Family Statement on Marian Price

 McGlinchey and Price family statement issued on 22 November  2012 in relation to the ongoing imprisonment of Marian Price

We as Marian's family are appalled at the lack of urgency being displayed  by the Parole Commissioners who are at present reviewing her case. There is  a broadly shared view both within our family and the wider community that a stalling process is being employed to  delay a determinant decision. We have all been assured that these Commissioners have the powers to deliver such a verdict and this view has  been continually reinforced by the Secretaries of State past and present as well as David Ford's Department o Justice and their respective appointees.

It is now 18 months since Owen Paterson employed mechanisms to revoke a license he claimed Marian was held under. She is now imprisoned for offences dating back almost 40 years. Marian has been bailed by the courts yet since May 2011 has remained in solitary confinement in prison and presently is held in an isolated hospital unit.

As a consequence of her treatment in Maghaberry and Hydebank prison Marian's health has continued to deteriorate. The hospital staff now treating Marian's various illnesses have had an arduous task balancing highly toxic medications with other treatments. This ordeal for all involved should be not be happening. The courts have said Marian should be released on bail and all medical opinion has stated she cannot be treated in an environment that is not conductive to recovery. Marian has been in an 'outside' hospital since June and is held under guard with all the rules and regulations applied to a prison regime. The fact that she has been hospitalised by such a lengthy period without improvement and indeed marked deterioration speaks volumes about the chronic state of her health.

Our family can no longer await the pleasure of those with the power to deal expeditiously with this legal limbo. Marian has been forced to endure the brunt of game playing to the detriment of her mental and physical health. We call on those assigned to adjudicate in this travesty of a so called justice system to act now before a shameful situation becomes irredeemable.

The Parole Commissioners have not complied with the obligations apportioned to them. Marian is entitled to have a hearing within a reasonable time under Article 5 of the European Convention. The Commissioners dealing with Marian's case must discharge their statutory legal duties without interference from any source. Their delay in embarking on the pathway to a resolution of this urgent matter is tilting the scales towards further deterioration in Marian's already serious ill health.

At the same time we call on the state to produce the evidence if it exists so that Marian's legal team can defend her. The Parole Commissioners must swiftly enact the duties charged to them and after such a lengthy process come to a just and decisive ruling.


  1. Whats the chances of the parole commissioners coming to a decision anytime soon,afterall is not the other poison dwarf,s sister a member of that panel,ie,. one Barra (Millions)McCrory director of public prosecutions and one time friend of Marian,s who seems intent on being the biggest wee Castle catholic the unionists have ever seen,by his vindictive hounding of this very ill woman, if he was genuinely interested in justice he should call for Marians release from internment,its what his father ,a truly good man would have done.his children seem to have gone over to the dark side ,money ,power ,privilege ,overrides all other considerations...

  2. "At the same time we call on the state to produce the evidence if it exists so that Marian's legal team can defend her."

    This is the Secret Evidence which is given in private to a judge ; or ; panel of judges by MI5/MI6, of which the defendant nor his/her solicitor is not allowed to see or hear, "Draconian laws".

    "The Parole Commissioners have not complied with the obligations apportioned to them. Marian is entitled to have a hearing within a reasonable time under Article 5 of the European Convention. ".
    That wording means nothing in law, as you can see within the article, NO SPECIFIC TIME IS GIVEN AS REASONABLE" , this is what the British are playing on. Marian should be released this very Minute.

  3. I'm surprised that SF haven't done more to high light Marians case. She fought for the same team. Gerry kelly should speak put more (maybe he's working behind the scenes). They were brothers in arms a while ago..

    I don't have an axe to grind. But I reckon SF have seriously dropped the ball. This is a classic case.

    I remember marches, slogans on wall for POW's...Now it's not even lip service.???

    Can someone from SF explain. On SF sites I can't post or my comment is refused?

  4. Simply explained Frankie quisling $inn £ein have moved on like the bearded one their president for life wants the past left on a lonely beach,they have turned so far round that they are in danger of disappearing up their arse...

  5. Frankie

    Mickey Henrys’ post on the Justice for Marian Price thread should answer your question.