What did you do that for?

Padraic Wilson finds himself in jail this evening. The former blanket man and leader of IRA prisoners in the H Blocks in the 1990s appeared in court this morning charged with membership of the IRA and addressing a meeting with the intention of enlisting support for the IRA. The charges are rooted in matters pertaining to the 2005 killing of Belfast man Robert McCartney whose sisters and fiancee waged a relentless campaign in pursuit of the murdered man's killers.

This morning a British police officer told a Belfast court:

It is alleged that Mr Wilson and an unidentified person met with the family in their capacity as members of the IRA and as representatives of the army council of the IRA. That role was carrying out an internal investigation into the murder. It is alleged that at least two meetings were held with members of the family and Mr Wilson.

Shortly after the killing of Robert McCartney a beleaguered Gerry Adams, speaking in the US, made a telling response to the correspondant Warren Hoge who questioned him over an earlier Ard Fheis speech in which he had said ‘we refuse to criminalize those who break the law in pursuit of legitimate political objectives.’

Hoge wanted to know if ‘now, seven years after the Good Friday agreement, is there still the need to break the law to pursue political objectives?'

Under pressure Adams’ response was:

No ...  the tense of that assertion is past tense, or should be past tense ... a crime is the breaking of the law ... Do I think at the moment - and I make this very clear in the speech - that breaking the law or armed actions are an option? No, I don’t.

In the view of Adams membership of an illegal body like the IRA post-Good Friday Agreement was by definition a breaking of the law and by extension a crime. Following this line of reasoning the PSNI is doing what Sinn Fein has long called on it to do - investigating a crime.

While Raymond McCartney has not yet emerged to state that Wilson's arrest means a united Ireland is now closer than ever before, few will be taken aback if party hacks like Tom Hartley and Jim Gibney between them, searching for ways to remain consistent with Adams' position, consider asking Wilson to congratulate the cops for having charged him in a bid to spare the party’s blushes. Were Wilson to do so it would certainly make a new addition to famous speeches from the dock, sounding like a trade unionist demanding lower wages and a longer working week.

Others, seeming to have forgotten the party’s lines, sound in no mood for such generosity. There is something of shell shock to their demeanour. After the court hearing, speaking outside a Sinn Fein Belfast office Gerry Kelly, in a rambling speech that veered at times into the incoherent, waxed furious at Wilson being charged.

It is my firm view that these charges are politically motivated and driven by an old agenda within the PSNI fighting against policing change. This is a very serious situation and these charges need to be dropped and Padraic Wilson needs to be released immediately.

While railing against what he called the political policing of the PSNI (slow learner) it appears not to register with him that the PSNI, whose motive is not to be trusted in the slightest, is merely pursuing what Gerry Adams has determined a criminal offence. Kelly in calling for the PSNI to back off is in fact calling for it to behave as a political police force and base its decisions on political rather than evidential criteria. He urged the PSNI to drop its prosecution of Wilson not because he is innocent of the charges against him but because he is a supporter of the peace process. The force should instead, according to Kelly, concentrate its energies on arresting those opposed to the process. Which is what they have been doing for long enough with the limited but real reintroduction of internment for former republican life sentence prisoners.

Sinn Fein is in a bind here. It has yet again been exposed in its policing strategy. So eager for office it dived to suck the truncheon without checking if protection was in place. It left so many breaches in its lines that the old unreconstructed RUC was able to pour through with both ease and gusto.

There are many reasons that can be put forward as to why Padraic Wilson should not be charged which are rooted in facts on the ground, But Sinn Fein will find it hard to make the case. Gerry Kelly sounded forlorn as he in effect whined, we delivered the head of the IRA on a plate to you and now you are screwing us. And the PSNI response: ‘it’s in our nature.’


  1. Seems like two of the McCartney sisters have suddenly signed a statement against Padraic Wilson seven years after said event- they
    met everyone from repoter-taoiseach-primeminister to president over the years but refused to tell them this- their truth-now when they were forgot about they have come up with another whopper-what did they do that for-who would want to meet them now-

  2. Michaelhenry,

    but you must see that Sinn Fein are calling for people to sign statements against those the party accuse of breaking the law. And according to the SF leader any breach of the law after the GFA is a crime. You can't have it every way.

    PW should not be charged. The decision to charge him is partisan. Do you think if PW or anyone else were to go to the PSNI in the morning and make a statement against all the screws who assaulted them during the blanket protest, that any screw would be charged? Not a chance. But your party has given the political cover to these people that they now use to shaft you right up the ass. It is really time for your people to remember where they came from Michael. But I guess it is too late for late.

