Justice For Marian Price: Public Meeting


  1. I support any Republican Prisoners Freedom, we are supposed to have Freedom of speech, alas, not anymore.
    In 1990 Marian stated, This is not what she went to prison for, ie, Adams and co's so called peace process , she is 100% honest in her opinion, and, I am on anyone's side who opposed that scam setup.
    So we have to look into Marion's case in depth . Firstly, The London Bombings, Here we have one of her comrades walking about in an Armani suit, aka Gerry kelly, now there was seven on that op, so why is it just Marion who is locked up (Interned), could it be because her sister "Dolours" named Adams!, and Adams made sure she was locked up,using his SPECIAL CONTACTS, and, Pretends to bring her case up in the U.S.A., or, doe's anyone think I'm on the wrong track?.
    She is not Interned because she held a piece of paper up for someone in combat gear to read it.
    As far as I'm concerned she is Interned because ADAMS made it happen, That guy is to sweet to be wholesome , and a number of us on this blog know that to be true, Piece of garbage, he would smile at you one moment and have you shot the next, devious to say the least, well taught by the British, Who eventually will discard him to the dogs, just like they did with countries countries they occupied, then left those countries for the people to fight among themselves.
    I have the utmost respect for Marian, and, her husband, Dominic.
    As for the 2009 Massereene Barracks shooting, that was just a big con to arrest her, no evidence, no proof that she was involved in that, as for the mobile phones, it's a load of codswallop, The MI5/MI6 (Adams and Co), they knew her capabilities and got afraid of what she could do and organise.
    So here is what I think will happen, Marion WILL BE BROUGHT BEFORE A BRITISH COURT and SECRET EVIDENCE will be given (MI5/MI6) and she will not be allowed to hear that Sham evidence nor will her Solicitor, and, there will be no one in that court except for the judge and the British security services, Sorry to have to say this, But ,they are going to continue this, they want Marion off the Republican scene. Would be better for her to be broken out of that hell hole.
    Marion love, or Dominic, if you get to read this, please do not take any offence because none is intended, I would be first in line to go on an op to get you out of that rat hole. I say it who I see it because If by any miracle Marian was released it would be down to Adams talking to his superiors (MI5/MI6).
    You have always been brave Marion, you have always been and still are a dedicated Republican.

  2. Itsjustmacker a cara food for thought and yes 100% agree with you re Marian,she has been denied due process and the secret courts are if nothing else a travesty of justice but then justice and norn iorn are strangers,PS. a cara Marian,s husband is called Gerry..

  3. After the failure of the 1950s campaign the then IRA were angry at the lack of support among northern Catholics. The civil rights was for british rights for british citizens, unity was not a big issue. The political powers that be were complacent and dismissive of any threat to the N. Ireland state. It was deemed safer than at any time since 1921. Then 1969 happened. SF are that busy munching on steak and prawns at Stormont the same thing could well happen again. I mean, go out onto the street and survey people about the peace process...all you'll get is a big yawn!

    No1 was more critical either seriously or in wind-up than myself about Marian's action in the graveyard. But enough is enough. The woman should have been freed ages ago, it's really no joke!

  4. itsjustmaker-

    " could it be because her sister named Adams "

    Marian also named Adams as her OC-not very Republican of the bold captive-is it-

    " and got afraid of what she could
    organise "

    Marian could not organise a piss up in a brewery-the group that she was tagged with have been took over by RAAD-

    I can remember the day that Gerry Kelly got out of prison [ the dutch legal time ] the two price sisters were around him at the gates that day like young groupies whilst he did not seem to have a lot of time for them-The sisters were supposed to have been on the same operation as Gerry but they BOTH got set free years and years earlier-and they now carry the grudge- you could not make it up-

  5. Marty.
    Thank you for that correction.

    To the whole McGlinchey Family Circle, My sincere Apologies for getting mixed up, also sincere apologies to Marian and Gerry.


    Marian could not organise a piss up in a brewery-the group that she was tagged with have been took over by RAAD-

    I am surprised at your astute Ignorence, and stupidity at saying such a thing. Marian well be more than pleased to hear that, as its coming from you.
    The rest of your comment does not worthy a reply.

    "The sisters were supposed to have been on the same operation as Gerry"???

    "She and her sister Dolours Price, along with Gerry Kelly and Hugh Feeney, immediately went on hunger strike ", for two hundred days.

