Not Some Rogue Cabal

Letter from New York attorney Martin Galvin that was carried in the Irish News on 26 November 2012

A chara

Having criticised Jim Gibney for ignoring cases like Marian Price and Gerry McGeough, I must, in fairness, commend him for highlighting miscarriages of justice in his November 8th column Baggott Must Rein in the Securocrat Cabal. However the number and nature of these injustices cannot be explained away by some rogue cabal of crown servants risking pay and pensions to defy British policy.
Presumably, all safeguards devised to “put manners” on the renamed constabulary are in place. We have Stormont committees, constabulary boards and partnerships. Baggott and Ford serve with Sinn Fein approval. Surely these channels were used to raise the “securocrat” alarm. Surely Ford and his parole commissioners were warned that the secret evidence used to intern Marian and Martin Corey might have been fabricated under a secret anti-Republican agenda. Surely someone pointed out that arresting Gerry McGeough at the polls, like the recent arrest of Padraic Wilson, carried political implications. Surely Sinn Fein knows and has told the British that the party’s continued presence at Stormont, in tandem with such miscarriages of justice, creates resentment internally and within the wider nationalist community.

Any competent British administrator would take steps to remove, much less rein in a clique of subordinates who conspired to sabotage British policies. The ongoing failure to demote, remove or rein in anyone proves these injustices are British policy sanctioned by Baggott, Ford, Paterson and now Villiers.

The British are constructing repressive legal machinery which will be wielded against others. After jailing Gerry McGeough on decades old charges, how long before they imprison someone closer to Sinn Fein for IRA actions during the same years?  Will one of the party stalwarts be Interned by License, on a pretext of secret evidence and allegations? 

Sinn Fein proved it would not accept the Internment by Remand of Padraic Wilson by going outside Stormont and taking to the streets to secure his release. Claims of cabals or dark side cliques are no longer plausible.  It is time for a bold initiative in which Sinn Fein shows the British it will no longer sit still inside Stormont as reluctant accomplices in injustice inflicted on any nationalist or Republican. It should do so before it is too late!  


  1. Martin that old saying "if your not part of the solution,then your part of the problem" this a cara is an apt description of where quisling $inn £ein are today, they moved mountains to have Sean Kelly and Paddy Wilson released and succeeded,had they been genuine in their call to have Marian ,Martin or Gerry released they would have been released long ago,you would be better asking for help from the dup. quisling $inn £ein are as british as Finchley,the best and boldest quisling $inn £ein can do now is as Gerry their president for life was so fond of, that is to disappear.

  2. Martin.

    "The British are constructing repressive legal machinery which will be wielded against others. After jailing Gerry McGeough on decades old charges, how long before they imprison someone closer to Sinn Fein for IRA actions during the same years? Will one of the party stalwarts be Interned by License, on a pretext of secret evidence and allegations? "

    They have jailed two shinners, but they were let out, after PSF put on a sham demonstration,busing in supporters, prior to that it is obvious the leaders were having meetings with the "InJustice Minister", But, the PSF tariff is, if your not with us then stay Interned.

  3. The presence of a 'rogue cabal' acting within the system to even old scores, or worse, to undermine the political arrangements is fanciful, to say the least.

    This was one of the first theories proffered for the BC subpoenas before being set aside for a more realistic apprasial. The answers to these vexing issues lies at the heart of the British system of governance in Ireland.

  4. But of course this is coming from the top. Weren't Gerry McGeough and Martin Corey nabbed essentially simultaneously with the return of the Tories to Downing Street, in ainm Dé?

  5. 'Reluctant accomplices'

    And therein lies the problem. When it comes to the likes of Marian Price and Gerry McGeough it seems they are in fact willing accomplices.

    SF threw it's weight behind Sean Kelly and Padraig Wilson, forced their release and rightly so, but their silence over the internment of other republicans who font toe their party line is deafening.

  6. Can someone explain to me why Gerry McGeough is locked up (like others) and SF baiscally pay lip service, while they moved heaven and earth to have Pardic WIlson released on bail..?