  3. It would appear that there is a clearing of the decks of SF personel who other SF personel would regard as Neanderthals.

    I dont know him but PW should beat this and I hope he does.

    Though it was reported that the case detective addressed the Court throughout with his hand covering his mouth to conceal his mirth, I dont think PSNI/British are altogether doing this lightly.

    Even if he beats the Rap PW might have his early release license revoked as happened others.

    MichaelHenry, PW will get 'due process', right?

    And sure if PW doesnt get out we have people of the calibre of Bridget Meehan to take his place in the organisation

    Footnote, Bridget was a leading light in Raytheon, Derry before a few good Derry men and women put her and Ratheon out. Derry SF are putting the noses of a few oul hands out of joint in Derry as they thrash about trying to get Bridget a constituency

  4. Michael Henry; the two McCartney sisters did not actually know how PW was until his photo appeared in the press recently as part of another investigation.

  5. Can't have any sympathy on this one. Those guys in SF were using the RUC to eliminate anyone who didnt blindly follow them as they made up the rules as they went along. Michaelhenry and Gerry Kelly are both hilarious, it's bad for peace if you dont agree with us and be nice to SF.

    Excuse me if i enjoy a really big cheezy grin reading about the SF delusion. PW will be on the hood or Loyalist wings i assume?

  6. Belfast Bookworm-

    Catch yourself on- the McCartneys knew from day one who Padraic is-but they refused to tell this to the good and great they met-even the police at that time were kept out of the loop by the sisters-that will not be forgot- they checked the internet recently-worst excuse that i ever heard-

  7. Larry,

    given that there is no Stick wing I don't know what will happen. The Sticks used to have a cage but I think they surrendered their status. People who endorsed the political perspective that PW does now had a natural home in the Stick cage. But the notion that the screws might try beating him or messing him about because he is a former blanket man etc is galling to me.

  8. MH; worst excuse you've ever heard?

    Yeah right. And this coming from a baa-baa who trundles blindly after the biggest bullsitters Ireland has known.

    I'm always amazed at the level of disdain people like you have for this family. If it had been my brother I'd have gone through windows to get at those responsible. Your absolute lack of empathy only demonstrates how utterly unaffected and uninvolved you were with the war here.

  9. Anthony; 'given that there is no Stick wing I don't know what will happen'

    Too funny.

    I'm sue he'll be welcomed onto the republican wing - if that's what he wants. Will he join the protest? Surely he has to, lest he allows the Brits to criminalise him.

    Then his former colleagues will distance themselves.

  10. Belfast Bookworm,

    I am not so sure it is so straightforward a matter as getting on the republican wing. If you were in charge of that wing would you feel comfortable accepting people who belong to a party that wants any information about republicans handed over to the British? What if they are planning an escape? SF members on that wing will be told by their leadership to inform on it.

    I would hate to see PW messed about in the slightest in there (he should get bail very quickly I guess)but I am wondering how the republicans who run these wings might view that type of person in their midst.

    Remove him from the discussion and insert Martin McGuinness. Say MM was charged and asked to go on that wing. The people in charge know from his own public statements that he would hand over the tiniest scrap of information to the authorities. So the logical thing to do from their perspective is to pull tight and protect themselves from 'the enemy within.'

  11. Belfast Bookworm,

    Michaelhenry for some reason on the face of it seems to be insensitive to nationalists who have been the victims of the Provos. Dixie flagged up a statement he is alleged to have made about Paul Quinn who the Provos beat to death in Monaghan. I am not convinced that Michaelhenry is as dismissive or as harsh as he makes himself out to be. A bit of baiting the opposition is my guess.

    But as you say the family were quite within their rights not to buy into any SF bull on the matter and pursued their campaign with great vigour.

  12. 'Remove him from the discussion and insert Martin McGuinness. Say MM was charged and asked to go on that wing. The people in charge know from his own public statements that he would hand over the tiniest scrap of information to the authorities.'

    Did the loyalists in the cages not put a touts head in a vice and take turns twisting it so they were all implicated. Mightnt need to pressure anyone in McGuinness' case lol.

    Mackers go easy on michaelhenry he's just living his wee dream. Ive a feeling the cornflake box has already been opened though.