    "Marian also named Adams as her OC-not very Republican of the bold captive-is it-"


    But its very Republican for the same Adams to ask people to Inform to a British Police Service (PSNI/RUC with ANY INFORMATION on "ANTI TREATY TRUE REPUBLICANS".
    Tell me this michaelhenry, and tell me no more, "Would you inform to the PSNI/RUC On Anti Treaty True Republicans", its a "YES" or "NO" answer, Please.

  6. itsjustmaker-


    But you support those [ true? ] that does name Republicans- your a strange one kid-

  7. ItsjustMackers; I buy into your theory.

    MichaelHenry; your absolute lack of sympathy and your disgraceful attitude towards Marion is only what we've come to expect of you. I've read your hateful words about Paul Quinn, the McCartneys, Marion.

    You call yourself a republican?

    You call yourself a human being?

  8. Belfast bookworm

    michaelhenry is likely repeating SF official stance. As for giving info to the PSNI...of course he would. its policy.

    Republicans need to shed any blind eyes remaining on that issue. SF are not the IRA. they left that outfit decades ago!

  9. Larry-

    I cant give information to the Psni
    about anyone fighting a war in 2012
    because no one in Ireland is fighting a war-get out of your trench Larry-nobody else is about-

    Belfast Bookworm-

    I never make excuse's-i write what i write-but-but-but-sometimes larry-Marty-Alfie-John [Seán ] AM - myself might write shite on facebook for a laugh- laugh with us-

  10. michaelhenry.


    = Real Republicans who are Anti Treaty, Just like myself.

  11. Michaelhenry

    After the Orange Order got 3 million the 1st minister has called for an enquiry into european grant money going for a bridge at narrow water.Haven't heard a peep outa SF on either issue.

    'I never make excuse's-i write what i write-but-but-but-sometimes larry-Marty-Alfie-John [Seán ] AM - myself might write shite on facebook for a laugh- laugh with us-'

    absolutely correct, too many people afeaid to let their hair down.

    BTW if the IRA in its present 'reincarnation' gets a couple of spactaculars off, 'peter the punt' will pull the plug on stormont i recon and SF will be workers party mk2. ther'll be some touting done then from you shinners in a haste! lol

  12. Michael Henry; is internment a laugh? Is the murder of Paul Quinn or Robert McCartney a laugh?

    I don't believe so. What is a laugh is how you consistently make a fool of yourself on the interweb.

    It will be an even bigger laugh when SF dump you for your stupidity.

  13. Larry-

    " Haven't heard a peep outa SF on either issue-

    Caitriona Ruane had a statement out to the press yesterday about the narrow water bridge-all funding is secured and it looks like the bridge will be build-peter punt does not want euros to build this bridge-just sour grapes from him-its a bridge to far for peter-

    " To many people afraid to let their hair down "

    Cant say that about us-i will never understand the full time huffs-

    If the reals and raads mark 2 pull of a few big jobs i'll eat my hat-
    peter will not leave-he would miss us to much-

  14. michaelhenry

    'Cant say that about us-i will never understand the full time huffs-'

    too true, SF and dissidents alike fall out with everyone who doesnt agree with them it seems. Even the odd wind up seems to hurt their wee feelings. Not you I must admit..yer a sketch.

  15. Larry,

    which underlines a deeply authoritarian strain within the whole ensemble. It is a strange notion that republicanism despite its so called anti absolutism can behave in so absolutist fashion

  16. Michael,

    Ah sure I know all too well that you only write shite on Facebook. Most people would probably say the same about me!

  17. Larry/Anthony; you're absolutely right.

    If you're not with them it seems, you're against them. They'd have done well in the Stasi.

  18. Alfie-

    " Most people would probably say the same about me "

    Not at all old hand-i cant have that- ALL would say the same about you-

  19. Michael,

    Touché. I walked into that one!

  20. mackers

    it's spooky to think what kind of country we would be in if a handfull of the 'i'm always right' mob got into power. Israel might give us an idea.


    i for one hope you retain your position in the council. Someone who has the capacity to step outside the practice of doing nothing but covering their own ass whilst kissing Gerry and martin's at the same time has to be a positive.

  21. Larry; I never looked at MH that way. Brings new meaning to multi-tasking.

  22. Belfast Bookworm

    Strewth!! as they say in Australia...and on top of all that he's a comedian. Very near to getting my vote!

  23. Oh and let's not forget his IO (Internet officer) status.

    The people of mid-Ulster are very lucky indeed.

