account in the Cayman Islands (Don't worry folk's I'll send you all a post card)..

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    New Loughinisland inquiry ordered

  7. Frankie.

    That link "DETAIL" takes you to the page were it shows you how to make links. Ive been having probs from that same page, done everything it said and when i try to post comment it states "Link Not Closed" lol

  8. Itsjustmakers.. Sorry about that (take 2), should work now...

    The Detail

    Police Ombudsman Michael Maguire is set to dramatically scrap his predecessor Al Hutchinson’s investigation into the 1994 UVF massacre of six men in Loughinisland and order a new inquiry into the killings.

    Lawyers for Mr Maguire, who took up office as Police Ombudsman in July, will tomorrow morning (Thursday) tell a Belfast High Court that he intends to overturn his predecessor’s controversial report, which had been branded a whitewash by the victims’ families when it was published in 2011.

    Brigid Green, whose 87 year-old husband Barney Green was one of the six men killed when UVF gunmen burst into the Heights Bar, had taken the high court action claiming that Mr Hutchinson’s investigation into the atrocity had been seriously flawed and had failed to properly investigate allegations of security force collusion in the murders

  9. The media has always been subject to political interference, historically well documented in Liz Curtis book - Ireland the propaganda war - the British media and the battle for hearts and minds.
    I have little faith in historical government inquiries are not open to the public. The John stalker affair showed the length the British government would go to interfere - when it yat becoming clear he was going to establish a shoot to kill policy was happening the government fabricated a misconduct charge against stalker and he was pulled from the investigation.
    All parties are pursuing a revisionist agenda whether SF, loyalists and the British government. The da silva report was another part of this narrative - that senior government had no role in pat finucanes murder.
    Pulling the programme on The secret war isn't a one off incident but a pattern, to paint the British role still present in the 6counties as one of "keeping the peace".
    The programme was probably scheduled a little too close to air after the da silva report but who knows we haven't seen the programme - censorship alive and well.

  10. Dingo

    Jack Hermon wrote Stalkers grand mothers details on a cigerette packet at a meeting the two had and wrote 'catholic' on it.

    The British government acting somehow 'bemused' that it's military were killing people here is just another delusion pill that the general public are being forced to swallow.

    Either the various parties from the dirty (filthy) war here do as Spain did after their civil war and burry the subject or we will see a festering of old wounds until there is a new outbreak of hostilities I suspect.

  11. Frankie,

    A month into the New Year and no sign yet as far as I am aware

  12. Frankie,

    Hutchinson was int to cover up but failed lamentably when trying to cover up the cover up


  13. So the BBC/Panorama team can go to North Korea and make a documentary...and show it. But still sit on one about the MRF made last year.....?