  13. Just watched the Kelly clip on the SF website. My wife wants to know are they going to build a 'peace process jail' coz the SF criminals will have nowhere else to go. Still laughing at the thought!!

  14. This is from BBC Northern Ireland News This morning.

    "The detective said the McCartney family were able to identify Mr Wilson recently through internet research and recognised him as the person who took the lead in addressing the meetings."

    I for one do not believe this for one moment.

    Its obvious that PW would not introduce himeself as ,"IRA Army Council" ,and, If the McCartney Family did not recognise who PW was, Then the McCartney Family have been prompted by ex RUC , The same ones who prompted The McConville family to get to Adams ,who are aiding PSNI and want revenge for RUC being disbanded.

    I don't want to see PW Locked up,I don't want to see any Republican locked up, but, its interesting for Kelly to come out and state that this is a political arrest, ffs Gerry is on the side of the PSNI/RUC, so for SF to say, lock all those up who oppose the GFA, but, Don't lock up any of our own people.
    If this was a loyalist supporter of the GFA being arrested the streets would be flooded with protesters.

  15. Larry,

    it is what happens to republicanism once the Stick virus takes hold. The gap between the republican position once held and the new ground is so vast that they try to cover it up.

    The more the cover is pulled to stretch over the ever widening chasm the more threadbare it becomes and so the greater the need to silence anyone pointing it out. What is often forgotten in these things is that Goulding et all were all republicans at one time. I suppose, given the ferocity with which the Provos treated the Sticks, the big question is how did the Provos end up going Stick? The Provos defined themselves as the antithesis of the Sticks.

    Is it inherent in armed force republicanism? Does all major republican insurrection end up being pulled down the Stick path? Is the only way of protecting against that to stay small and purist? I suppose this underlies my view of some years that republicanism as we knew it is not the answer to partition. It rather than the Northern state is the political failed entity.

  16. Itsjustmacker,

    but what could they march about? The logic of their position on that march could only be 'we oppose the people we support.'

  17. Mackers

    'I suppose this underlies my view of some years that republicanism as we knew it is not the answer to partition.'

    I remember at a SF meeting in the mid 1980s asking Brendan Curran if abstentionism was ending would SF not be goin the same way as the stickies. (i had a huge redner askin it) but he said 'It's up to us not to end up like that'.

    As for partition, i recon lookin at (enduring/suffering) Stormont today on tv those eejits should all be redundant and a hand full of civil-serpents should run the North. Think of the megga bucks it would free up for hospitals and schools etc instead of some useless twits having up to 3 jobs and 3 expenses accounts. In the future if there's a big enough demographic change and a groundswell for unity, have a referendum.

    But get Stormont wrapped up 'coz the Unionists don't deserve it and having to look at Bobby Sands behind Gerry 'Royal Ulster Provo' Kelly crying about his bosses in the RUC oppressing the wrong people could be a thing of the past. How disgusting. Get it wrapped up and never bring it back i say.

  18. AM-

    " Pursued their campaign with great vigor " who- the McCartney shouts- this is part of their campaign-signing statements-its a long way from when they used to sign autographs-not that many running
    down those name tellers here-wonder why-

    They are only doing what Sinn Fein
    asked people to do- so if Sinn Fein told them to with-draw their well written statements they would to so-else they would be hypocrites

  19. Michaelhenry,

    I think most people have made the case here that Padraic should not have been charged. They have also pointed out that it is the outcome of the SF logic. What can your complaint be if SF call on people to make statements against those breaking the law? How many ways do you want it?

  20. mackers

    michaelhenry wants it the SF way ie. all things to all men and the 'I'm always right...ESPECIALLY when I'm wrong' way.

    That's the magic of the piss-process.

  21. Great piece AM
    I would still be laughing if the whole sorry episode wasn’t so sad for the Mc Cartney’s
    Its so sad that when the Derry catholic Martin Mc Guinness calls for people to report crimes to the PSNI they are then taken apart by his same party because they have named one of his own thugs as having premeditated the murder of their only brother’s killers, this is what his sisters said then and are still saying now. Sinn/IRA thought then and still think that they are beyond the Law when it affects their members , Robert Mc Cartney’s murder was as wrong then as David Black’s murder was on Thursday but for some strange reason Sinn Fein/IRA wants a different set of rules of law.
    Padraic Wilson maybe innocent or maybe guilty but you can bet your life he will not do as his leaders have demanded and that is give any information about any criminal that has committed any offence
    Are the Mc Cartney sister’s only entitled to justice as long as it’s not members of Sinn Fein/IRA that are being questioned about the crime?

