A Savile Savage

From boarding schools to the Catholic church and now the BBC, there are signs of the same story playing out – the powerful closing ranks, and the powerless keeping quiet or speaking out without being heard – Guardian.

It has been in the news for months now. The recipient of a double knighthood, British and papal, Jimmy Savile has rarely been out of the public eye since it emerged – seemingly not for the first time – that he had a long history as a sexual abuser. We are still hearing about his deeds while witnessing the fall out from his unmasking, Max Clifford, the czar of PR, the latest from the world of celebrity to be arrested.

Now that he has been officially outed there has been no shortage of others to out themselves for having being in possession of some sort of knowledge about the nefarious activities of the beast at the heart of the British Bullroot Conspiracy (BBC).  In that sense the unveiling of Saville will not come as a shock to everyone, as the rumours about him have been in the public domain for decades.

That's the truly shocking part of this story – so many people either knew or suspected the fact that Savile was assaulting underage girls but chose to do nothing whatsoever about it.

In the world of entertainment celebrity abusers for long went protected. Gary Glitter and the true blue Tory Brit Jonathan King were serial child molesters both of whom served time for their litany of offences against children. Quoting another celebrity, the Guardian's Julie Bindel said : 

Esther Rantzen hits the nail on the head in an interview about the revelations when she says, "in some way we colluded with him as a child abuser’ and that, "We made him into the Jimmy Savile who was untouchable, who nobody could criticise."

Yet for all the focus on these individuals, by this stage familiarity with the malign culture of the Catholic Church should have left society with a salutary lesson articulated by the Guardian:

Counterintuitive as it may be, however, this is a problem that can only be tackled by addressing institutions and culture. After all, witch-hunts against individual paedophiles have been tried in the past. The News of the World's name and shame campaign came and went in 2000, causing chaos without preventing or even exposing the sort of abuse that is currently coming to light.
It is not counterintuitive at all. That much is clear from our understanding of the rape cartel that is the Catholic Church. Either take down the barrel or forever and a day waste time a la Sisyphus pulling out each bad apple only for one more snake, medusa-like, to take its place courtesy of the institutional culture which sustains it.


  1. I,m waiting for that lovely girl with the English accent ringing me to tell me my tv license has been expired for a while now and that there is several options to pay for one ,at that point I shall be interrupting her and informing her that I want my day in court as there is no way in hell that I,m going to be a facilitator for child sex abusers which in reality the British Bugger Children is and has been.

  2. You have to admire how smart Savile was. About 8 yrs ago, Frank Skinner remarked on live ITV about Savile's private life and his interest in kids. Nobody paid any notice. Savile's maternal family came from Dublin, no surprise.He didn't get his mensa badge for nothing.

  3. I see that Savile,s mate Benny the bad is going on Twitter,Twitter is six years old so that makes perfect sense..

  4. 'That's the truly shocking part of this story – so many people either knew or suspected the fact that Savile was assaulting underage girls but chose to do nothing whatsoever about it'

    This is absolutely spot on. So many knew.

    I watched Paul Gambacinni justify his silence by saying he was just a young, up and coming DJ and kept quiet because he didnt think he'd be believed above Savile. Janet Street Porter's excuse was because she was a woman in a mans world.

    Crap. It was their careers they were thinking of. Nothing more or less. They allowed the most vulnerable of children to be to tortured and exploited because their drive for celebrity wiped out any ethics they had to begin with.

    Dave; I'm not understanding your connection to Savile and Dublin?

  5. Belfast Bookworm
    100% correct. When the aspiration to become a wealthy middle class celebraty takes priority over the sexual abuse of children you have to ask yourself what sort of people were they, are they in the day. Fame, fortune, wannabes, it is a f..cking disgrace. Silence = aidding and abetting, they all knew the power of Saville in the media business to help or deter their career and guess what they choose. Not very christian. I am just going to sit right back and watch the dirty history of these people onfold, because the media is in the business of sensationalising this, so there will be more to come. The knock on effect with however will be to devert the working class masses from the real issues on austerity cuts, people most not lose sight of this injustice either.

  6. Seems nomatter where you are, defference to those in authority is a right 'pain in the ass' !!

  7. Johnny Rotten would have liked to kill Jimmy Savile as far back as 1978..The last verse of this song aired on radio 1 in 1992 say's it all (2m 15sec). The cover up concerning Savile is like the covering up of the truth of what actually happened during the troubles.

    Every other week there are new allegations about the o6c's murky past and the main players are doing a Pontius Pilate and washing their dirty hands of the whole affair. And when anyone stands up and questions the past, their opinions are dismissed. Some a ridiculed and others are jailed for simply explaining what most people suspect.

  8. Everyone know what Gary Glitter done (down loading child porn & having sex with under age girls)...Today you can't hear any of his songs on the radio etc... But every now and then some DJ will play any number of Chuck Berry songs...(Johnny B Goode, Schools Days, Rock'n'Roll Music....etc).. But Chuck was just as bad as Gary Glitter. In 1959 he was charged under the Mann Act for taking a 14yr old girl across state lines for prostitution. In fact while in prison he wrote one of his most famous songs No particular place to go...later on he was found to have hidden CCTV in the womens toilets (the cubicles) and watch them doing what ever women do... he got off by paying the women, (some reports say around 200) compensation...

    And yet people hold Chuck in high esteem (he still plays with the best from Clapton, Keith Richards, Albert lee...). He was inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 1986.

    Question is what is the difference between the two? They are both guilty of the same charges...