Through the eyes of Australian artist Adam Cullen (1965 – 2012)

Guest writer Mary Marshall with a short obituary on the late radical Australian artist Adam Cullen.

Australian artist Adam Cullen gained a Master of Fine Arts (University of New South Wales – Sydney) in 1999. He did not have it easy in life battling significant health issues yet was never deterred from creating artworks relaying strong messages. Gallery Ecosse gives one an idea of the force of his work which is riddled through with in your face statements.

Adam Cullen passed away on the 28th July 2012. The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art chose one of his paintings they own to be placed in the foyer to honour him. This large, powerful painting titled Blanket Men was painted in 2004.


The following ABC News video of Allan Cullen is well worthy of viewing:

“He was the scourge of the prim and the pious”


Gallery ecosse 
News - In Memory Of Adam Cullen 
Archibald winner Adam Cullen dies aged 47
Archibald winner Adam Cullen dies


  1. Enjoyed that Mary, well as much as I could watch unfortunately the video clip kept stalling, I could see he had an influence on your work a cara there is some similarities in his and some of yours that we seen posted a while ago, any of his work I,m sure would be worth having but there is a few there I would really love to own,good post a cara g,day g,day.

  2. Mary,

    It seems there are many artists out there doing good work and we never find out about them or their art until they die. I am glad you sent this our way. Like Marty I saw the subversive parallel between it and your own work.

  3. Anthony/Marty yeah there are artists that one discovers too late when they r gone. I never knew of Adam Cullen tho he had won a major art prize some time ago. When i recently looked into his art i was blown away at the force of the work. He painted from his gut convictions.
    Am so pleased they chose that particular painting to be showcased at the MCA.
    Marty i am no professional artist in the league of Cullen! but have always painted. Just on you all the time. PS the weather downunder is all sunshine & blue skies he he
    o and that painting called Storm Trooper he painted was a corker!!

  4. The skies are blue here to Mary with people cursing the fffffffrrrreezing fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkinng weather but the future is definitely orange thanks to quisling $inn £ein..if Cullens work goes on tour and gets to Belfast I,ll go and have a gander hon.

  5. Mary,

    thanks for posting this. Gallery Ecosse is certainly worth a virtual visit for anyone very powerful emotive works that seem to jump out at the viewer.
    I don’t know much about a lot but that’s what makes paintings easy to read they either speak to you or they don’t and his works speak volumes.
    Do you have a link so I can have a gander at your work?