  22. AM-

    Point of order-

    " What can your complaint be if SF call on people to make statements against those breaking the law "

    Thats up to any person who is in that situation but if they are just following Sinn Feins advice then they should remove their statements if Sinn Fein asks them to do so-if Sinn Fein says they want the sisters vote how can the sisters say no as they now follow the partys advice-the McCartneys have dug a huge hole which they are now stuck in-

    [ reading John Grisham's new one-The Litigators-and its another good one ]

  23. Michaelhenry,

    But they are not following Sinn Fein’s advice. Had they done that they would have pulled back from day one in 2005. I doubt they have any faith in Sinn Fein.

    The point isn’t so complex that you can’t see it. The sisters are not being inconsistent with Sinn Fein’s position which is that people should give information to the PSNI about law breaking. Adams has called post GFA law breaking criminal. PW faces post GFA charges.

    So, if the sisters are totally in line with SF policy on the issue of assisting the PSNI solve what your party defines as crime then what is your gripe with them? As you feel the way you do should your complaint not be addressed to your own party which says it is fine to give information to the PSNI.

    I have never read Grisham but I think I am on the verge of delviong into a writer as good as Stieg Larrson. Will let you know after the first book

  24. michaelhenry has just confirmed what I have long since suspected. To be in or follow SF you first require your brain removed!

  25. michaelhenry

    Latest statement from Martin McGuinness/ Especially the last part.


  26. Firstly each time I read a comment from michaelhenry I find it incredible that he's a councillor.

    Then again, when they have their statements written for them by someone in the brain's department of SF, like the recent 'Exposing and closing the PSNI’s revolving door' statement, it just proves that they aren't trusted to think for themselves.

    As in the Raymond McCartney statement, which was not only carried under his name but under various Adamsite names across the country, the above statement was carried by, Pat Sheenan, Cathal Ó hOisín and Elisha McLaughlin, among others.

    Puts me in mind of Bobby Sands' "systemised, institutionalised, decent law-abiding robots."

    That would be the rank and file of PSF to a tee.

  27. As for Padraic Wilson. He was never anything but a robot. An Adams fanatic who carried out his orders without question.

    I've no sympathy for the man especially knowing of the other case he is involved in and although we can't for legal reasons say what it is, it also comes as proof of the amazing hypocrisy of SF, in that when it came to condemning others of being involved in the exact same thing they were nothing short of self-righteous bastards.

    All this just goes to show that PSF are tolerated by the British and Unionists for their propaganda value. And for this they are allowed to work on behalf of whatever British party might be in power in running the place, a bit like school caretakers.

    PSF however need the odd boot up the arse to keep them in line and this usually comes in the form of outing yet another tout but now it seems they won't hesitate sticking the odd one in jail with the 'dastardly dissidents'.

  28. AM-

    "as good as Stieg Larrson"

    I hope it is- i have seen that claim on some books-but you told me
    to check out Stieg Larrson to begin with so i will trust your judgement with this new offering-


    How i miss your kind words and your ability to see the mistakes of others whilst refusing to show us your way to the promised land-
    your witty remarks should be enough
    to carry us through the harsh winter-Amen-


  29. I also struggle with the idea that Michael is a public representative. His comments leave one with the impression of being more of a vulnerable adult than someone who merits an electoral mandate. I wonder what level of service he might provide for his constituents?

    Apparently one constituent seeking advice on the purchase of a canine friend and breed suitability was advised by Michael he should on no account consider buying a Labrador.
    Expressing surprise, the constituent related his perception of the breed as friendly, fun loving and extremely loyal.'That may be so,' retorted Michael,'but have you ever noticed how many of their owners appear to go blind?'

  30. Michael Henry,

    Is this you? I didn't know you were a county councillor!

  31. michael,

    you accuse dixie of deflection or diversion, well, let me ask you directly,

    should people pick up the phone or not against someone, whether are sinn fein or not?

  32. Anyone recall...

    in 2007 Michael MaDowel TD crucified Adams live on tv about trying to bring 25 million in Columbian drug money into the country and for havinbg a big house in Donegal. Adams reply was YOU SHOULD BE DEFENDING MY RIGHTS. seems SF rights are the only ones that count.