  24. Mickey Henry

    I am curious do you actually believe what you say it is difficult to decipher your comments ridiculing ex-republican prisoners for being released is a strange concept spineless considering Marian’s internment.
    Regardless of her political beliefs, your strange sense of justice is reserved for party members in good standing only.
    Putting distance between former comrades to suit your view is denying a well documented past.
    You could have at the very least with the aid of the vast amount of information on the web done your homework on the trial and the circumstances of their release which would clearly tell you there is no supposed to be.
    I sincerely doubt any prisoner or ex-prisoner would share your warped view the Price sisters done their time just the same as Gerry Kelly and there is no separating or putting distance between that fact.

  25. Michaelhenry - you seem with a certain venom when it comes to Marian Price, which I find puzzling. You mention her outing of Lord Gerry as being anti Republican, which in fairness their is an element of truth too. However, the big question is whether not Sinn Fein can be classed as Republican anymore? So, was she in fact outing a 'sell out'? I also believe that Marian showed a certain naivety when it came to giving interviews and where she gave her allegiances too, it is increasingly apparent that her Republican heart was ruling her mind!
    You also use the term groupie and Gerry Kelly and your sexist innuendo is extremely derogatory and not befitting of a Republican in my book. Of course we all know what you are hinting at and you are showing typical PSF strategy of playing the man not the ball!
    The American's have a military motto 'no man left behind' which they paid heavily for in Somalia. A similar motto would have served the PSF leadership during GFA negotiations when it came to 'dissidents' within their ranks and their selective treatment of OTR's etc. Of course the end goal was Stormont and the gravy train!
    So yeh see, Mickeybhoy, the bottom line is that your PSF leadership and their minnions are void of any political strategy or ideology let alone Irish Republicanism. Á la carte Republicanism and make the rules up as you go along is the key to PSF's political survival!

  26. One final thing, since we are on the subject of Marian Price and political beliefs, I would like to draw attention to a very common phrase that is associated with Marian- 'whilst I don't agree with her politics' - I see it has been referred to again in the comments here (no offense tot he person that used it on here btw!).But I really do not understand where this term originated from. Marian's politics is the same vein that has served Republicanism for centuries. Yes, under closer scrunity it could be classed as antiquated, but no matter what you read quoted by her, you are left under no illusion of her Republican principles. There is a photo of a hand carved Celtic cross honouring Óglach Martin Hurson, doing the rounds on facebook with the following quote from him: '"I am very proud to be on the strike for my principles and very proud to be a Republican." In 1981, the harsh realities of being an Irish Republican (and the ultimate sacrifices of many) reverberated around every corner of the occupied 6 counties and further afield. However, with this harshness there was an honesty, integrity and galvanising of the peoples. Since then it has been continuously eroded away only to be replaced by guilt, suspicion, vindictiveness and egotism to name just a few undesirable traits. No qualties befitting of a Revolutionary movement let alone a Republican one. Hence, dissident Republicanism is the splintered mess we see today with a worrying right wing tinge at times, which plays right into PSF's barrow and their british paymasters. Of course, there will be those that will say that there was too much 'romanticism' attached to post '81 Republicanism with an element of dillusion of what could actually be achieved. However,were we not in a much better place back then, as one, with our individual political differences put to one side? Every successful revolution has had romanticism and a certain surrealism at it's core. iI fact I would say it was a necessity in their success. Personally, I think it was the electoral rise of PSF in local elections which changed the dynamics of the Occupied 6. The trappings of electoral success became a comfort blanket(pardon the pun!), and the 6 county political strategy became a half way house as a measure of success for Irish unity! Yet, by accepting, bit by bit, parts of the system you are ultimately trying to over throw, in the end you inevitably become locked into that very system. So today in 2012, comradeship has been replaced by cold, stark right wing agendas, infighting for suppremacy and egotism, to the demise of the utimate goal of Irish unity, which is further away than it ever has been since Partition.

  27. Fenian-

    " The Americans have a military motto 'no man left behind' "

    The Americans are not that good at keeping to that motto-there are over two thousand americans left behind during the vietnam war - thats before we even count the rest of the wars that they have fought in-

  28. MH-

    I was trying to better the current PSF one of - 'Building an Ireland of YES men'..

    still a work in progress though..

  29. Itsjustmacker,

    Marian's husband is Jerry, not Dominic. Dominic is happily married but not to Marian!

  30. Anthony:

    Thanks for that, Marty has corrected me on it as well. But once again my apologies to Gerry and Marian and the whole Mc Glinchey and Price family circles.