    Both are republicans, fought for the same team but different rules apply?

    I'd like someone from SF (not MichaelHenry) to answer a few questions.

    My take is this...There are republicans locked up for figthing for what they believe and SF do nothing because they are a different hew of republicanism, while others have the red carpet rolled out for them. At the end of the day they are republicans and should be treated with the same respect and if there is a miscarriage of justice (there are several) then SF have to fight their coners too.

    I read articles about what would Bobby Sands do today. SOme people reckon this, that and the other. From what I've read about Bobby Sands, I think he'd be the first to high light the plight of prisoners, getting the truth out and asking Belfast city council why aren't they doing more to house families, argue against Tory cuts in the North and austerity in the 26C's..

    Can someone from SF set up a profile and answer my Q's. I don't have an axe to grind. I just want questions answered....

  7. Frankie; why not Michael Henry? He is SF's official IO.

  8. Why is anyone surprised? The Brits have the Adamsites by the balls. They pump money into funding Shinner community groups, if that money wasn't coming in and there were no jobs the boys who have them would be going - waving bye bye to Gerry and company.

    The Adamsites know this, they know they have to do what they are told to do otherwise if they come out and support 'Dissident prisoners' the DUP will scream the house down and the Brits will ring Gerry with the codeword 'Funding.'

    Enough said.

    Those who don't work in the 'funded' sector simply don't need to work because they are now of the business classes.

    And they are there because they followed the leader.

  9. We talked on this subject ie.,Some rouge cabal,within the rehired psni/ruc on an earlier post, I said then and I still say it there is no rouge cabals in either the psni/ruc, or the prison service, the idea that a handful of rouge cops or screws are operating on an enterprise not sanctioned by higher authority is as Alec says just fanciful thinking,these servants of the crown are exactly that servants and do as their masters bib and only that,quisling $inn £ein are now part of that system we and they should get used to it folks aint no turning back now sorry to say ..

  10. Martin today we heard that those screws who were suspected(bet they are members of the orange order but hey everyone loves them)of planting (criminal offence)the personal details of Maghaberry jail,s former governor in a cell of a former inmate will not face prosecution ,,,now why does that not come as a surprise...
    Norn Iorn and the justice system are complete strangers..

  11. Belfast Bookworm
    "Frankie; why not Michael Henry? He is SF's official IO"

    I could be wrong but Michael seems to be a 'suit' with in SF. And someone telling me party policy that I can read easily online wastes my time.

    Bookworm I haven't learnt a thing from Michael.

    @ Michael ( I'm not insulting you) but are you a BOT**?

    (**internet robot thingy)


  13. Marty.

    The Alliance tabled a motion that the flag should be flown on 15 different days in a year, the same as Stormont, don't get me wrong, I'm not sticking up for SF, they and the SDLP were left with no choice, but, wait for it, Now the Alliance is considering a DUP proposal that the flag be hung all year round at the cenotaph instead, so if this is approved, two flags will be flying one all year round and one on the city hall for 15 days per year, on different dates.
    St Matthews is attacked again this evening, shows that bigotry is still here.

  14. Sleigh bells ringing
    Are you listening
    The union flag has gone missing
    The huns smash up the town
    As the crown rag comes down
    Walking in a fenian winter wonderland

  15. The chief Cuntsnotable Batt Maggot says it was "social media "and pent up tensions that led to those protests this week,nothing to do with bigoted politicians or community workers stoking up the sectarian fires for their own bigoted agenda..

  16. Frankie,

    Can someone explain to me why Gerry McGeough is locked up (like others) and SF basically pay lip service, while they moved heaven and earth to have Pardic Wilson released on bail..?

    McGeough criticised SF direction and Wilson went along with it. So it is all in house now. The politics of it are a side issue as far as SF are concerned.

    If Bobby Sands were alive today doing what he did then SF would be labelling him a dangerous dissident who should be made amenable to the law.