    Robert go easy on Michaelhenry he is in the mrs blobby party. SF leadership say swallow and the 'faithful' do it.

    did ye hear bout mr and mrs blobby in bed mrs blobby said blub blub blub blub blub and mr blobby said wud ye just fuk up and swallow it....bit like SF lmao

    so your a mrs Browns boys fan Robert?

  33. Just watched Green Zone about the yanks in Iraq..seems to me SF are the Brit stoogies here. No different.

  34. Alfie-

    Not a bad picture- you think anyone gives a fcuk- i got two death treats today--enjoy your war whilst we fight-

  35. Michaelhenry,

    if you got 2 death treats rather than threats it is what happens when you go out trick or treating at your age!

    I have to wait until I read the first one before I recommend it properly to you. But my wife is a great reader and her recomendation is usually one I don't go overlook.

    Your reticence in addressing the issues raised here will merely reaffirm the view of peope that SF have got all of this hopelessly wrong. Surely you should be making the case for the party rather than exposing its vulnerabilities.

  36. maybe its just my pc but im unable to open the pic of Tyrones champion michaelhenry...can u forward it mackers the suspenders is killing me.

  37. larry,

    I don't think it is him, just a mask he used for trick or treat!

  38. Hopefully, Padraic will be released and united with his family - along with all the other political prisoners and internees. Mick Hen is a councillor? you jest surely? No, come to think of it, when you meet a SF so-called rep, they are mostly empty headed buffoons, also. Trick or treat, Hen?

  39. Reminds me of the Benny Hill sketch taking the piss outa New Faces in the 1970s. All the new SF boys and girls who Adams and Mi6 Marty have surrounded themselves with these days...

    Benny Hill called it New Faeces.

  40. Tom Cassidy

    You sound like your heart is a good one. But read this and contemplate.


    I was thinkin this fella Wilson is the latest in a long line of stooges sacrificed on the altar of McGuinness and Adams but the last paragraph has me thinking it's a RAT-TRAP and after Morrison, Sandy Lynch Scap and Donaldson that we know of, Wislon is the latest RAT thrown to the hounds to keep the two BIGGEST rats in place at the top.

    With a cadre filled with michael Hens...all things are possible.

    I'll likely be arrested now for being able to read and think, therefore posing a threat to the piss-process.

  41. Michael,

    "Not a bad picture- you think anyone gives a fcuk- i got two death treats today--enjoy your war whilst we fight-"

    I don't know what you mean by this. Are you blaming me for your getting death threats? And what is this about me enjoying my war?

    I certainly didn't mean to cause you any problems, but, given that we are friends, I am surprised that you didn't tell me you were an elected representative.

  42. Alfie,

    Michaelhenry is all over the place. I don't think he is blaming you, just blowing out smoke to cover the holes he has dug for himself with the points he makes

  43. Alfie-

    Its just me-and i did get a couple of nice treats yesterday-my sense of humour is maybe lost with larrys
    pc picture's-

    I never told you my job-i did not think it was important-i never asked you what you did old hand-book or drink today or both?-think i
    will pick the high stool-stay safe and dont stay sober-

  44. I wonder what wing Padraic is on?
    In relation to the despicable killing of Robert Mc Cartney do we know what Padraic Wilson is actually guilty of?
    No doubt the girls have implicated him as one of the investigators but what else?
    I think we know more of his part in the actual cover-up in relation to MC.

  45. michaelhenry

    You do look well. Just the type of guy to keep the leadership on their toes.

  46. Wasn't it reported at the time of Robert McCartneys murder that the IRA made an offer to the family to shoot those allegedly responsible?

  47. Fionnuala

    I recon afetr the SF crusade into 'freedom politics' Wilson will be lost for choice.

    Bull-root wing

    Hoods wing

    Loyalist wing.

    icing on the cake of an illustrious career.

  48. Was just thinking how to resolve the Norn Iron problem

    RUC jail the entire SF leadership and all the tout money be redirected to hospitals and schools. The RUC Special Branch can then retire (genuinely).

    Give the IRA lads POW status and if anyone wants a wee war they can do ther whack in comfort. No emotional issues for the community at large.

    Let the SDLP get on with the excuse that passes for politics in the 'wee-six'.

  49. The Queens Own are holding a protest against the arrest of Padraic Wilson outside their own offices tomorrow. So afraid of annoying the cops they are now apparently reduced to picketing their own offices rather than the barracks. Imagine them all walking round in cricles chanting 'Yes Yes RUC.'


  50. Mackers

    I must admit as a History and Politics MA student it has been an exciting and somewhat slightly emotive time this last week. Upon reflection one thing is clear. The IRA (not the Provos)and the RUC are still continuing their war. Historical crimes unit looking at the Enniskillen bomb of 25yrs ago with new evidence having been forwarded and the Wilson arrest and the screw whacked. Business as usual.?

    With McGuinness calling on touts to come forward and SF being the victim of witness statements and the historical crimes unit looking into things like the Enniskillen bomb, it may be a new era in the 'troubles'. Not one SF anticipated either. Could be a tout/evidence fest.

    Interesting times ahead methinks.

    SS to YES YES RUC is quite funny huh? Protesting at Bobby Sands mural... after they called for touts. Will they ever stop and look in the mirror and see who they have become?

  51. Self flagellation springs to mind but not sure for which pleasure ???

  52. I have visions of Frs. Ted Crilly and Dougal Maguire brandishing placards.

    Down with this sort of thing!

  53. just a thought...if Scap came home from Italy and went supergrass and sunk the SF miss-leadership for the rest of their naturals would that be without stigma?

    whats good for the goose...

  54. I've missed your analysis Anthony absolutely spot on, right laugh at the queeners protesting outside their own offices. Magic!

  55. I've missed your analysis Anthony, absolutely spot on. Right laugh at the queeners protesting outside their own office, belter and it's true!

  56. Just seen a screenshot of a post on http://www.irishrepublican.ie where a shinner hiding under the name Tombo broke the reporting restriction on the naming of the victim in another case concerning Padraic Wilson.

    This is the type of cyber-bullying we read about concerning school kids but in this case there’s clearly a more sinister agenda afoot.

    Now we realise why so many victims remained silent while a powerful figure was still alive.

    I hope at least that the screenshot may be of use in publicly exposing the coward hiding behind the screen name Tombo.

  57. mackers

    there was no protest outside any centres they were just pick up points to take you where the protest was to be held,I attended to protest but certainly not to get on a bus with them fraid they may have tried to convert me..

  58. There is no doubt that the McCartney’s knew all along who PW was and who he represented - never ever gone to a meeting where one side never introduced themselves and if they didn’t were politely asked to do so - and also, as rightly pointed out, that they are only pursuing what SF/MI5 has publicly proclaimed all should do if a crime has been committed.
    But what also can be deducted is that there is an ulterior motive for this little exercise and who’s meaning and understanding remains obscure at this point.
    More importantly, the McCartney’s have become willing partners of the PSNI in this ridiculous charade, publicly accepting their role as agents of the crown. These people know the consequences of their actions and are fully aware that their struggle for justice for their relative is now treading down a very dangerous path – they know what they have become and they fully understand that PSNI is just a different spelling of RUC – let us not kid ourselves here – and what possibly could they hope to gain from such action? The charges against PW are by no means substantial. In fact, they are quite mediocre, who’s gravity is somewhat akin to those M Price faced, and just what do the McCartney’s hope to achieve by pursuing this is also highly questionable for looking at the charges and the possible outcomes, they will achieve very, very, little indeed with regards to their pursuit for justice………

    Their apparent willingness to participate in an PSNI/RUC plot to imprison another person leaves their desire for support for their campaign hanging by a tread and brings in to question their frankness and honesty…

  59. Now that was a prison protest today outside the police headquarters-i was going through dungiven two weeks ago and seen a disso one-never seen worse-they cant even protest-hope some sense will be knocked into the police- the dissos were escorted home this week whilst Sinn Fein is still kept behind prison bars-duffy is lucky that he is not in Sinn Fein-

  60. MH; glad you got your numbers, but then the Shinners were always great at rounding up sheep.

    'duffy is lucky that he is not in Sinn Fein'

    Yeah. That'd be about right.

  61. Niall,

    More importantly, the McCartney's have become willing partners of the PSNI ... in this ridiculous charade, publicly accepting their role as agents of the crown.

    I doubt very much if they accept the role you assign to them here - ‘agents of the crown.’ It is very much a particular republican definition that they would most definitely not share. I guess only a few would have that take. They might even interpret your comments as carrying an implied threat, even if you did not intend them to be taken up as such. But given their stand thus far I doubt they are amenable to intimidation.

    Where would the danger emanate from if the family are doing what SF say they should be doing – giving information about law breaking? In what way would they then be different from the wide swathe of people out there who go to the PSNI on law breaking related matters?

    They can hardly be more of a ‘willing partner’ of the PSNI than Padriac Wilson and his party colleagues are. Does your warning of the ‘consequences of their actions’ and ‘treading down a dangerous path’ apply also to PW et al?

    They have from the outset wanted other people jailed for the killing of their brother and have pressed the PSNI to bring people to court. The ‘pursuit of justice’ you refer to was always aimed at jailing other people.

    There are other issues that pertain to this development which have not been addressed but which would in my view make the action against PW seem very much the wrong choice for the family to have made. I fail to see how it will bring real justice or closure of any meaningful type. I think it might strip the campaign of some of its ethical appeal.

  62. Michaelhenry,

    at last something we can all agree on - Duffy ois lucky he is not in SF. Pity you were not so lucky!!

  63. Anthony:

    'Pity you were not so lucky!!'

    Shouldn't that read 'pity SF were not so lucky'?

  64. Michaelhenry can you please tell me what type of grass you are smoking and how much you are paying per gram as i sure as fcuk wouldn't mind a toke of it.

  65. sean paul

    think its amnesia haze as he has forgoten what part he played in the PIRA war, well thats his excuse

  66. sean paul

    think michealhenry been smoking some amnesia haze as he has forgotten what part he played in the PIRA war, well thats his excuse maybe reason also Gerry iwasneverintheRa..

  67. Belfast Bookworm,

    I think SF feel blessed to have people who seem never to question anything. You know tomorrow morning if there was a march down the Falls calling for Gaza to be bombed they would all turn up at it.

  68. Nial

    'More importantly, the McCartney’s have become willing partners of the PSNI in this ridiculous charade, publicly accepting their role as agents of the crown'.

    Replace McCartney's with SF and presto!

    It's beautiful, like the Afghans being trained by the Brits and then stiffing them. Blowback on SF....who knows it could be catching....NICE!

  69. Anthony: dont joke about such things. SF calling for Gaza to be bombed is actually not beyond the reals of possibility. Sure wasn't Martin pictured with the Israeli president & his holiday brochure encouraging tourism in the illegal state?

    If it pleased their masters that crowd would go in and drop the bombs themselves!

  70. Said michaelhenry...

    "Now that was a prison protest today outside the police headquarters..."

    No it wasn't. I just saw it on the news and about 150 bothered to get the buses provided.

    Has PSF lost it's grip on the sheep michaelhenry? Could Gerry's sheep dogs not round up more than that thought I?

    After all they are paid a wage for their 'loyal support' of Adams and comical Marty.

  71. Got to agree with Dixie on the turn out, i expected a larger turn-out, especially when you take into consideration the huge number of unemployed people in west belfast many of whom would be sinn fein supporters. (Blue Bibs and promises of £30.00 might of swolen the ranks).

  72. Anthony,

    'Imagine them all walking round in cricles chanting 'Yes Yes RUC.''

    That was funny. I guess the next line of the chant would have to be,'RUC generosity'

  73. Mackers you're on form alright. SF's hypocrisy seems to bring the best out of you.

    Shinners chanting 'Yes, Yes RUC!' is well worth stealing, which I did. And the shinners calling for Gaza to be bombed is laughable but also possible.

    By the way I heard there was a debate about Wilson on Magilligan Ex-POWs Facebook page and I popped in for a look. There was Michael Henry in the middle of it with the childish comment...

    "Free Padraic Wilson-the last two comments from brit lovers will never be forgot-"

    Sweet fuck I can imagine a councillor with the door locked to the public typing away on every political website on the world wide frigging web!

    Has to be the nearest thing to Willie Frazer on this side of the political fence...

  74. Was there anyone there today not on wages,Bod doh Brains was overheard telling anyone remotely interested that `quisling $inn £ein would not allow themselves to be treated as common criminals,he said "Doh we own houses on the Malone rd ffs,"

  75. Dixie

    'Has to be the nearest thing to Willie Frazer on this side of the political fence...'

    SF crossed the fence a long time ago. Michaelhenry is lamenting not knowing what to do tomorrow after SF were told to stay away from the screws funeral on FB. I have come to enjoy his wee comments a lot. I suggested he go and make a statement against McGuinness to the PSNI.

  76. I remember when the sunday world type reporters used to say that there was only a few at a Volunteers funeral or there is no way they can win that election-now some are down to their level saying
    that there was not to many at this protest when a set of eyes says different-


    " Has to be the nearest thing to Willie Frazer on this side of the political fence "

    You and me on the same side-who would have thought-

  77. Gerry Kelly said in relation to Wilson's arrest..."Clearly it is going through Republicanism, like a bush fire."

    Looking at the photo's of the protest on Derry Sinn Fein's Facebook page, it would seem that it was one bush and it didn't burn too long, in fact it appears to have only been singed...


    Now michaelhenry lets have enough of the Sunday World bollocks, it says a lot when in spite of the fact that most shinners are paid to remain shinners and that buses were put on, that this is the best they can come up with.

  78. MichaelHenry,

    '..that there was not to many at this protest when a set of eyes says different-'

    I'm over here Michael!

    'Exaggeration is my only reality'

  79. Dixie

    Looked at those pics, recon no more than 50 max at that protest. Another delusion michaelhenry. Cant fool all the people all the time, calling for touts then yapping when ye get a couple isn't washing huh?

    Was wondering in relation to the Peace Process...WHAT id the process? Are there stages and a political destination...'a vision and a mission' or is it just a phrase.

  80. Facebook, TPQ, irishrepublican.net, slugger... Does Michael Henry ever do any council work?

  81. Belfast Bookworm, the 1st time Michaelhenry got elected to the council, he thought it meant emptying bins into the back of a lorry.

    After the bin men dragged him back to the local SF centre, the shinners put him in front of a computer and told him to hold the Online of Fire.

    He's since fought many campaigns across the world wide web.

  82. Mackers click on this link to see what comes up lol


  83. Dixie; I guess that makes him IO then.

    Internet officer.

  84. Do you remember during the dark days of the troubles,a kid from any nationalist area caught with a few rounds of ammunition would have faced upwards of 14 years,while a udr/uvf man caught with an arsenal of weapons used in murders would have more than likely received a suspended sentence,we knew then what passed for justice here was politically motivated.today we witnessed that no change has taken place in the corrupt and unjust system that passes as norn iorn,s version of justice,quisling $inn £ein,s Paddybroy Wilson has been released on bail(as he should be)while facing not one but two terrorist related charges,Marian Price is now heading close to 600 days behind bars interned,released twice on bail but remanded back into custody on the orders of a politician.like Martin Corey both these people have been denied due process which seems to be available to just the chosen few here....1981....2012 no fucking change..

  85. Marty

    There's change ok SF are up to their balls in RUC mischief. Any questions being asked about Wislon have been answered and there are no questions left to be asked about SF. Stay the hell away from them and anyone still remotely connected.

  86. It's been a while since I posted anything on here or anywhere for that matter but michealhenry has me tears of laughter! If being a councillor doesn't work out for you, ever think of doing stand-up??

    larry hughes

    this was a great piece - http://thebrokenelbow.com/2012/11/03/the-arrest-of-padraig-wilson-some-thoughts-some-questions/

    really hits the nail on the head!!

  87. Sparky heels,

    Yes, I noticed that about the assembly points.

    Had you got on the bus they would have stuck the chip in the back of your neck and you’d end up talking like Raymond McCartney.

  88. Larry,

    I just think it is in the republican DNA to go Stick. I remember all the Queens Own crowd giving Seamus Lynch and company a lot of grief for getting out of the traps first.

    They should have had the redner not you

    Boyne Rover,

    Are the Mc Cartney sister's only entitled to justice as long as it's not members of Sinn Fein/IRA that are being questioned about the crime?

    That would seem to be what SF want.


    I also struggle with the idea that Michael is a public representative. His comments leave one with the impression of being more of a vulnerable adult than someone who merits an electoral mandate. I wonder what level of
    service he might provide for his constituents?

    Interesting thought.

  89. Larry,

    They want that mirror smashed along with anyone who pushes it out in front of them


    Good to see you are still around.

    Belfast Bookworm,

    I have no doubt SF would call for Gaza to be bombed if the big lad saw a career advantage in it.

  90. Dixie
    SF's hypocrisy seems to bring the best out of you.

    And the weasels gave me such a hard time for calling them out on it.

    Shinners chanting 'Yes, Yes RUC!' is well worth stealing, which I did.

    You are welcome. It is an old one from the blocks – the Sticks used to get slagged about it.

    The closest to the mark comment that I have heard yet about Michaelhenry was made by Robert.

  91. Dixie,

    The next thing they will be telling us is that a voice spoke to them from behind the burning bush urging them to stop all protests. We know where that will lead to.

  92. Dixie,

    Now if he was wearing a big black hat!